NARS Eyeshadow Singles | Photos & Swatches (2018)

This month NARS launched their ‘Eyes Collection’ with a reformulation of existing shadows and also  brand new shades. For as long as I remember, NARS shadows have been some of the best in the market and with what i’ve seen (swatched) the product is now improved and even better.

This new line introduces a brand new Pigment Powder Suspension technology that delivers intense colour payoff, effortless blendability and rich, longwearing vibrant colour. Expect glitters, buttery mattes, shimmery pearls and satins, whatever suits your fancy.

The collection is broken down to 4 categories,

Hardwired sheens – Multi dimensional glitters for maximum impact and dramatic shine.

Precious metals – Shimmery shades to create soft pops of colour.

Pure Pops – Bright vibrant shades to add a burst of colour.

Soft Essentials – Neutrals in buttery mattes and smooth satins.

Along with the new formula, NARS has now switched up the packaging for a sleeker, slim compact. Of course no departure from the signature matte black packaging, it’s still quintessentially NARS.

Hardwired Sheens were the first to catch my eye. The colours were spectacular. Nothing that’s been in the permanent NARS collections before. Duo chromes, sparkly glitters that are soft to the touch and almost flakey (in a good way) and amazing pearly pigment that glisten. There’s 18 in total.

Argentina – A shimmering violet with a smokey deep base.

Chile – An iridescent lavender duochrome with pink shimmer.

Earthshine – Iridescent pink with a shimmery champagne shimmer.

Ecstacy – A minty green with gold shimmer. Very soft and flakey to the touch with good pigmentation.

Firenze – Another flakey high shimmer pink sequin like shadow.

Galapagos – Earthy brown with gold shimmer. Excellent pigmentation.

Goa – A brown green.

Hellcat – Pewter green with gold shimmer.

Lunar – A Lavender with pink shimmer. Good pigmentation with a very smooth application.

Madrid – A duochrome brown with a green and purple shift.

Melrose – Duochrome salmon pink with gold flecks.

Mendoza – A bronze with gold reflect. Excellent pigmentation.

hardwired sheens

Night breed – A sooty matte black with black glitter flecks.

Night clubbing – Black with gold pearly shimmer.

Pattaya – Coppery gold with a high shimmer flakey finish.

Pointe Noire – Plum brown with shimmer.

Rio de la Plata – A champagne with gold flecks.

Stud – A silvery pewter brown with amazing pigmentation.

Next up Precious Metals. These are the metallic shimmers and pearly shades. Almost everything swatched with good payoff and silky smooth to the touch. 13 shades in total.

Banquise – Vibrant silver.

Big Sur – A shimmering deep blue.

Fez – A medium satin brown.

Guayaquil – A bright rusty brown.

Isla Bonita – An iridescent white gold.

Kashmir – A neutral champagne beige.

Lahore – A rosy brown.

Mekong – A deep warm brown with golden shimmer.

Pyrenees – A shimmery gunmetal.

Rome – A taupey grey with silver shimmer.

Verona – Icy pink with silver shimmer.

Virgin Gorda – A golden pink.

Zambezi – A cool mint green with shimmer.

precious metals nars

The mattes and satins within the Soft Essentials category were simply exceptional. Pretty much everything I could ever want in a matte. Think buttery soft, silky, exceptional blendability (no dry chalkiness at all) and good pigmentation. My first thought was, I need them all!.. (and so do you).

nars soft essentials

Ashes to ashes – A soft fleshy brown.

Bali – A neutral deep brown.

Bengali – A warm medium brown.

Biarritz – A silky matte cream.

Blondie – An ashy light brown with yellow undertones.

Cabo san Lucas – A fleshy pink.

Coconut grove – A deep brown.

NARS soft essentials

Kingston – A silky matte grey taupe.

Nepal – A satin pink nude.

New York – Reddened neutral brown with amazing smoothness and payoff.

Night star – A cream with golden glitter flecks.

Nouméa – Orange toned brown with amazing payoff and texture.

Sofia – A pink toned brown.

Tullum – A warm ochre brown with excellent texture and pigmentation.

Soft Essentials NARS

Lastly a look at the Pure Pops range that feature bright colours especially for artistry. Most of the best pigmented shades within this line were the mattes. The colours were saturated with very good texture and payoff. There’s just one shade that I couldn’t seem to swatch. The poorest performer. Domination. I can’t confirm how it picks up on a brush, but when swatching the payoff was next to nothing.

In this category I swatched just a few shades. The ones that caught my eye and had good pigmentation.

