NARS Steven Klein Preview : Collection Photos & Swatches

NARS Steven Klein Preview : Collection Photos & Swatches

Of all new collections i’ve seen so far, my top favourite has to be NARS. It’s just too hard to ignore the gorgeous novelty packaging and great quality products Mr François Nars creates each season.

As always, the colour story is nothing typically festive but just wearable, AUDACIOUS and far from anything we’d anticipate. In a good way 😉

But before we get started here’s a little blurb on this new collaboration!

Fashion. Photography. Power. Play.
François Nars and Steven Klein come together with design legend Fabien Baron to create an exquisite fantasy played to extremes.


“Steven is an iconic fashion photographer. His work defies the rules of photography—it’s arresting and provocative. It pushes boundaries and elicits a reaction. I like that. He perfectly embodies the spirit of NARS.” —François Nars, Founder, Creative Director NARS
“I’ve always had the highest regard for François’ work. He is the pioneer of moving from one of the greatest makeup artists to creating great makeup. It is super exciting for me to collaborate using my photographs and joining them with his cosmetic genius.” —Steven Klein, Photographer
The NARS x Steven Klein collection has two components. The Colour Collection and the Gifting sets.
The Gifting Collection

Visually pleasing and great value for money, this collection has something for everyone. I’m also loving the provocative imagery seen throughout the collection and have noted down several pieces which would make great gifts for my girlfriends which I know they will love!

Starting off with my favourite item, the NARS Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set.

NARS Steven Klein gifting sets

(Left to right we have, Fire Down Below, Joyous Red, Mayflower, Little Darling and the best seller Jungle Red)

I don’t own many of the NARS regular lipsticks for a comparison on formula, however when swatched the pigmentation and texture noticeably varied between shades.

Little Darling was more on the sheerer side, while Joyous Red and Fire Down Below swatched with better payoff.

NARS Killer heels steven klein swatches

Another favourite was the Magnificent Obsession Red Lip Set packaged in a little black chest.

NARS Steven Klein swatches

The Velvet matte lipstick and Velvet lip liner swatched so intense and creamy, it was a very happy moment! (this one’s going on my Christmas list!).

*If reds aren’t your thing, there’s also A Woman’s Face Nude Lip Set containing their best seller Dolce Vita in Velvet Matte Lip pencil & lipstick form. The liner included was Patong Beach.

Next up, the One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette. Possibly the largest palette i’ve seen by NARS.

This comes with a contouring duo, bronzer and 4 blush options (2 new shades). It’s one mighty palette!

NARS Steven Klein gifting

Everything swatched rather well and definitely something worth investing in if you are on the lookout for new cheek palettes.

P.S- the contour duo Paloma should work great for anyone with a light to medium skintone. Deeper skintones, not so much.

NARS Steven Klein swatches gifting

NARS Despair Cheek Palette

NARS Steven Klein gifting blush palette

Comes with 3 brand new blush shades and a highlighter (existing shade) Nico.

NARS Steven Klein gifting swatches

My favourite of the lot was Esoteric. Swatching beautifully, this peachy orange flush was something special! Think, NARS Taj Mahal for fairer skintones.. (less scary too!)

Next up, something for the eyes! The Tearjerker Eye Kit,

This set contains two limited edition kohl liners and an Audacious mascara. Both pencils went on smooooth, like butter!

For all Dual-Intensity eyeshadow fans there’s the Dead of Summer Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette. Truth be told, this was high on my must-haves list. I am a massive fan of the Dual-Intensity formula (blogged here) and this LE palette contains 3 new colours!

NARS dead of summer steven klein eyeshadow

Left to right we have, Studly, Stag Film, Subra (existing shade) & Blackmail.

Of the new shades, Stag Film was my absolute favourite. One of those typical neutrals I gravitate to on a daily basis.

