MAC Bao Bao Wan : Photos, Swatches & Review

MAC Bao Bao Wan : Photos, Swatches & Review

I’m back with a supplementary post to my initial Bao Bao Wan first impressions write up, and looks like I am finally ready to give you the low down on the best buys and detailed reviews on each item.

Here’s what I have in store for you today.

MAc Bao Bao Wan review

Usually the first thing to catch my eye in ANY collection are the lip products. So let’s begin with the gorgeous Bao Bao Wan lipsticks, Burmese Kiss & Forbidden Sunrise.

Bao Bao Wan lipstick

Forbidden Sunrise described as a creamy orange, is a medium neutral toned orange in a matte finish. The colour applies pretty opaque in one swipe. I noticed that this wears best with minimum product on the lip as over applying can result in the colour looking uneven. So I wore this sheered out for a Korean inspired lip, concentrating the colour to the innermost potion of the lips.

Overall the wear wasn’t the most comfortable as matte lipsticks tends to dry out my lips and emphasize each and every lip line I had! However, I still love the colour and happy to own it as it’s my favourite between the two and more unique.

Burmese Kiss is described as a Coral toned pink which is pretty accurate. This too was a neutral leaning slightly warm with a matte finish. Also again, not the most forgiving formula but for those of you who enjoy matte finishes this would be an ideal shade for spring or summer.

Here’re some quick swatches I took a few days ago.  Please note I prepped lips with a balm so they go on smoother.



Also some comparison swatches,

Bao Bao Swatches

As you can see, I couldn’t find anything quite as orange as Forbidden Sunrise, although Burmese Kiss did have a rather closer match. Toxic Tale (part of the Red Red Red collection that launched early this year) is a slightly deeper, warmer coral with more orange tones in comparison to Burmese Kiss which was more pink than coral. They also differ in finish, as Toxic Tale is a creamier Satin. Between the two I liked Toxic tale more. It glides on with ease, doesn’t emphasize lip lines and highly pigmented. If you shy away from mattes, this one’s a good substitute!

Next up, the powder products.

There were two released and I have them both. Let’s start with the Summer Opal Beauty Powder. A stunning beige/nude powder with a hint of pink and gold sparkle.

Mac Summer Opal beauty powder swatch

When swatched, I found this beauty powder to be a bit too sparkly to be used all over the face. Instead, it does make a beautiful highlight, so I reviewed it as one.

This powder is rather tightly packed which works great for keeping wastage to a minimum allowing the brush to pick up just enough product for a subtle highlight, if you are looking for a highly pigmented product, this won’t cut it. But i’m happy to report the colour is buildable. So you can keep layering on for desired intensity.

Once applied, the pink tones of the product become more apparent with a bit of the gold shimmer shining through. The final look was a luminous and glowy highlight.

Here’re some swatches,

Bao Bao Wan Summer Opal review

I swatched Summer Opal against some popular highlighters. And as you can see it’s very well suited for fairer skintones even though it’s not quite as light as the KA or Hourglass.

Overall it’s a lovely product to have, one of my favourites from the collection.

Now onto the star of the show, Bao Bao’s Jewels. A palette filled with glistening jewel toned eyeshadows that can be worn wet & dry.

Bao Bao Jewels

The Bao Bao’s Jewels palette contains 5 Veluxe Pealfusion shadows.

Bao Bao Wan swatches

Top to bottom,

Shade 1– A light shimmering baby pink with loads of sparkle. This applied smooth although slightly dry. I recommend patting this on carefully as the formula is on the drier side and has difficulty adhering to the lid.

Shade 2– A warm yellow gold in a high shimmer finish. This applied just as intense wet or dry, and wet application definitely brought out a smoother metallic finish.

Shade 3– A warm coppery bronze with intense pigmentation. This too performed great wet or dry and application was silky and glides on beautifully without any patchiness.

Shade 4– A warm taupe brown with yellow undertones. There was a massive difference in intensity when swatched wet where this transformed from sheer brown to a beautiful molten metallic number. I also noticed that the wet application brought out a deeper, and almost khaki tone while with dry application, this looks a warm mid brown with a slight red undertone.

Shade 5– Lastly a gunmetal grey with blue tones. This applied quite poor dry although wet application instantly picked up the game to an intense shimmering steel. Also worth noting, this performs very differently when swatched with fingers against a brush. I felt that the brush didn’t seem to pick up quite as much product and the final swatches were worlds apart when compared.

Round up 

Overall the wet application delivered the best colour payoff (as expected) and looked beautiful and vibrant on the lids. Applied dry, it was a more faded version of what the colour could have been.

I noticed regardless of the use of primer, there was considerable fall out. More than i’d normally be comfortable with and applying your base makeup last was the only way to go. Luckily though, I didn’t notice much fall out during wear.