Baby Jane – A matte bright baby blue with good payoff.

Duoro – An exceptional bright matte yellow.

Night Porter – A shimmering forest green.

Persia – A matte Terracotta orange with amazing payoff.

Showgirl – A shimmering bright blue with amazing payoff and silky texture.

Strada – A Lavender with a gold sheen.

* Another shade that’s worth a mention was Goldfinger. A muted yellow gold. Unfortunately I missed it in the swatch but the texture and finish is very similar to Showgirl.

Bottom line

Given the overwhelming range, my favourites that I think you should zoom in on would be the Hardwired Sheens and the Soft Essential (mattes). The colours and textures will be some of the best you’ve ever tried.

Here’re my top favourites. I’m going to try and keep them to ten!

Earthshine, Firenze, Galapagos, Mendoza, Melrose, Stud, Virgin Gorda, Noumea, Bengali, Persia. I’d also like to throw in Tulum as a unique ochre which would make a beautiful warming shadow that works well as a transition shade and also layering.

For the more adventurous, I’d suggest Baby Jane and Duoro. Both must haves!

Pricing and availability

The collection is now available at all NARS boutiques and counters. Each eyeshadow retailing at SGD33.

Happy shopping!

*Thank you NARS Singapore for loaning these for swatches! ❤




NARS Man Ray Holiday 2017 | Preview, Photos & Swatches

Each year, the beginning of the festive season is marked by the viewing of the NARS Holiday Collection. It’s the BEST NARS launch of the year, featuring loads of exciting gifting options offering a variety of colours and possibilities. To me it’s quite literally Christmas coming early, the opportunity to swatch all the new products with the NARS team early October!

This year François Nars offers a collection that’s inspired by Man Ray. An American visual artist who’s renowned for his photography. His artistic captures adorn the gifting collection with elements of his work running through the packaging. Beautiful makeup wrapped in the best way possible!

Since i’m planning on sharing some reviews and a makeup look later on, i’ll be keeping this post pretty brief, containing mostly swatches from the preview and some first impressions. Just enough to get your wishlist finalised so you won’t miss out on the best bits when it launches Nov 1st!

NARS Man Ray holiday 2017

As always the NARS holiday launch is a formidable one. The Colour Collection featuring sultry plummy burgundy eyes with bright cheeks, and intense lip lacquers to tie this glamourous look together.

Among the most highly anticipated products is the new lip embossed highlighter, Double Take. An all new formula by NARS. If highlighters are your weakness, you should know this looks like liquid metal! A powder formula that swatches as smooth as a cream!

NARS Double Take

If the cool lip embossing hadn’t sucked you in, rest assured this outstanding formula will win you over. What you see here is one swipe that’s incredibly pigmented & ultra smooth!

NARS Man Ray

Moving on to the eyeshadows. There’s two options to choose from. Debauched containing a satin plum & deep aubergine (with violet micro glitter) and Montparnasse with a pale satin gold and burgundy combo.

NARS Holiday 2017

The colours aren’t exactly new or groundbreaking, but the formula of the two were quite good. Between them, Montparnasse swatched better with a smoother finish, giving you a more classic eye look for the festivities. Debauched on the other hand delivers a more smokier eye, perfect for the daring NARSissist.

NARS Man Ray

For lining the eyes, this collection includes two ultra smooth Velvet Eyeliners, my eyes went straight to Nagoya. A rather unique shade of purple. I love that it was a cream finish with zero shimmer. Just a statement colour to create some drama.

Santiago too was of excellent quality. Both in fact make wonderful additions to any makeup collection! You won’t be disappointed with these.

……moving on to some cheeky goodness! Intenstly & Fetishized.

NARS Holiday 2017

The blushes had to be the most interesting offerings of the collection. There’s a pale matte orange (so fun and cheery colour for fairer skin tones) and a vivid satin coral pink.

Both swatch smooth and with good payoff.

Last but not least, a new formulation of gloss for intense shine and maximum impact!

NARS Holiday 2017

Ranging from the rather unique sheer gold to shocking pink, to the nudes and vampy reds, Nars pretty much covered all bases.

If I had to pick one though, it’s Off Limits for me. The intense colour and fun sparkle is always a good choice when it comes to Christmas parties.

Added bonus, it’s guaranteed to stand out from the usual reds that everyone else will be wearing!

NARS Anita Man Ray

Also in a seasonal special edition packaging is this years Audacious Lipstick shade, Anita. It was the first product I reached for and best believe, this one’s a must have!