NARS dead of summer steven klein swatches

The Colour Collection

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.09.50 PM

Killer Shine lipsticks

Besame Mucho – Deep rose-beige

No Shame – Red plum

Redemption – Metallic pink champagne

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.11.04 PM

Killer Shine lip gloss

Provoke – Deep iris purple

Fast Life Iridescent dusty rose

Special Force – Wild strawberry 

NARS Eye trio

Single eyeshadows

Never Too Late – Olive green with gold shimmer

Mortal – Iridescent pearl white

Stud – Soft pewter bronze

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.04.37 PM

Nail Polish

Black Fire – Shimmering slate blue

Hard To Get – Metallic bronze gunmetal

Night Creature – Metallic Iris Purple

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.07.52 PM

Dual-Intensity blush

Vengeful – White-gold highlight, Shimmering brick red

On to swatches!

NARS Steven Klein lipstick swatches

The Killer Shine Lipsticks were a high gloss formula, swatching smooth with good colour payoff. I found an unlikely favourite, Redemption. Surprisingly silky for it’s shimmery finish.

Besame Mucho & No Shame (both cream finish) performed well too, highly recommend this LE formula for those of you with perpetually dry lips!

I found all three Killer Shine Glosses highly pigmented with vivid colour. If you own NARS Priscilla lipgloss, these were along the same lines.

NARS Steven Klein eyeshadow swatches

The clear favourite in this batch was Stud. It swatches so smooth and vibrant, it almost looks metallic! Highly recommend you pick this one up if you are a sucker for neutrals like myself.

NARS dual intensity steven klein blush swatch

Vengeful fills the warm red void in the Dual-Intensity blush range and I love that it performs just as beautiful as it looks! The gold highlight shade is stunning while the warm brick red will help you transition smoothly into the colder season.

First impressions & top picks

The entire collection swatched pretty good and the quality was on par with what is expected of NARS products.

The lipsticks were well pigmented and creamy, the eyeshadows had good payoff (Stud was mind blowing pigmentation and texture wise) , the glosses were incredibly well pigmented and bold and the LE Dual-Intensity blush was incredible!

If I were to pick favourites, i’d recommend the blush Vengeful the star buy. A close second would be the Stud, which had an almost creamy consistency and swatched like a dream!

That concludes my preview of the upcoming gifting and colour collections. I hope you found my hurried swatches useful! I did my best to get as many as I could while I had the chance 🙂

Collection info & Pricing

This collection is set to launch in Singapore Nov 1st. There’ll be some Sephora exclusives (noted below) while the majority of the collection available at Tangs Plaza.

Price list for Singapore

Limited Edition Killer Shine Lipsticks – $40

Limited Edition Killer Shine Gloss – $40

Single Eyeshadow – $40

Nail Polish – $35

Dual-Intensity Blush – $68

Despair Cheek Palette – $120

Dead of Summer Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette – $85

Magnificent Obsession Red Lip Set – $85

A Woman’r Face Nude Lip Set – $85

Tearjerker Eye Set – $55

Humoresque Audacious Lipstick Coffret (5 full sized Audacious lipsticks Raquel, Juliette, Anna, Fanny & Charlotte in a box) – $220 (retailing exclusively at Tangs)

One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette – $120 (retailing exclusively at Sephora)

Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set – $85 (also a Sephora exclusive!)

True NARS, Ultimate NARS Lip Pencil Set : Review, Photos & Swatches

True NARS, Ultimate NARS Lip Pencil Set : Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi there! And welcome to a NARS post!

If you’re a Narsissist like me and a friendly stalker on IG, YU’d  you’d already know what today’s post is all about. It’s dedicated to one of my favourite NARS products of all time, the jumbo lip pencils.

NARS summer gifting 2015 Lip pencils

For summer, NARS has yet again cleverly packaged a trio each of these lovely lip pencils with gifting in mind (yay!). Personally it’s almost unacceptable picking one up purely for gifting without getting an extra for oneself, but if you are considering a purchase, hopefully my review would come handy!

The two gifting sets up for discussion today are the Ultimate NARS (left) & the True NARS (right) Lip Pencil kits. Each set containing two Satin Lip Pencils and one Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

True NARS Ultimate NARS gifting summer

The lip pencil sets come in a very sturdy, hard plastic box with three individual slots to hold a pencil each. The novelty cover adorned with painterly graphics also comes fitted with a functional large mirror inside. In addition to all that prettiness, you also receive a handy NARS sharpener (jumbo pencil size) so you won’t need to bother yourself buying your own if you don’t already have one.