*I feel the major deciding factor for any interested beauty addicts would be the overall tone of the palette. It’s VERY warm. Some of you with pink and cool complexions will most certainly find this product clashing with your skintone. Given the amazing colour payoff and interesting shades, this would be a very nice addition to aspiring MUA’s as a palette is most certainly value for money.

Overall thoughts on the collection.

From what i’ve experienced, the powder products were the best buys. They performed well and were quite unique.

The lipsticks were judged mostly on finish rather than colour, as at the end of the day they do have to feel comfortable enough to wear. And even though I had scrubbed and primed my lips before application, these still emphasized texture. Of course if you don’t have lips ‘drier than the desert’ (like I do), maybe these would work well for you! Cos the colours certainly are pretty.

My pic of the lot would be Forbidden Sunrise. Bet you won’t find anything close to a dupe in your stash ;-).

Pricing and launch info

Lipsticks will be retailing at SGD 33

Summer Opal at SGD 46

Bao Bao’s Jewels at SGD 75

Nail Polish SGD 25

Collection launches at Robinsons and Ngee Ann City today (6th March)

Tangs will carry the collection on the 12th. (In case you miss anything you can always wait for it to release there ;-))

MAC Bao Bao Wan : Photos, Swatches & First Impressions

MAC Bao Bao Wan : Photos, Swatches & First Impressions

Recently I had the privilege of previewing some of MAC’s upcoming collections and one of them was the Bao Bao Wan collection releasing in March. The warm metallic jewel toned eyeshadows and bright lipsticks instantly caught my attention! This collection was soooo me!

For those of you wondering who Bao Bao Wan is, she is a jewellery designer, socialite & muse from China. Her unique sense of style is fierce and unapologetic and is what this collection is all about.

Mac Bao Bao Wan swatches

So over the weekend I took the time to finally photograph my samples in their pristine state so I could start using these without further delay.

I then packed ‘my precious’ for a shoot that was to happen yesterday. However with uncooperative weather delaying all plans and with my curiosity to use these getting the better of me. I swatched! And the rest was history they say.

Mac Bao Bao Wan collection swatches

The products I have for review are 2 of the 4 lipsticks and the 2 powder products. I shall leave the lipsticks for another day and just focus on the Bao Bao Jewels Velux Pearlfusion eyeshadow palette  & the Summer Opal Beauty Powder today.

Mac Bao Bao Wan eyeshadow beauty powder

Here’s a closer look at the beautiful metallic eyeshadows ranging from pretty pearly pink to copper and blue grey.

Mac Bao Bao wan eyeshadow

All 5 shadows in this palette are of the Velux Pearlfusion finish. The high metallic sheen is consistent throughout and the best part was, the colour payoff is out of this world! Usually I find that most of the VP eyeshadows (In my collection) are more or less on the sheerer side, but these really blew my mind. Except for the very first pink shade, everything else performed exceptionally well.

Mac Bao Bao Wan

Swatches don’t lie, and as you can see, these are FULL ON!

Mac Bao Bao Wan  eyeshadow

MAC Bao Bao jewels eyeshadow swatch

The palette contains one warm light pink, a warm yellow toned gold, a high shine copper, a deep khaki with grey brown undertones and lastly a blackened blue grey.

The best performers were the gold and copper shades. They were soft, ultra creamy to the touch and swatched on bare skin with maximum opacity.

The only thing I don’t love about this palette is the design, the slim strips really kill me when swatching and also when I use them. I always need to pick up a smaller brush to access the first and the last shades. Annoying.

Out of curiosity I did a quick test on my eyes too to get a feel of how they perform during application. Without any primer, I found that although the colour pay off was very good, there was noticeable fallout (which is quite common with Velux Pearlfusions). I can’t say how they perform with a primer, but I’d advise you to do your base makeup last so that the messy cleanup of fall out is avoided.

Next on to the Summer Opal Beauty powder. This is a satin muted pink powder with dull gold shimmers (refer first swatch). I found that the texture of this much more finer with noticeable gold sparkle. The shimmer isn’t ott, and sits very elegantly on the cheekbones reflecting light in the most flattering way.

Here’s a closer look at my highlighter brush ‘loaded’ with product, ready to go. (I haven’t used this as a face powder because the shimmer content is a tad too in your face to be applied globally, although it would work great on certain editorial, bronzed makeup looks!)

See those little gold flecks trapped between the brush hairs? Sooo heavenly!

Mac bao bao summer opal

This collection launches in March, so you have plenty of time to decide which products you want to pick up. I will also follow up with a look featuring these products as well as the lipstick review, stay tuned.

UPDATE – Final review here, complete with lipstick review & comparison swatches.

MAC Viva Glam – Miley! Photos & Swatches

MAC Viva Glam – Miley!  Photos & Swatches

So today MAC Viva Glam, Miley Cyrus goes on sale online.

Given that it’s one of THE most anticipated MAC lipstick launches of the new year. I figured i’d get a post up in time, with more pictures, less talk.