Anita is part of the initial Audacious launch, therefore an existing shade, which also happens to be a best seller. I didn’t swatch this, but there’s swatches a plenty on the net. Including my very first Audacious lipstick post from 3 years ago!

Next up, my favourite part of the launch! The Gifting Collection!

As always, showcasing amazing artwork by the featured artist, in this case, Man Ray. The palettes seen here are The Veil, Love Game and Glass Tears. Two for the eyes and one complexion palette.

NARS holiday 2017

My first pick of the palettes would be Love Game. A stunning mix of neutrals combined with jewel tones. A palette that’ll take you from day to night!

NARS Love Game Palette

All shades swatched with good payoff, including the mattes. They’ve obviously perfected the formula over the years!

Here’s a look at swatches.

NARS Love Game

Next up, The Veil. A combination of a bronzer, blush and highlight.

If you feel the need for an all in one palette, the Veil would be your best bet. A complexion mix that should work great on fair to medium tones. My favourite would have to be the highlighter, Surreal. It’s slightly more rose tone in comparison to Double Take. If you plan on getting The Veil and Double Take, you wouldn’t necessarily be duplicating the highlighter.

Among the three powders in here, everything but the bronzer swatched with intense pigmentation! Please note the bronzer is the newer formula which is a sheerer build-able colour.

Adding more options for the eyes is the Glass Tears palette.

Glass Tears

Filled with sultry smoky shades, (a palette that’s ideal for evening makeup looks). There are two mattes (the cream & black) with 4 shimmery satin shades. They all swatch pretty impressive and would highly recommend this if you do wear bolder eye make up!

Next up, The Kiss. A golden pouch containing 4 new Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Unfortunately I hadn’t snapped a pic of the pouch.. but here’re the swatches!

The kiss man ray

My eye instantly went to the gorgeous shimmering pink! Are you Spellbound too?? How amazing would this look with smokey eyes? (insert multiple heart eye emojis!)

If a unique collectible is what you are after, I’ve saved the best for last. Two gorgeous lipstick coffrets in a stunning magnifying case.

There’s a set of neutrals and a mix of reds to choose from. Both equally enticing to me!

NARS Man Ray holiday 2017

NARS Man ray holiday 2017

That rounds up all the swatches for the Holiday Preview.

There were also mini stocking stuffer kits containing minis of NARS best sellers which I never swatched. I shall share those on Instagram later on!

Top Picks

The best buys from this collection would be the Double Take highlighter, the Love Game palette which is excellent quality (and value) and the Audacious Lipstick Coffrets (which happen to be limited to very few pieces). You might want to snap them up as they land. The packaging it definitely something special!

So far the release dates are 1st Nov, with a  majority of the collection available at the stand alone boutique at Takashimaya. Come Wednesday, run, not walk!


Price List

The Colour Collection (NARS boutique, Tangs Plaza & Robinsons The Heeren)

Photogloss Lip Lacquer – SGD40

Blush – SGD50

Duo Eyeshadow – SGD52

Velvet Eyeliner – SGD36

Overexposed Glow Highlighter – SGD65 (NARS boutique & select Sephora outlets only)

Gold Anita Audacious Lipstick – SGD46 (NARS boutique & select Sephora outlets only)


The Gifting Collection (NARS boutique, Tangs Plaza, Robinsons The Heeren)

The Veil Cheek Palette – SGD80

Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette – SGD80

Love Game Eyeshadow Palette – SGD85 (Select Sephora stores)

Les Amoureux Lipstick Coffret – SGD85

Noire Et Blanche Lipstick Coffret – SGD85

The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set – SGD90 (Select Sephora stores)

Love Triangles (mini blush & lipstick duo) – SGD36



NARS Summer 2017 Launches | Review, Photos & Swatches

It’s summer! And NARS is on top of the game with several enticing launches to get us through the hottest months of the year.

The collections have been steadily making their way to the counters, and by now everything i’m reviewing will already be in stores. As the current trend, i’m a little late even though I previewed this collection ages ago..  but hope this review and swatches will be helpful nonetheless!

The collections for summer 2017

NARS summer 2017

Floral Redux Collection (June) 

2 Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Sets in Tribulation & Mustang (SGD90 each)

Fox Dancer Mini Multiples Coffret (SGD70)

Angel Pride Cheek Palette (SGD110)

Highlighting & Bronzing Collection (July) 

Bord De Plage Palette (SGD90)

3 Velvet Shadow Sticks in shades, Corfu, Nepal & Dark Angel (SGD45 each)

Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer Collection (June)

4 shades –  Seaside, Laguna, Casino & Falaises

Kicking off with the hottest item from summer… the highlighter/bronzer palette Bord de Plage that’s practically on everyones wish list!