Overall the packaging doesn’t feel too bulky but probably not something you’d want to pop into your handbag for day to day use. I’d say it’s more of a collectible case to store your lipsticks on your vanity rather. However they make a lovely to addition to your holiday beach bag if you want to show off a stylish lip kit.


NARS summer gifting lip pencil kit

Ultimate NARS Lip Pencil Kit

*Stourhead (cream finish) – Is a soft cotton candy pink with a hint of lavender. More of a lilac on the lips, it’s pale colour is more suited for the fairest of complexions. Stourhead applies sheerer (than regular Satin Lip Pencils) and achieves a semi opaque coverage at best. The formula was consistent with the usual Satin Lip Pencil standard and was very comfortable and hydrating during wear.

Biscayne Park (cream finish) – Is a warm nude with pink tones, one of the more popular shades of the NARS Lip Pencils. The colour payoff of this was impressive while delivering full opacity in two passes with a high gloss finish. The extra creamy formula keeps lips feeling supple during wear, never drying. Of course this meant less wear time, so expect to see these last for 3- 3.5 hours max.

Sex Machine (satin finish) – A medium mauvey rosy pink. The formula didn’t feel drying even though it was a matte finish. But I did notice my lip lines were emphasised very slightly. Sex Machine makes for a gorgeous everyday pink perfect for work and is a colour that would suit most medium and light complexions.

NARS lip pencils swatches

True NARS Lip Pencil Kit

*Provocative Red – A medium, muted red with brown tones in a Velvet Matte Finish. This particular shade is a box exclusive and isn’t part of the permanent line up. Provocative Red is velvety when worn (as the name suggests), lightweight and comfortable. A gorgeous shade for evenings and dinners.

Luxembourg – Is a bright strawberry red and my favourite Satin Lip Pencil of all time. This applies beautifully without any tugging and opaque in two passes. It’s a gorgeous colour for summer especially and a must have in my opinion.

Yu – A bright fuchsia. This too an ultra smooth and creamy formula to achieve a juicy summer pout.

NARS summer gifting lip pencils


Bottom line

The NARS Satin Lip Pencils are one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. They have great payoff and are never drying on the lips. The wear time is a little under in comparison to other lipsticks I own (usually 3-3.5 hrs), but the convenient packaging and the beautiful colour choices make these pencils a favourite.

The Velvet Matte formula is just as lovely and isn’t your typical matte lipstick. It goes on pretty smooth ending with more of a semi matte finish. One of the most lightweight, comfortable matte lip products that I own!

Overall the set itself is great value for money and particularly attractive as they both contain one LE colour each (Stourhead & Provocative Red) in addition to the highly collectible box. If I were to pick, I’d go for the True NARS set, I feel all three shades were wearable across most skin tones unlike the other set which seemed to suit fairer complexions better.

Other Info

Both sets are currently available at the Tangs NARS counter and retails at SGD 85 each.

Usual retail price per pencil is SGD 37.



NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches

NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches

My sporadic blogging habits are to blame for this belated post. But since i’ve had so many requests for reviews on this, I obliged, and today is finally the day. Luckily it’s still available for those of you who haven’t got your hands on one yet, so I don’t feel too bad blogging about it so late! lol

But in any case, if you have already purchased this, well read this post anyways. I have some tips to help you get the most out of this palette. And hopefully you’ll find them useful!


NARS Dual Intensity palette review


The NARS Dual-Intensities are wet & dry shadows. A flexible formula which allows for dry application for day to day, and used wet for occasions when a mere smokey eye just don’t cut it.

Starting with packaging, the most noticeable change is that this palette sports a new hard plastic as opposed to the signature rubbery NARS cases making it infinitely easier to keep clean! You also no longer have to worry about the packaging getting sticky either.



Taking a peek inside we have a jumbo sized mirror, totally handy if you plan on travelling with this and also a very good quality, Wet Dry eyeshadow brush. I feel the synthetic bristles work nicely for wet application, and since I don’t own many of those, this was a welcome addition.

The 8 Dual-Intensities included here are as follows,

L-R Row 1

Europa – A shell pink with pink opaline shimmer (A duo chrome shade).