Here’s a look at this beautiful pink lipstick & gloss!

MAC Miley cyrus viva glam swatches

According to MAC, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus lipstick is described as a hot pink in Amplified finish.  I’d say it’s a warm, bright, medium pink.

The colour payoff is very impressive and I feel that the formula is very moist and glides over the lips with ease. In my opinion the texture of this is better than the Rihanna Viva Glams I own.

The corresponding lip glass is a cooler medium pink with a very high micro glitter content which is multi coloured and sparkles in shades of pink, lilac and silver.  I like the shimmer content and it adds that extra wow factor to the lipstick. (I’ll add some lip swatches soon)

Below I’ve rounded up a few of MACs recent pinks for comparison purposes.

Miley Cyrus Viva Glam swatches

Viva Glam Mac Miley

As you can see, Miley Cyrus is a healthy medium with a very bright tone.

In comparison, No Faux Pas (matte) is slightly cooler and has more magenta tones, and Good Kisser is warmer in comparison and has more red tones. Both are significantly deeper than VG Miley.

More lipstick line ups,

MAC Miley Cyrus

And one more,

Miley porn angled

And a complete swatch line up.

MAC Viva glam swatches

As you can see, none of them are exactly alike, and if you are a pink lover, I’d highly recommend you add Viva Glam Miley Cyrus to your stash. Especially the lipstick!

December favourites

December favourites

Given that most of these last months have been spent living out of a suitcase, it’s been rather difficult to determine favourites each month. Luckily December was more anchored and I have had decent access to makeup and I finally put together an informative (In my opinion at least) post on what I have been reaching for the most these holidays.

Please note, some of the products are fairly new to me and are first impressions and by no means what i’d call a ‘proper review’. This post is purely me sharing favourites and I hope you find it useful!

Anyways, chatter aside, here’s the menu for today! Guerlain Nars holiday 2014 Gucci makeup hourglass

As you may have noticed, I haven’t included any eyeshadows as there were just too many favourites to cover, I thought i’d edit it and focus on the most used. First up a bunch of lipsticks I have been enjoying loads.. maybe just a bit too much come to think about it, as I’ve clearly neglected everything else I had brought along with me!

Tom Ford lips and boys matte lipstick   Left to right, it’s Alexander, Matthew, Ruby Rush & First Time. From the latest Tom Ford releases the clear winners to me were the matte lipsticks, excelling in texture as well as coverage. They aren’t as drying as regular matte lipsticks and are perfect for those with eternally parched lips like mine. If you are a red lipstick lover i’d suggest Ruby Rush. It’s currently my favourite red and last hours upon hours without any fading or slipping around. It’s a prefect candidate for party looks as it’s pretty ‘sip resistant’. For nude lip lovers First Time would be an ideal choice. A pink beige nude, this would suit most complexions below NC35 beautifully. And of course, the pigmentation of these are just stellar and unrivaled.

Moving on to the 50 Lips and Boys released I have been wearing mostly Matthew and Alexander. Between the two i’d say Alexander was harder to wear (in terms of tone) and application was rather tricky too, but still made it to my favourites as it was a rather unique pink in my collection. Matthew on the other hand was a dream as far as application is concerned and was very similar to the regular Tom Ford lipstick formula. I believe it’s a must have for spring or summer and truth be told who could possibly resist such a pretty peachy coral, yes? Next up two darlings from Hourglass.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette
So I may be a bit late to rave about how amazing Hourglass blushes are. Mostly due to the fact that I am easily put off by overhyped products also I wasn’t reaching for my one and only Hourglass Ambient Powder as much as i’d like. Luckily for me, Hourglass recently released their blushes in palette form! And the exclusive shade that was included in this palette was just too tempting to pass. I use this on days where I just can’t decide which blush to pair with my makeup (which are most days, since i’m eternally running late!). All of them are very flattering and pretty much suit every day-makeup look I have ever worn! The blushes are easy to work with and add a youthful glow. I also love that these blend like a dream and diffuse the colour for an almost airbrushed glowy look even if you use a s***** brush. Hourglass blushes are a great beginners product to invest in. Two thumbs up!

Apart from that I also have been enjoying the Hourglass Ambient powder in Luminous light paired with this (blush palette) as well as other blushes for a subtle daytime highlight. Although Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight still remains my HG highlighter, the Hourglass one is a close second for it’s ease of use and complexion friendly colour.

Gucci Setting Powder makeup

Next up, is this fabulous new addition to my complexion product arsenal. The Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder. This ultra finely milled powder glides on like silk and sets makeup without the powdery look. No more powdery, cake face! On oily to combination skin this lasts around 3 hours before the first blot (just around the t-zone) therefore I can’t say it has commendable oil control properties. However I still love this for ease of use and is the very first pressed setting powder i’ve truly loved as most pressed setting powders can be very noticeable and powdery once applied. P.S- The shade I use is 040 Medium which suits light medium complexions.