This palette comes with 4 gorgeous highlighters and two bronzers.

NARS Bord de plage

Rivage is a ivory with a silver opalescence, Crique is a pale gold, Corniche is an oyster pink with cool silver opalescence and Galet is a warm coppery gold. On my tan medium complexion the colours that work best are Corniche & Crique. Don’t think i’d be dipping into Galet much often as I noticed the base colour shows up way too gold and dark on my skin.

NARS Bord de Plage

These new highlighters come in a new water activated formula, where a wet brush would transform it to a molten metallic look that’s absolutely mind blowing. If you prefer your highlighters more discrete, wearing this dry with a very light hand would be my recommendation, although overall, I still find this to be quite intense even applied dry (as seen in the swatches).

The bronzers included in here make for a good travelling, however for daily use i’d still prefer a full sized pans as these strips don’t accommodate my regular bronzing brushes without sneaking into the highlighter pans. The formula is a soft matte, that bronzes the skin with a very natural finish. The powder is harder pressed but I find they are undetectable on the skin and never look powdery or artificial.

Along with the palette there’s three new shades of Velvet Shadow Sticks launching as well. I have two to share with you today.

NARS Velvet shadow stick nepal corfu

Nepal which is a satin warm pink and Corfu, a shimmering taupe.

I find this particular cream shadow great as a base/primer for powder eyeshadows. They are easy to apply, set quickly and hold makeup in place for hours!

Worn on their own, I always see some creasing, and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with oily lids unless you plan on setting with a translucent powder. It’s a matter of taking precautions to ensure longevity.

Between the two shades, Nepal’s too close to my skin tone to show up on my lids. I do enjoy the warmth this gives the eyes but most likely wouldn’t purchase this for myself. I’d go for Corfu instead, which is a great everyday shade with just enough shimmer to keep the eyes interesting and elegant.

Next up, the mini multiples of the Fox Dancer coffret.

NARS Fox Dance

If a full sized multiple is something you’d never use up, this cute limited edition set of minis is the perfect solution!

The kit comes with 4 shades ranging from a pink champagne to a striking raspberry red to warm terracotta .

The colours blend beautifully onto the skin for a natural dewy glow that’s ideal for summer. Skin looks fresh, glowy & youthful.

I love that the mix of colours make it wearable for all skin tones. Although on their own, a majority of the shades work better for paler skin types. This is when you get creative and mix your own colours and i’ve been loving Remember Me and Fox Dance as a duo. It also helps blend the more ‘scary’ shades better for a wearable day time look.

My preferred method of application is just patting and blending with the fingertips though with Fox Dancer I use a foundation buffing brush (with synthetic bristles) better suited for a soft diffused look.

Here’s one more look at this stunning coffret.

NARS Fox Dancer

Last but not least, the Mustang Velvet Lip Pencil kit.

A set of 4 matte lippies in a red colour scheme that’s got you covered no matter what your red lipstick mood might be.

As seen below, everything comes neatly packed in a pretty vinyl pouch which makes for easy storage and also doubles up as a summer makeup bag.

NARS Mustang swatches

Here’s a closer look at the pretty shades!

NARS Mustang swatches

Left to right there’s Lesbos, a warm bright red, Bonifacio a deeper berry red, Rouge Immortel a muted coral red and Rouge Palatin a carnation pink.

If you are a long term reader of BubblyMichelle you’d know the NARS Velvet Lip Pencils are one of my all time favourite formulas. They are ultra comfortable on the lips and very long lasting. The pigmentation is always superb too and apply smoothly for a matte formula.

Within the set, I have found a new favourite, Lesbos which will be my go-to summer red!

On to some swatches!


Lastly a look I created with this collection!

The whole focus is on the bright lip (Lesbos) and limited work on the eyes.

For highlight i’ve used Crique mixed in with a little bit of Rivage. It’s lightly dusted on the top of my cheekbones and bridge of my nose.

Bottom Line

The palettes and value sets are my top recommendation. Specially the mini Multiples which I believe will be absolutely well loved this summer.

Bord de Plage is also an excellent buy if you don’t already own Blanc de Sable from a few months back.

Do you think you’ll be picking up anything from the collection? Do share your favourites in the comments below!