Himalia – A shimmering topaz

Ursa Major – A neutral toned chocolate. Great for crease work and also smoking the bottom lash line. 

Subra – A sparkly burgundy with a dark base.

Row 2

Andromeda – A neutral Alabaster with a pink duo chrome effect, which unfortunately didn’t capture well in the swatches.

Lysithea – A neutral silvery grey. 

Giove – Shimmering Navy which transforms into a metallic deep blue when used wet. 

Sycorax – A soft satin black 

*All except Ursa Major are existing permanent shades.


NARS Dual intensity swatches


Overall the formula of these are pretty much consistent with the full size counterpart.

The shadows are very finely milled and exquisitely pigmented. Applied dry they blend easily resulting in a seamless flow of shimmery colour and wet application basically taking this already great formula to new levels of awesomeness. Intense, bold, metallic colour with plenty of possibilities.

Speaking more on formula, I noticed some fallout. Lucky though it was all during application and none during wear. As a precaution I just finish up my eyes first before moving onto the base.

Longevity wasn’t a problem either and this particular look I photographed stayed put from 11 a.m till well past midnight with no creasing or fading. I did apply everything over a primer but not many eyeshadows can really last this long in warm sweaty weather. Count me impressed!

Application and blending tips.

I find that the best way to use these are to lay your transition shades and blending with dry application before attempting to use these wet. The wet application is harder to blend, so saving this step for last is best. Once the wet shadows are placed (I like to use a medium sized flat eyeshadow brush and pat it on) I do a rough blend to soften any edges and it’s quite speedy since a majority of the blending has already been done using dry application.

Another tip to make good use of this palette is to layer colours. It makes your eye makeup look more interesting and dimensional, specially if you layer lighter shades over dark. And as with any makeup, having fun and experimenting is key and none better than a NARS palette to do so!

On to a look I created with this palette. I used all NARS shadows here. (NARS Dual-Intensity palette and the older Narsissist palette for some neutral transition shades; I believe I used Lhasa and Madrague).

NARS dual intensity eyeshadow

For the lips I used a pink jumbo pencil by Sisley and layered it with a NARS gloss (Tasmania) for a juicy effect. I wanted to keep this look fresh and day time appropriate, even though it’s a smokey eye.

To create the smokey lower lash line I first layered Ursa Major before I went over that with Giove. Helps with blending and also makes the look more dimensional.

NARS Dual Intensity eyeshadow

The transition of Giove to Subra creates a beautiful purple at the crease.

NARS dual intensity eyeshadow

Bottom Line

The most important observation is that the palette is insane value for money, considering a single usually retails at SGD45 (or somewhere around that).

I also love that It’s very versatile with lighter colour options such as Andromeda & Europa for day time use and also includes a generous selection of smokey shades to pair with for evening looks.

The only negative I found was that it didn’t have a brow highlighter/ base shadow shade like most palettes do. Not the end of the world considering that many of you probably have multiples of those stashed away, but it never hurts to include a light neutral in the event you want to travel with just one palette.

Product Info

The Dual-Intensity palette comes with 8 x 1g shadows while the singles contain 1.5g of product. So you basically get 2/3 the product in this palette per shadow.

If you do the math, this palette is well worth the price tag.

Currently available at the Tangs Nars counter retailing at SGD 110.


New blushes for rotation! – A transition to tanner skin

New blushes for rotation! – A transition to tanner skin

Hello! Welcome to the very first post of the year! And it’s something I am very passionate and excited to write about. Blushes.

With my tanned skin making an appearance, I have been scrambling around to find a blush that suits my now richer, golden tone. Although I don’t really have many blushes with me, I still managed to scrape the bottom of my travel makeup kit to grab these goodies.

So far, all I have been wearing has been NARS Ukraine from the holiday release this year (I have already reviewed it here in case you want to take a peek) but thankfully here’s the new bunch i’m travelling to the beach with next week (give or take a few) and I won’t have to stay bound to one blush!!

Blush swatches Gucci Chanel Nars RMK Lancome

As you can see there’s a good variety of blushes suitable for day as well as night, although I mostly picked golden & russet shades which go really great with a tan.

Some swatches (On bare skin, no primer).