Guerlain Meteorites

Now onto a holiday release for 2014. The Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’Etoile. I have been using this as a warming blush paired with a red lip. It adds just enough colour for a rich festive look. I believe it’s important to stress that this LE version is more shimmery compared to the regular meteorites in the permanent collection and has a reddish golden glow. For those of you who are very light in colour the red may show up excessively, i’d suggest taking out the red ball (I only had one in my tin!) and using just the rest for a beigey golden glimmer. It’s actually a very wearable shimmer that doesn’t look cheap or loud. I highly recommend this product.

Ettusais Nars Mac Eyeko

More holiday releases, and one random eye liner. From the Nars holiday release one of my favourites have been this ultra wearable lip gloss Corsica. I have been reaching for this a TONNE. A perfect my-lips-but-better colour for medium complexions as well as flattering pinky brown for lighter complexions, this one’s a work horse.

Next up, my favourite highlighter for the eyes. Lithe, from the MAC Gold-Beige pigments set from MAC Holiday 2014 gifting collection. This pigment is ultra fine and looks amazing as a inner eye highlight. It isn’t overly warm and the beigey tones pretty much make it a suit-all-complexions shade. I also like pretty much all the colours in this pigment set, especially the matte brown one! Just gorgeous.

Another recent release that has been much loved is my Ettusais Creamy Lip Crayon. I love the pink one best from the five that released. They are easy to use and take up minimal space in ones handbag for quick touch ups. On top of that these have Rose Hip oil for conditioning the lips and are fragrance free, which makes this a winner to me!

Lastly, Eyeko Eye Do eyeliner. I have mentioned this several times before as one of those fool proof eyeliners that are very easy to use. I love the felt tip that gives maximum control while the precision tip easily creates an enviable flick to your cat eye liner looks. It’s my go to these days and I am already on my second one. My only beef with this product is that if I open the cap in a hurry i’ve noticed the ink splashes! I have experienced this a few times and have now learnt to open the cap slooooowlllyyy.. apart from that little annoyance, it’s a great product.

Nars blushes

For blush options, my favourites are NARS Madly (a warm beige) & NARS Ukraine blush (a deep cranberry shade). Madly has been my go to blush topped with Hourglass Luminous light powder. And for a pop of colour I use Ukraine on just the apples of my cheeks for a very season appropriate flush. Both are highly pigmented and last all day (i’m talking well over 7-8 hours, maybe even more). I specially recommend Madly for day to day wear for adding a soft contour and colour to your cheeks. Excellent product as expected by NARS.

Mac Mineralise blush Heirloom collection

Another unexpected favourite from daily blushes has been Modest Blush by MAC from their holiday release, The Heirloom Collection. It’s a soft dusty pink which adds the subtlest flush. I love how easily this blends and is very finely milled. Something i’d recommend to girls who love a girly flush and colour phobic.

So girls, that’s rounds up my favourites for the month of December, all amazing products in terms of quality and wear.

Which products have you been enjoying lately? If there are any you’ve found back up worthy or repurchasing, please share! I’d love to hear suggestions.

MAC Holiday 2014, Heirloom Mix lipsticks: Review, Photos & Swatches

MAC Holiday 2014, Heirloom Mix lipsticks: Review, Photos & Swatches

Hello there! Firstly, it’s been a loooong absence! Sorry bout that. Blogging had to take a back seat since i’ve been on vacation. Rested and rejuvenated, here I am with another post. Hope it’ll be worth your while. So if you remember, quite some time ago I did a preview and swatch post on the MAC Holiday collections that were set to come out this year.

Since then I did try out a few of their seasonal goodies and also purchased a few more to add to my testing bag. The favourites of course being the lipsticks. So today i’m here to share my thoughts on these as well as some lip swatches of how they look on. As always let’s start with some eye candy.

MAC Holiday collection 2014 Heirloom mix   MAC Holiday 2014 Heirloom mix lipstick

All three lipsticks released were in the regular MAC matte formula. The only exception being Sparks of Romance that was matte but with multi coloured glitter (which is not too visible in face to face contact)

MAC Holiday 2014 lipsticks heirloom mix   No Faux Pas – A neutral leaning slightly warm, bright medium pink. This applied evenly and smooth with pretty much full coverage in a single stroke. This was my favourite from the bunch as far as colour was concerned. And if you know me by now, I find it hard to resist a good bright lipstick! Salon Rouge – A neutral deep rich burgundy red. This applied with ease achieving semi opaque coverage in a single stroke and was easily buildable to richer opacity in 2-3 passes. Sparks of Romance – A warm, medium, brightened red. Application was slightly draggy and felt gritty due to the glitter particles. The coverage was good and wore well without much transferring.

Overall these wore well into 6-7 hours and looked fresh throughout with minimal fading. I managed to eat meals and drink coffee without the worry of having to reapply. The MAC matte lipsticks are some of my favourite mattes and they are awesome quality for the price. From the three, Sparks of Romance was the most noticeably drying with Salon Rouge being the least.