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer | Review, Photos & Complete Swatches

This February NARS introduced a new concealer to their line up of complexion products. A formula that promises the highest coverage with a natural-looking finish; a mix that’s hard to come by in the world of makeup!

NARS Soft matte complete concealer


This new concealer comes packaged in a small acrylic pot with a screw top lid. It’s sleek, it’s sturdy and true to the typical NARS aesthetic.



According to the press info at hand, this new concealer is an oil-free formula that blurs, conceals and smoothes out imperfections. There’s an Optimal Diffusion Powder that helps light diffuse just so that it instantly transforms the look of the skin to smoother and softer focus finish, skincare ingredients such as peptides to boosts collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and soften skin for a healthier look.


The formula is velvety smooth when swatched. It blends easily and covers any imperfections with ease! I prefer this for the under eyes as it covers my dark circles like no other.

As with most concealers i’ve tested and used before this too creases quite easily. I blame the deep lines under my eyes. Nothing really is crease-proof on me, including the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer which I didn’t enjoy truth be told.

In general, formulas that set work best for me, and this does. The concealer stays in place and minimises further migration into wrinkles.


Overall I find this the best wearing formula thus far. This concealer does.not.budge. It looks as fresh at the end of the day as when applied. My holy grail Clé de Peau concealer doesn’t beat the staying power of this.

On to some swatches of concealers currently in use.


The best colour match for me is the MUFE Ultra HD. Lightweight with medium coverage. And the closest corresponding shade in the NARS line up is Custard. However with the fuller coverage formula, it ends up looking too light on my medium olive skin. Therefore my best recommendation for NC 35 skin would be Macadamia or Ginger.

Here’s a before & after.


The overall look is a more even toned fresher, less tired face. In real life the effect is even more exaggerated.

Bottom Line

It does live up to the claim of extra EXTRA coverage with an undetectable finish, and even though this does crease on me i’m willing to let it slide (no pun intended) purely for the fact that it covers so well without looking cake-y AND lasts all day.

If you are looking for something for severe dark circles, this would be the best place to start. I hope you love this new concealer as much as I do!



Pricing & Other Info

The Soft Matte Complete Concealer retails at SGD45 for 6.2g. Available at NARS boutiques and counters.

*Thank you NARS Singapore for the samples to test!

Best of Beauty 2016


Super excited to deliver my round up of the best of 2016! Getting back into the swing of blogging has been slow after the holidays, but I believe a quick look at the past year and closing the book of 2016 is a great way to get on with business this new year.

Best of Beauty 2016

1. Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder – I hadn’t been a regular user of Givenchy beauty till this came into my life. Absolutely stellar product on all fronts, packaging, quality and finish. Blogged here.

2. NARS Hot Sand Illuminator Duo – If epic highlighters aren’t your thing, NARS Hot Sand is your match made in heaven. A wonderfully glowy highlight with a soft peachy pink base, this adds subtle glow for delicate radiance. Although initially LE, I’m happy to see it come back in another newly released face palette. The Unfiltered 2 Cheek Palette. Blogged here.


3. Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens 002 – In 2016 Dior ruled the world of highlighters. Each season I could not resist getting at least one! Possibly my favourite highlighter of the year. Also was available in a pink option.

P.S- how stunning is the floral embossing ❤


4. Dior Diorific Splendor – Part of the holiday collection, this highlighter was the key piece / must-have which everyone needed in their lives. Sadly, did not make it to the U.S market. Luckily I live in sunny Asia and for once I was happy to be here! Didn’t waste any time picking this up for myself. wink. I also got a few extras as gifts!

The packaging, quality and colour was just perfect for that extra sparkle for the holidays. Get it while you can!

5. Clé de Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge – As someone who did not hop on the matte lipstick bandwagon, I was mighty pleased CPB came out with these ultra luxe glossy liquid lipsticks! They are luxury in every sense. If you loath the dry lip syndrome that’s plaguing the world right now, maybe this nourishing glossy type would interest you 😉 Read all about this collection here.


6. Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Colour – Possibly my favourite lipstick release this year. Think ultra nourishing, balmy colour with superb pigmentation! It’s all my lips want to wear this season. To be blogged soon!

7. Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2016 – It seems the Lips & Boys get better each year! This year, the colours to watch out for were the new matte ones. Absolute must haves. Blogged here.

8. VB x Estée Lauder collection – Overall my favourite collection of the year! The formula, packaging and colours were to die for! Even though I loved almost everything I received, the stand out products were the nude lipstick in Brazilian Nude, the eye kajal duo & the single shadow Bitter Clove. Unfortunately LE collection sell out fast. However if you come across any, do not hesitate! Blogged here.