Blush swatches

and a closer look,

Blush swatches NARS Ukraine Chanel Gucci Soft peach

 Lancome Rose Paradis

Lancome blush rose paradis

Reviewed once before over here. This is a bright, medium hot pink with excellent pigmentation. Rose Paradis is very smooth and blends well and I never experience any powderiness or dryness which is actually quite common in matte blushes.

My preferred method of use is applying this over a neutral blush just to the apples of my cheeks for an added pop of colour. But of course, this looks stunning worn all by itself too.

NARS Ukraine 

NARS Ukraine

Already reviewed here. A deep russet brown with red undertones.

This pairs really well with winter pale skin and red lips, as well as tanned skin with coral or nude makeup, therefore an ultimate multitasker with excellent pigmentation and soft blendable texture.

Gucci Soft Peach

Gucci Soft Peach blush swatches

This one’s a new addition and my very first Gucci blush, all thanks to my lovely friend Sandy also know as The Beauty Banker.

Soft Peach is a medium peach blush with slight red undertone. 

And according to first impressions, it’s one of the most pigmented high end blushes I own. I also love how finely milled and soft the formula is.. I definitely will need to get more!

Chanel In Love 

Chanel In Love blush Joues contraste

In Love is a golden beige with soft coral tinge and gold shimmer.

As per all Chanel blushes, the pigmentation is medium, finely milled and blends effortlessly for a natural looking flush.

RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks 01

RMK beauty blush matte shiny cheeks

This RMK blush is the lightest pick from todays 5 blushes, and it was an unexpected love affair with this peach baby. Although the ‘heart’ does swatch slightly powdery, thankfully it doesn’t look powdery when worn and is a very easy to use colour.

The golden beige that surrounds the heart can be used on top of the peach or used separately as a highlighter. It’s an ingenious design which combines functionality with value for money something I appreciate.

Final Thoughts 

From this selection, the best pigmentation and quality was the NARS and Gucci. Both amazing in terms of formula.

On a side note, the Gucci makeup line truly blew me away with it’s incredible quality. Which is expected at that price bracket to be honest and stay tuned for more Gucci reviews soon!


For dark medium complexions (NC 35 – NC 45)  – NARS Ukraine, Gucci Soft Peach & Lancome Rose Paradis

For light medium complexions (NC 25- NC 35)  – RMK Matte Shiny Cheeks 01 (LE release from Autumn which should still be available at the counter, fingers crossed), Chanel In Love.

Lastly, thank you for stopping by, I hope you found this post useful. And happy Saturday to you!



December favourites

December favourites

Given that most of these last months have been spent living out of a suitcase, it’s been rather difficult to determine favourites each month. Luckily December was more anchored and I have had decent access to makeup and I finally put together an informative (In my opinion at least) post on what I have been reaching for the most these holidays.

Please note, some of the products are fairly new to me and are first impressions and by no means what i’d call a ‘proper review’. This post is purely me sharing favourites and I hope you find it useful!

Anyways, chatter aside, here’s the menu for today! Guerlain Nars holiday 2014 Gucci makeup hourglass

As you may have noticed, I haven’t included any eyeshadows as there were just too many favourites to cover, I thought i’d edit it and focus on the most used. First up a bunch of lipsticks I have been enjoying loads.. maybe just a bit too much come to think about it, as I’ve clearly neglected everything else I had brought along with me!

Tom Ford lips and boys matte lipstick   Left to right, it’s Alexander, Matthew, Ruby Rush & First Time. From the latest Tom Ford releases the clear winners to me were the matte lipsticks, excelling in texture as well as coverage. They aren’t as drying as regular matte lipsticks and are perfect for those with eternally parched lips like mine. If you are a red lipstick lover i’d suggest Ruby Rush. It’s currently my favourite red and last hours upon hours without any fading or slipping around. It’s a prefect candidate for party looks as it’s pretty ‘sip resistant’. For nude lip lovers First Time would be an ideal choice. A pink beige nude, this would suit most complexions below NC35 beautifully. And of course, the pigmentation of these are just stellar and unrivaled.