Now onto some swatches starting with No Faux Pas which I love pairing with ‘nude eyes’ dressed with just mascara and a skin toned eyeshadow.


Salon Rouge


Sparks of Romance


Final thoughts

If you are into reds and on the look out for a more winter appropriate option, Salon Rouge would make an excellent addition. I really love that it’s a nice transition shade for those of you who have mixed feelings about sporting vampy lips. For a fresh take on holiday lipstick picks, No Faux Pas would be my recommendation. This looks stunning paired with a LBD and a fresher and less boring take on the classic (yawn) black dress and red lip holiday look. As much as I like the brighter and complexion enhancing tone of Sparks of Romance, I didn’t quite enjoy applying this as it can get a bit draggy and gritty due to the glitter content.

Other info This collection is currently available at all MAC counters each retailing at SGD32 Part of my trio was sent by MAC for review and some I purchased myself.

Lastly thank you for stopping by and wishing you a lovely weekend!


MAC Holiday collection first look and swatch tease

MAC Holiday collection first look and swatch tease

They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing 😉 And todays post is all about getting you into the Holiday spirit and for all you makeup lovers, this is basically wonderland filled with wondrous surprises and gifting material galore.

So sit back and enjoy, MAC Holiday 2014!


I previewed 4 lines that are coming out this Christmas.

The Heirloom Mix


Objects of Affection

Viva Glamourous

Here’s a peek at the makeup ‘mess’ I had the privilege of previewing!

MAC holiday 2014 collection heirloom

As you can see, the theme is pretty uniform throughout the collection with beautiful glittery pouches and palettes adorned with cameo and pearl embellishments that scream Victorian.

Let’s first take a look at the Heirloom collection that has been quietly circling IG with little snippets of what’s to come.

(Note that this isn’t the entire collection, the range of Pressed pigments and some of the lipstick & Lipglasses are not included here)

MAC Heirloom Holiday collection

Basically, pure holiday goodness. Red, glitter, shimmery packaging! And it all looks soooo…. FESTIVE!

If there was one thing i’d zero in on, it’s the hot pink lipstick No Faux Pas. A stunning matte that’s sure to make heads turn.

Here’re a closer look,

MAC Heirloom lipsticks

And some swatches!

MAC Heirloom lipstick swatches

The pigmentation of these matte lipsticks were amazing as always.

Next up, the glitters…

MAC Heirloom glitter

In summary, here’re swatches of what was at hand (no pun intended)

MAC  holiday 2014 Heirloom mix swatches

Swatched here are (T-B)

Cremesheen Glass-

Romantic Overture (Clear base with sparkles), Seeking Adoration (Plummy Pink), Ceremonial (Hot pink with sparkles), Courting Chic (Deep berry with gold sparkles)

Matte Lipsticks-

No Faux Pas (hot pink), Sparks of romance (true red with golden frost), Salon Rouge (Clean Berry red)

Mineralize Blushes-

Sweet Sentiment (Rosy pink with shimmer), Modest Blush (Light baby salmon pink)

I also snapped a pic of the Eye Kohl,

MAC Heirloom mix

Swatched here are Prunella (dark prune), Tarnish (dark green) and Feline black.

MAC swatches holiday 2014

LOVE LOVE LOVE the forest green shade ❤

Next up, Objects of Affection

These are mini colour sets of Lipglass and sets of pigments & glitter (my fave!)

Here’s a look at these glittery goodies!

MAC Holiday Objects of affection pigments

The pigment & glitter boxes come in Gold and Beige, Silver and Blue, Pink and Rose and Deep bronze.

MAC Holiday 2014 Silver pigments

And a look at the Lipglass kits. This one’s pink and plum, one of the three that’s set to release.

There’s also a Nude and Red colour mix as well as a Nude and Coral mix.

MAC Keepsakes Holiday 2014

Some swatches to tease you with!

MAC Objects of affection holiday 2014

Next up, the beautifully packaged Keepsakes with pretty pearl trimming and adorned with cameos in Ivory, Black and Pearl Grey casings.

The Keepsakes consists of two eye palettes, two face palettes, three sets each of lip & eye bags, three Keepsakes brush kits as well as some Lip + Eye kits too

Here’re the eye and face palettes

MAC Objects of affection holiday 2014

Inside….two of the three eye palettes.

Seen here are the Plum and Smoky mixes, missing here is the Beige mix.

MAC Holiday 2014 collection

Each palette contains a mix of your favourite MAC eyeshadow finishes, Frost, Veluxe Pearlfusion, Lustre, Matte and Satin.

Next up, two face palettes. A perfectly curated palette with lip, cheek and highlighter options. I really love that the creams are guarded under a clear flap, stops the eyeshadows mixing with the lipsticks. A pet peeve of mine!