P.S- There’s talk of a new VB collab happening soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

9. Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel – The perfect solution for light short brow hairs. I find myself reaching for this almost every time I do my makeup. It’s got the perfect formula to set your brows in place while also adding colour and some body. It’s brows-on-fleek, all day, everyday! To be blogged soon!

10. Tom Ford Le Mepris – Part of the summer collection, this little number was clearly a hot item, specially with that irresistible LE white packaging!!  Blogged here.

11. Dior Diorific Nova – 2016 wasn’t the year of nail polish that’s for sure. Almost all brands left me with boring options. However, just as the year ended Dior launched their holiday Diorific Vernis and this unique little number was quick to come home with me. Almost like fairy glitter/flakes on the nails, this works great as a topper or on it’s own. Don’t miss out!

12. Zoeva Concealer Buffer Brush – I am so happy I finally got to try Zoeva brushes this year and this brush in particular is now my essential/everyday, concealer blending brush. Everything just sits better when buffed with this and i’m happy to recommend it to everyone. To be blogged soon!

13. Zoeva Luxe Fan – A great multi purpose brush, (not just for highlighting). This is my go-to for flicking off any eyeshadow or mascara fall out, dusting off excess powder and of course applying highlighter PERFECTLY. A must have brush in any collection.

14. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting brush – On a whim I purchased this brush off Net-a-Porter last year. I just needed something precise that’d work for contouring smaller areas of the face. Not surprised, this works brilliantly! It’s my favourite for some nose contouring (which is the only contour I ever do) whenever I know i’ll be taking photos or for special events. Love it!

15. Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage – The only product that’s featured here which isn’t new for 2016. However it’s new to me! I picked this up from a sale last year and let’s just say, my world is a better place. The Cocoa Mirage palette is pretty much the standard matte shadow palette but BETTER. Perfectly curated and multi functional as this mixes great with any other TF palettes you may have. The light cream shade is my go-to brow highlight, there’s a perfect transition shade that’s not too warm, and also a shimmer shade thrown in just for variety. ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE if you are on the look out for a great everyday palette that delivers. Can’t recommend this enough!

That rounds up my list of favourites. Products i’ve used and loved! Unfortunately in terms of foundation & concealers I didn’t find anything new that was truly outstanding, therefore left out a fair few that I tested last year. What you see here is a brutally edited skinny version of what has been tested and I find to be A+!


NARS x Sarah Moon Collection | Preview, Photos & Swatches

Few weeks ago I had the privilege of sitting with the NARS team for an intimate preview of the stunning Sarah Moon collection over coffee and cakes.

At the time I’d already seen previews on social media, but it’s never quite the same as seeing things in person! Obviously I was bowled over by the amazing colour palette and the awesome packaging.

Today i’ll be sharing all the swatches and images I brought back with me. Brace yourselves for a very long, thorough post! xx

The Sarah Moon collection consists of a colour collection and also the highly collectible gifting collection.

I’ll run through the gifting collection first since it’s just pure eye candy!

NARS Sarah Moon Gifting collection

The gifting collection consists of sets & palettes for every budget. Ranging from $52 – $180 there’s 10 unique collectibles to choose from and all good value. My favourites were the lip sets. Two incredibly cute coffrets of minis of the Audacious lipsticks and Velvet Lip Glides.

Mini sets are a great way to try out a load of shades at a fraction of the price and needless to say, they are so lovely to own (or to gift, as intended!).

NARS Metropolis lipstick swatches

The Glass Metropolis is a gorgeous acrylic vault of 8 NARS Audacious Mini Lipsticks of which two are new and limited edition. All swatch with the exceptional NARS Audacious intensity and amazing quality. Creamy, smooth and well saturated.

NARS Sarah Moon swatches

If you are looking to try the newly released Velvet Lip Glides, there’s a mini set of 6 available as well. Some of the most popular shades (such as Bound) are included in here along with three new colours that are exclusive to this set.

NARS Mind game Velvet Lip Glide

The bottom three swatches are the new shades (L-R).

NARS Sarah Moon Mind game

Also available for gifting are the ever so popular NARS blushes & Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in a handy kit.

True Story, containing the 4 blushes Devotee (highlight shade), Myth, Unwritten & Outlaw (existing shade) + Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red.

NARS True Story blush palette swatches

All blushes within the palette are silky smooth & well pigmented. Particularly love the highlight shade in this which is a soft shimmering oyster.