Moving on to the 50 Lips and Boys released I have been wearing mostly Matthew and Alexander. Between the two i’d say Alexander was harder to wear (in terms of tone) and application was rather tricky too, but still made it to my favourites as it was a rather unique pink in my collection. Matthew on the other hand was a dream as far as application is concerned and was very similar to the regular Tom Ford lipstick formula. I believe it’s a must have for spring or summer and truth be told who could possibly resist such a pretty peachy coral, yes? Next up two darlings from Hourglass.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette
So I may be a bit late to rave about how amazing Hourglass blushes are. Mostly due to the fact that I am easily put off by overhyped products also I wasn’t reaching for my one and only Hourglass Ambient Powder as much as i’d like. Luckily for me, Hourglass recently released their blushes in palette form! And the exclusive shade that was included in this palette was just too tempting to pass. I use this on days where I just can’t decide which blush to pair with my makeup (which are most days, since i’m eternally running late!). All of them are very flattering and pretty much suit every day-makeup look I have ever worn! The blushes are easy to work with and add a youthful glow. I also love that these blend like a dream and diffuse the colour for an almost airbrushed glowy look even if you use a s***** brush. Hourglass blushes are a great beginners product to invest in. Two thumbs up!

Apart from that I also have been enjoying the Hourglass Ambient powder in Luminous light paired with this (blush palette) as well as other blushes for a subtle daytime highlight. Although Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight still remains my HG highlighter, the Hourglass one is a close second for it’s ease of use and complexion friendly colour.

Gucci Setting Powder makeup

Next up, is this fabulous new addition to my complexion product arsenal. The Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder. This ultra finely milled powder glides on like silk and sets makeup without the powdery look. No more powdery, cake face! On oily to combination skin this lasts around 3 hours before the first blot (just around the t-zone) therefore I can’t say it has commendable oil control properties. However I still love this for ease of use and is the very first pressed setting powder i’ve truly loved as most pressed setting powders can be very noticeable and powdery once applied. P.S- The shade I use is 040 Medium which suits light medium complexions.

Guerlain Meteorites

Now onto a holiday release for 2014. The Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’Etoile. I have been using this as a warming blush paired with a red lip. It adds just enough colour for a rich festive look. I believe it’s important to stress that this LE version is more shimmery compared to the regular meteorites in the permanent collection and has a reddish golden glow. For those of you who are very light in colour the red may show up excessively, i’d suggest taking out the red ball (I only had one in my tin!) and using just the rest for a beigey golden glimmer. It’s actually a very wearable shimmer that doesn’t look cheap or loud. I highly recommend this product.

Ettusais Nars Mac Eyeko

More holiday releases, and one random eye liner. From the Nars holiday release one of my favourites have been this ultra wearable lip gloss Corsica. I have been reaching for this a TONNE. A perfect my-lips-but-better colour for medium complexions as well as flattering pinky brown for lighter complexions, this one’s a work horse.

Next up, my favourite highlighter for the eyes. Lithe, from the MAC Gold-Beige pigments set from MAC Holiday 2014 gifting collection. This pigment is ultra fine and looks amazing as a inner eye highlight. It isn’t overly warm and the beigey tones pretty much make it a suit-all-complexions shade. I also like pretty much all the colours in this pigment set, especially the matte brown one! Just gorgeous.

Another recent release that has been much loved is my Ettusais Creamy Lip Crayon. I love the pink one best from the five that released. They are easy to use and take up minimal space in ones handbag for quick touch ups. On top of that these have Rose Hip oil for conditioning the lips and are fragrance free, which makes this a winner to me!

Lastly, Eyeko Eye Do eyeliner. I have mentioned this several times before as one of those fool proof eyeliners that are very easy to use. I love the felt tip that gives maximum control while the precision tip easily creates an enviable flick to your cat eye liner looks. It’s my go to these days and I am already on my second one. My only beef with this product is that if I open the cap in a hurry i’ve noticed the ink splashes! I have experienced this a few times and have now learnt to open the cap slooooowlllyyy.. apart from that little annoyance, it’s a great product.

Nars blushes

For blush options, my favourites are NARS Madly (a warm beige) & NARS Ukraine blush (a deep cranberry shade). Madly has been my go to blush topped with Hourglass Luminous light powder. And for a pop of colour I use Ukraine on just the apples of my cheeks for a very season appropriate flush. Both are highly pigmented and last all day (i’m talking well over 7-8 hours, maybe even more). I specially recommend Madly for day to day wear for adding a soft contour and colour to your cheeks. Excellent product as expected by NARS.