These palettes are available in Natural (left) and Smoky (right) options.

MAC Holiday 2014

Now onto the Lip & Eye pouches

There are three sets of each.

For the lips. Each pouch comes with lipstick, lipglass and a lip pencil. Available in three colour options.

Red, Nude and Coral.

Seen below is the red set. Ruby Woo. A classic MAC colour.

MAC Holiday 2014 Keepsakes

And then there are the eye sets that come in a pretty pearl trimmed pouch as well.

These contain extra dimension duo eyeshadows, mascara and eye pencils.

MAC keepsakes Holiday 2014

Another pretty gifting idea. The Keepsakes brush kits.

They come in three separate sets.

The Studio kit in Ivory, the Mineralize kit in pearl grey, and the In Extra Dimension kit in black. My personal favourites are the white handled ones, they look soo luxurious and a great basic travel set for gifting.

*All of these have shorter handles which make them perfect for travel. And the bristles are soft too.

MAC Holiday keepsakes 2014 brush sets

So that’s the roundup of the very extensive portfolio of the keepsakes!

Now didn’t that leave you in a daze? It certainly did me with all the swatching and photographing!

So tell me, what caught your eye? For me it was the gorgeous white brushes, the mini glitter & pigment sets also not forgetting the gorgeous  Natural Face Palette in the Keepsakes! The list keeps getting longer and longer!

MAC Brooke Shields Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

Finally the MAC Brooke Shields collection hit the stores yesterday and here’s my review just in time.

From the assortment I received, I managed to test out the eyeshadow palette and lip cheek Cream Colour Base for a good while now, so I am comfortable putting my thoughts down. As you can see most of the collection is pretty much daily essentials for real woman like you and me and all the colours are workable in real life.

MAC Brooke Shields collection

I specially loved how the collection is well thought out in aspects such as ease of use and multi functionality. And the sleek design is also nice without any unnecessarily bulky packaging like some companies do when it’s a LE collection.

MAC Brooke Shields

Without further ado, let’s get down to the eye palette, Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow – Mortal

Here’s a closer look at the beautiful warm colour spectrum.

MAC Brooke Shields Mortal eyeshadow palette

This palette contains 5 eyeshadows in a strip design. I personally prefer the round pan palettes as I feel it’s easier to get into the pan with my makeup brush without having to carefully dip it in and worry that the adjoining shade is going to somehow end up on my brush as well!. But of course using a smaller brush (specially when picking up the two uppermost and lowest shades) this can be used just fine.

The colours here are all warm and very wearable and these are actually my go to shades when it comes to everyday eye makeup.

I particularly love the peachy shade the most as it looks great as a wash of colour for lazy days when I can’t be bothered blending two to three shades for a day time look. (Good thing it was the widest strip in the palette!)

MAC Brooke shields mortal swatches

A quick shade guide

1st strip -A mauvey taupe. The colour payoff was impressive and was for the most part opaque in one swipe when swatched.

2nd strip -A warm copper. The colour payoff of this was top notch, it almost looked metallic. I believe this might be too warm for some skin tones but for those who love colours like this, the formula won’t disappoint! I found it buttery smooth and blended beautifully as well.

3rd strip – A shimmery peachy pink. This looked more shimmery when applied when compared to the first and the second colours. The colour payoff was better as well.

4th strip -shimmery beige (a perfect transition colour in this case). The colour was soft to the touch and applied well with a medium colour pay off.

5th strip – A pearly pinky white. This was finely milled and swatched sheer. It looked better applied on the eye and gave a diffused shimmer that didn’t look ott

Overall thoughts

The overall quality of the eyeshadows were good and there were no duds in this palette. I also didn’t notice much fall out during application and that they blended together easily without having to work at it.

Lastly, I believe this is a winning colour mix for those with warm complexions. And for those of you with heavy pink undertones this might be a bit too warm. Specially when the copper and the peach come to play.

Now onto the Cream Colour Base palette, Cherished.

A perfect product for those of us who like to keep just a few staples in our stash without having to buy a 101 products for daily use.

MAC Brooke Shields cherished

This duo comes with a bright coral pink and a soft burgundy.

Both feel extra emollient when swatched and isn’t what i’d call dangerously highly pigmented. it’s a good medium where you can apply in a hurry and not have to worry about having clown cheeks. And even if you do go a bit heavy handed, the texture is very easy to blend out.

Also these work just as well on the lips and feel somewhat like a tinted balm. And best of all they didn’t dry out the lips. Throughout wear it felt mildly hydrating too.

A closer look right at each perfect pan. I felt sooo bad disturbing this perfectly set cream… Arrrg! But it had to be done!

MAC Brooke Shields Cherished

And swatches!

MAC Brooke shields swatches

And onto lipstick!

MAC Excite Brooke Shields The shade I received for review was Excite, a cremesheen lipstick.