Recurring Dare is a slightly deeper mix of all matte blushes suitable for more medium toned complexions. We have the popular Albatross highlight, Sex Appeal blush (existing), Illusive & Make Believe along with the Golshan Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

NARS Recurring Dare swatches

I find the quality across both palettes quite consistent and highly recommend checking them out!

Speaking of palettes, there’s also an eye palette released with the limited edition artwork. This contains 4 all new shades of neutrals.

NARS Sarah Moon Look Closer palette

As expected the quality is great! The mattes are richly pigmented and apply smooth. Which is why I love NARS as a brand. Their formulas are some of the best out there.

NARS Look closer eyeshadow

Last but not least we also have two sets containing mini Audacious Lipsticks. One, a lip and eye option and the other a lip and nail colour option.

NARS sarah moon gifting

Interesting to note the Lip & Nail Set contains two all new Audacious Lipsticks colours. Something to consider if you love the formula and looking to try more shades!

Get Real. Comes with two mini lipsticks, Leslie & Bette + Black Moon Audacious Mascara.

NARS Get Real eye & lip set

Thousand Worlds. Contains two mini lipsticks, Codie & Eva + nail polishes La Dame en Blanc, La Dame En Noir.

NARS Sarah Moon gifting

Moving forward from the gifting collection, let’s get right into the colour collection.

Absolutely love this red centric collection!  It appeals to anyone who takes the traditional route for their festive look with a bright pop of red.

NARS Sarah Moon

The collection includes,

4 Moon Matte Lipsticks (Indecent Proposal, Rouge Improbable, Rouge Indiscret, Fearless Red)

2 Blushes (Impudique, Isadora)

3 Nail polishes (La Dame En Noir, Never Tamed, Flonflons)

2 Duo Eyeshadow (Quai des Brumes, Indes Galantes)

2 Kohliner (Witching Hour, Sichuan)

2 Eyelash sets (Numero 9, Numero 10)

Among the more exciting (new to Singapore) are these new lash sets. The packaging is quite interesting with magnetised boxes that open up.

NARS Sarah Moon

As always the lipsticks are by far the most tempting to me and this time around they are the matte formula. According to NARS these Moon Matte Lipsticks are a more comfortable matte (improved formula) to the matte lipsticks in their regular line. As a fan of this formula i’m excited to see more options!

NARS Sarah Moon matte lipstick

My favourites from the four are Rouge Improbable (the brightest red) & Indecent Proposal (nude). They swatched so silky and wore beautifully on the lips (so velvety smooth!). I also like that the NARS matte lipstick formula in general is relatively less drying in comparison to most other brands too. I’ll be picking up Rouge Improbable as soon as the collection hits as I already received Indecent Proposal as part of the press samples!

Here’s swatches of the 4 (Please note the lighting here is slightly off & Indecent Proposal is much less mauve and more of a rosy brown in real life).

NARS Sarah Moon

Although the differences between the reds aren’t as easy to detect at first glance, you’ll notice the slight variances between undertones as you look closer. Also note, Rouge Indescret & Fearless Red didn’t swatch as smooth as the other two which seem to be a better formulation.

Moving on to the blushes within the collection. Absolutely stunning and rather unique shades I find aren’t as easily dupable.

NARS Sarah Moon blush

Impudique is a satin red with pink tones. Isadora is a rosy muave with a hint of lavender sheen. Truly special.

NARS Sarah Moon blushes

Moving on to the duo eyeshadows. As always NARS offerings are unusual & exciting! Particularly love the look of the grey + plummy brown mix. Certainly not for the faint hearted but easily workable as the purply red tones are more muted and wearable.

NARS Sarah Moon

I love the interesting mix of Quai des Brumes. Although plain at first glance, the lavender duo chrome sheen adds interest to the grey and pairs well with the charcoal. A unique twist to a neutral combo.

NARS eyeshadow swatches Sarah Moon

Last but not least, the new Kohliner. Creamy, smooth and infinitely pigmented, these NARS liners are a favourite!

Witching hour is a shimmering charcoal grey with Sichuan a rich chocolate brown.

NARS Sarah Moon Kohliner swatches

Final thoughts & recommendations

Among the overwhelming gifting options and individual colour products, there were a few that stood out as must haves. Even though quality across the board was pretty awesome I managed to pick out exceptional products I feel you need to try.

From the colour collection i’d urge you to check out the eyeshadow duo Indes Galantes. A truly lovely duo with rich tones that should work great with the vibe of the season. If you feel the plummy brown too outside your comfort zone, try layering it under the shimmering gunmetal shade. This should break down the red and give the gunmetal shade a warm plummy haze. Super Sultry.