Mac Mineralise blush Heirloom collection

Another unexpected favourite from daily blushes has been Modest Blush by MAC from their holiday release, The Heirloom Collection. It’s a soft dusty pink which adds the subtlest flush. I love how easily this blends and is very finely milled. Something i’d recommend to girls who love a girly flush and colour phobic.

So girls, that’s rounds up my favourites for the month of December, all amazing products in terms of quality and wear.

Which products have you been enjoying lately? If there are any you’ve found back up worthy or repurchasing, please share! I’d love to hear suggestions.

NARS Laced with Edge Holiday colour collection : Photos, Swatches & a suggested look

NARS Laced with Edge Holiday colour collection : Photos, Swatches & a suggested look

If glitzy, glamourous makeup isn’t your preferred holiday look, here’s a post for you! My take on NARS Holiday 2014.

NARS Holiday 2014 review

starting with todays menu,

Opal Coast Eyeshadow single

Ukraine Blush

Corsica Lip Gloss

Femme Fleur Lipstick

Algonquin Nail Polish

NARS Opal Coast swatch

First up, Opal Coast. A beautiful, frosty white which swatches smooth and evenly.

NARS Holiday 2014 swatches

Ukraine is a reddned, cranberry brown in a satin finish.

Femme Fleur is a warm medium, shimmery brown with a copper tone.

NARS Femme Fleur lipstick

Corsica is a rose brown gloss with a satin finish.

Now onto a look created with this collection, something I believe would look beautiful paired with a white or ivory dress.

For the eyes I started off with a neutral shimmery nude base and then added Opal coast on top as a shimmer coat. As you can see I concentrated the colour towards the center of the lid. I then added the same shimmery nude to the tear duct for an intense inner eye highlight to make the eyes pop.

For lips I used Corsica by itself. No lip liner or lipstick beneath. Following with the blusher and some Kevyn Aucoin highlighter on the high points of my face to catch the light and add some dimension.




Overall thoughts

I believe the lipsticks and glosses from this collection were particularly good. Specially the red one Deadly Catch which I swatched in store and of course Corsica which is now permanently in my makeup bag.

I also loved the quality of the blush. Well pigmented, soft & blendable which was very much worth the price. Overall the collection is rather nice to own, specially with it’s limited edition packaging which is always something special.

Other info

The NARS Holiday collection is already available at Tangs beauty department as well as Robinsons.

Shiseido Sale : Info & Haul

Shiseido Sale :  Info & Haul

It’s that awesome time again! The bi-annual Shiseido sale we all look forward to!

Today was the media preview day and I went bright and early so I could grab some stuff and make it back home in time to photograph and get my blog post up so you can start making your shopping lists. I didn’t get much for myself, (let’s face it, I have more than I can possibly use up!) but of course I did shop for some of my friends who don’t live here, so they can enjoy some Shiseido and CDP goodies too.

As you may have noticed, from past sales. I usually make a beeline straight to the NARS and CDP stands. Little surprise there, as they are my favourite brands! However this time around I spent a little more time at Shiseido as well, mostly since I had just received some eye palettes and lip products from their Fall collection and i’m currently LOVING the texture of these.

So without boring you with words.. let’s take a look at what’s available.

First up, Clé de Peau Beauté lipsticks.

My two picks were R5 and T5. These retail at $35. A steal, given that they normally retail 100+!

Cle de peau lipsticks

I also picked up an Ettusais Lip Essence. Which I hear are excellent lip oils for nourishing lips and keeping them supple. So I picked up one 🙂 This was just $15.

Ettusais lip essence

Onto some really exciting stuff!

I was soo thrilled I got to pick up these…. the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trios

Shiseido eyeshadow

This fabulous green trio GR 305 (How gorgeous is that khaki and sea foam green!) as well as the beautiful orange black n silver trio OR 302 which I found very unique! At just 25$ per palette it was an amazing buy as they usually retail around $50 I believe.