This was a bright orange red with a soft shimmery satin finish. Although the colour may look daunting to some, rest assured that this is a sheer to medium coverage lipstick that departs just a juicy wash of orange red for a kissable pout. If you prefer a more intense look, a few additional passes gives a nice semi opaque wash of colour.

The lipstick was very comfortable to wear and lips felt hydrated. And although I didn’t test out longevity, judging by the texture i’d say you’d get a good 2-3 hours before having to re apply.

Here’s a swatch. This was taken with a few passes to build up intensity.

MAC Excite swatch

Now onto a quick look I created with these three products!


Please excuse the unruly brow hairs! In retrospect, should have used the brow fix gel ..


And a closer look at this gorgeous orange red lipstick when worn.


The bottom line

I really loved the Mortal eyeshadow palette and the Cream Duo set best and thought they were a very good buy. Mostly as I see myself using these types of shades on a regular basis.

As much as I loved the lipstick for it’s interesting colour I believe that the price was a bit on the steeper side (This retails at S$42)  compared to regular MAC lipsticks which retail at S$ 33 and may not be accessible to most.

*FYI, the price hike is duo to the fact that this lipstick has more product compared to regular MAC lipsticks. (Regular lipsticks contain 3g and this one contains 4.04g of product. A whole gram more!)

Collection info

The MAC Brooke Shields collection is now available at MAC stores island wide.


The eyeshadow palette is priced at S$75  and the cream colour base at S$49

Lipstick will be retailing at S$ 42

Lastly thank you for reading and hope you found this post useful.

Wishing you a beautiful day ahead!


MAC x Marge The Simpsons Collection- overview, swatches

Hello Hello!

My very first MAC post! 😀 And it’s a nice pic heavy one at that! Here’s a preview of the upcoming Marge collection that will hit the stores next week (of course the US already released it 2 weeks back and as always Singapore lagging behind)

Here’s a bit of eye candy to start with, pics I took at the blogger preview session.

Mac Marge Simpson Collection

All of the above will be releasing in Singapore.

One blush – Pink Sprinkles

Four Lip Glasses – (Top to Bottom) Nacho Cheese Explosion, Red Blazer, Grand Pumpkin, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

Two Eyeshadow Quads – Marge’s Extra Ingredients (please scroll down for review), That Trillion Dollar Look

Nail stickers – Marge Simpsons Cutie-cles

Of course the packaging is always sooo darn cute, suckering in us beauty enthusiasts. Here’re some swatches to help you decide which to drop into your cart first 😉

Mac Marge Simpson lipglass

Mac Marge Simpsons gloss

Lipglasses – The most easily wearable from the collection I believe.

Love at first swatch, the gorgeous blue/pink micro shimmer of this magenta gloss- Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy. Pigmentation was stellar too.

For those of you who like a bold strawberry pink gloss with a pink pearl, Red Blazer is for you.

Unique yet wearable, Grand Pumpkin- a milky medium orange (no shimmer) . This had medium opacity and looked pretty on the lips despite the bright swatch! There was a little of the gloss settling into lip lines, but nothing major.

Lastly, the most interesting one, Nacho Cheese Explosion, a medium yellow with some sparkles. Idk who would really wear this, but the name is soo cute. Unfortunately, the pigmentation of this was less that impressive too… ooops!

Mac Marge Simpson Pink Sprinkles

Pink Sprinkles is a medium tone cool pink with shimmer. Applies somewhat sheer but buildable and blends easily. I highly recommend this blush as it’s flattering and a very wearable shade. Great for those who are heavy handed with their blush and shy away from overly pigmented blushes. A great everyday shade 🙂

Now onto the two eye palettes, starting with That Trillion Dollar Look eyeshadow quad.

Mac 6

This quad comprises of all greens, ranging from a bright chartreuse to a grass green, muted olive and a blackened murky green with shimmers.

Next up, Marge’s Extra Ingredients eye quad.

Mac 7

A medley of soft shimmery pink, purple, bright blue and deep aubergine, this palette I felt was more wearable and fun. I also like the mix of colours and finishes. Let’s take a closer look……

Firstly, how cute is the packaging?!!!

MAc Marge Simpson

Mac Marge Simpson eyeshadow

This palette includes,

A baby pink that applied frosty and sheer, a brightening inner eye highlight. On medium skin tones like mine, this looked more of a soft cool white. Even with the slight fallout, it was nice and workable.

The purple was a medium toned neutral shade. It felt soft to the touch and needed to be built up as it applied sheer. A stunning shade that can be even worn by itself.

The blue was a bright medium one with a soft shimmer finish. Although a bit bold for an all over lid shade, it does look great as a bright pop of colour worn as a liner. I liked the texture of this best, it felt soft and spreads easily.

The last shade in the palette a deepened purple was somewhat disappointing. It was a bit on the drier side and barely swatched on my hand. On the lids it performed better.

Close up, Harpooned Heart – A cool toned luster finish baby pink (PRETTY!)