For the blush lovers, Isadora is a beautiful neutral that’s more than just any ol’ rosy nude. The hint of lavender though not blatantly visible adds a glowy sheen that’s sure to satisfy.

As mentioned early on in the post, the lipsticks are a must try. I’d recommend Indecent Proposal & Rouge Improbable. Both of which i’d be wearing this season starting NOW!

Price List

The Colour Collection

Moon Matte Lipsticks – S$ 40

Blush – S$ 50

Duo Eyeshadow – S$ 52

Kohliner – S$ 40

Eyelashes – S$ 38

Nail Polish – S$ 30

The Gifting Colection

Glass Metropolis Mini Audacious Lipstick Coffret – S$180

Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Coffret – S$ 80 (Sephora Exclusive)

True Story, Recurring Dare Cheek & Lip Palette – S$ 90

Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette – S$ 65

Get Real Audacious Lip & Eye Set – S$ 65

Thousand Worlds Audacious Lip & Nail Set – S$ 65

Shadow Side Velvet Shadow Stick Set (not seen in preview) – S$ 52

Collection hits counters 1st November!

 Also a big thank you to NARS for the preview and samples. x


NARS Audacious Lipstick Additions for Fall 2016 | Shirley & Stefania Swatches & Comparisons

It seems so long ago that NARS released their initial Audacious lipstick collection. One of the first brands to ever come out with lipsticks in such a huge colour range.

I remember seeing them at the preview and thinking wow, I pretty much need them all! It was pure makeup porn! I swear.

The pigmentation and formula was soooo on point! And to be very honest, I haven’t seen any other cream lipstick outperform the pigmentation of these Audacious lipsticks since then. I still believe it’s THE best pigmented lipstick that… ever lived.. so to speak.


NARS Audacous Shirley, Stefania review

This fall NARS launched 5 more Audacious lipsticks (replacing 5 others which will be discontinued. For more info, click HERE).

Apoline – Light pink rose

Shirley – A deep wine red

Stefania – A deep fuchsia

Kate – A purple orchid

Mona – A medium mahogany

I’ve received two as press samples & since i’ve already reviewed the formula before (HERE), I thought i’d focus on a comparison swatch post against a bunch from my existing NARS collection.

NARS Audacious Shirley, Stefania

Here’s Shirley & Stefania.

NARS Audacious 2016 Shirley Stefania

Shirley is your go-to Fall statement lip. The perfect deep, rich red with a warm undertone. If reds and wines are your vice. This is one to look into.

As I’m not so much into the deeper reds I figured I won’t get much use off this. Until a lip swatch proved otherwise. Consider me sold! I am LOVING this shade for fall.

NARS Shirley comparison swatches

Here’re some of my NARS reds I find work well for comparisons.

(I’ve marked the Audacious shades with a * . The others are either Velvet Matte Lip pencils or Cinamatic Lipsticks)

Jeanne is the closest match to Shirley. Almost Identical when worn, though Shirley heavier on the reds in comparison to Jeanne which is ‘brown-er’.  I also found Shirley to have more slip and a silkier formula to Jeanne. This new lipstick just glides on like BUTTER.

Consuming Red, the latest Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from fall 2016 is also quite similar, so I threw this into the swatch comparison as well. If you prefer a matte lip, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are such an amazing formula. Richly pigmented and less drying than most matte lipsticks out there.

P.S- Have I ever mentioned the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are one of my all time favourite products? Well now you know!

NARS Stefania comparison swatches

NARS Audacious Stefania. A stunning deep Fuchsia. This applies much brighter than expected, and obviously I love the result!

At first swatch I imagined Michiyo to be a very close dupe. However after comparison, I found Michiyo much lighter in tone and brighter. I’d say Stefania contains slightly more purple hues too, a colour which would look stunning on olive complexions.

NARS Audacious lipsticks fall 2016

Bottom Line

I’m sensing there’s a slight improvement in formula. Both shades are silkier, and glide on like butter. I can’t recall how the other three swatched though (it was over a month ago since previewing these).

The pigmentation as you’d expect is also out of this world and boasts very long wear even though they do transfer with eating and drinking. I also find they stain a bit and wear out evenly. Therefore touch ups aren’t needed as often as any other regular lipstick.

If you are hooked on reds or pinks like me, these are two beautiful additions to your collection. I highly recommend!

Pricing & Availability

Retailing at SGD 44 each, September onwards (Singapore release dates).