Mac Marge Simpson eye quad

Overall the pigmentation of the palette was ok. When swatched with fingers it barely had any payoff, however Mac eyeshadows do work better with brushes as the pigment is rather tightly packed and a harder finish, they pick up better with an eyeshadow brush. I used my Tom Ford and Hakuhodo goat hair brushes which did the trick.


Here’s a fun weekend eye look I wore yesterday to test out wear, I recommend using a primer to make sure you use the eyeshadows to their full intensity:-)



As you can see, the colours coordinate with each other really well and bring out the eyes.

Final thoughts

From the collection I found that my favourite was the Pink Sprinkles blush. It was a very soft girly shade and performance was fairly good as well. The Lipglasses were also a great pick. As much as I love the eyeshadow quad for it’s fun packaging and bright colours, I know it’s not something everyone would gravitate to. In any case while at the counter I strongly recommend that you try it on the eyes rather than swatching  🙂

Collection is set to launch on the 12th Sep at Ion Bugis and Tangs Mac counters. Happy Shopping!

Packing a travel makeup bag

What better time to do a post on how to pack a travel makeup bag other than when I am about to travel right? So here I am transiting in SL, waiting for some last minute documentation to come through and head on a nice little summer vacation to an undisclosed place 😉
In the mean time let me show you what I’ve packed.

Travel packing makeup

This looks like a lot. And yeah maybe it is. But other than those few extra eye palettes, everything else is my day to day makeup. Plus it’s for a slightly longish trip so I needed a few extras to avoid regret!

To make sure you don’t miss anything, I suggest you follow a check list or pack things in the sequence you apply your makeup, so you go step by step and don’t forget anything. I have a nasty habit of leaving mascaras and eye primers behind, so I have finally, FINALLY got a checklist ready to make sure I don’t leave things behind in future!

So here’s a list of what would essentially be in my travel makeup bag.

1) Foundation (Or BB cream, tinted moisturizer depending on preference)

2) Primer* (Essential if you want to keep your foundation in place. No time for touch ups when you are busy relaxing or just having fun right?)

3) Concealer

4) Setting Powder (I use the Chanel Les Beiges in 02 and I also packed a little sample of my La Mer powder in a Sephora jar as well!)

5) Finishing Powder (Optional)

6) Bronzer (Optional)

7) Blush (One pink and one coral toned is ideal so that there’s something that matches your lipstick choices, if you wear deeper shades of lipstick, a nude or a beige blush will be good to have as well)

8) Highlighter (I didn’t pack a separate highlighter as I plan on using the lightest shade of my Edward Bess Quad Royale! Love a good multitasker)

9) Eye Primer

10) Eyeshadow palettes (Easier to travel with than packing a load of singles. I usually pick one neutral quad for daytime and a smokey quad for night, I also pack a peachy shade too cos I am obsessed with peach and can’t live without a peach fix even while I’m on vacay!)

11) Eye liner (Liquid or khol liner depending on preference. And if you are heading somewhere beachy, some colourful waterproof eyeliners are a great addition since they are a fun, easy way to update a neutral day time look with minimal effort, and the best part is, they take up very little space and I love throwing a few of those in)

12) Mascara

13) Lash curler (Optional)

14) Brow products (Pencil or powder or BOTH if you are brow obsessed like me)

15) Lip products (I usually pack reds and nudes as they are easy to pair up with my daily looks)

So here’s more close ups of what I packed. I used my Laura Mercier Artists portfolio to pack a majority of these.

Travel makeup collection


makeup collection


Artist Portfolio Laura Mercier


Artist Protfolio right


The foundation + Kevyn Aucoin SSE + primer ( I packed in a zip lock bag), lash curlers (in their original box) and the massive It Palette, they all went in my cabin bag safe and sound, tucked between my clothes for extra cushioning. The Guerlain travel Meteorites though I packed in their original box and put it in my hand luggage as it’s packaging is fragile. I don’t want to have to deal with a cracked jar while on vacay! Instant fun spoiler  >.< .

Travel makeup


As you can see I went to town with lip products and eyeshadows, of course this is totally unnecessary and you don’t have to pack that much! In this case the eyeshadows were packed mainly cos I want to test them out for upcoming blog posts, and the extra lipsticks though are simply cos I like having tonnes of choice in the lip department as it’s usually an easy way to tie an outfit together and look well groomed without much effort.  Normally I transfer all of these into a little pouch when I arrive at my destination so that they are in one place for easy access when I put my makeup on.

So there you have it. Packing made simple. Of course many things I included are luxuries to have while on vacay. But if you are like me and consider your daily makeup routine more of a relaxing ritual, then all of these are essentials 😉

Finally, thank you for dropping by today, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and don’t forget to enter the Benefit Giveaway thats open to Singapore residents (P.S- make sure you read the giveaway instructions well so that your entry qualifies for the giveaway).