Another great Shiseido buy that I highly recommend are their Lacquer Rouges. At the time I was there, testers weren’t out yet, so it was a bit difficult picking colours. However I didn’t leave empty handed, and brought home two lovely deep reds.

Shiseido lacquer rouge

These rouge lacquers are liquid lipsticks which are incredibly vivid and opaque and are among my all time favourite Shiseido products. (Sale price- $20)

Lastly, NARS.

NARS Candle

To be honest, NARS prices at the Shiseido sales are some of the best deals. The eyeshadow singles go at $18, palettes start at around $20 and this time there were also candles available for $35 which is heavily discounted! (Seen above is Acapulco, which smells like a mix of chocolate and vanilla! ❀ )

I picked up two of the Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek palette which includes my all time favourite NARS blush, Deep Throat (left); Dolce Vita blush (right) and three limited edition eyeshadows as well as Lhasa, one of the permanent eyeshadows. At just $35 this is incredible value!

NARS Cheek and eye palette

I also highly recommend checking out Lola Lola. A well pigmented & buttery smooth,medium warm brown.

NARS eyeshadow, Lola Lola

Other products I highly recommend.

The Clé de Peau Beauté primers. Since these just got reformulated, they are getting rid of old stock!

Clé de Peau Beauté eyeshadow palettes.

Clé de Peau Beauté Voyage gift set. Packaging is beautiful and make gorgeous luxury gifts!

Shiseido sunscreens.

Ettusais powders & cheek products.

NARS brushes.

Tips for shopping

Check expiry dates. Some may have as few as 6 months left while others had 2-3 years to go, such as the NARS palette which was expiring March 2018!

Always head to your favourite brands first, chances are they are the popular stands and most of the good stuff sell out early. *Warning: on public days there can be a bit of pushing and shoving! So be prepared!

Lastly, go early. People start queueing as early as 9.00 a.m. And as they say, the early bird catches the worm and in order to get your hands on the best deals you need to make the effort.

Sale details, venue and times.

23rd Oct 2014 10 a.m to 8 p.m

24th Oct 2014 10 a.m to 8 p.m

Orchard Building Level 12 (This is the H&M Building)

1, Grange road, Singapore 239693

Lastly, happy shopping you guys!


NARS Audacious lipstick swatches PART 4

Helllooo again!

The final installment of my NARS swatch fest. Phew! But wasn’t it a tempting treat so far? Here’s more to fuel the fire!

NARS lipsticks Audacious

NARS describes these as, ‘Modern Lipsticks so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious. Unabashed luxury glides on like satin across the lips with single-stroke coverage. A spectrum of 40 shades of unstoppable impact. Swipe on. Strike bold.

The product promises-

* One stroke full coverage, creamy wear.

* Luxurious texture enriched with ingredients to smooth & nourish lips

* Long Lasting

As stated on the NARS website these pretty much are full coverage opaque colour in one swipe, except for a few of the darker wine colours that didn’t quite hit that mark. The new and improved packaging is also an upgrade from the older version which was a rubbery plastic type that attracted a lot of dust and lint.

The Audacious packaging is much larger and is a smooth matte black with a magnetic closure which snaps into place when recapping. Feels much more luxurious and definitely worth the S$6 price hike. (These retail at S$44)

Todays 10 lipsticks are,

Row 1 top to bottom – Rita, Marlene, Olivia, Leslie, Sandra

Row 2 top to bottom – Jeanne, Deborah, Bette, Ingrid, Liv

NARS Audacious lipstick review

NARS wines 2

Shade descriptions 

Nars audacious lipstick swatches

Row 1

Rita – A neutral leaning slightly warm, deep rich red! This applied ultra smooth and was opaque in one swipe.

Marlene – Described as a brightened brick red, this was a deep orangey brown red with warm undertones.

Olivia – A deep red with a brown undertone.

Leslie – A muted red brown shade.

Sandra – A brighter and warmer version of Leslie

A closer look,

NARS Swatches lipstick audacious

Row 2

NARS audacious lipstick swatches

Jeanne – A cherry red with a warm undertone. This applied smooth and creamy and was full coverage on the lips in a single swipe.

Deborah – A warm chocolate shade

Bette – An ox blood deep red. This was one of the very few shades that applied almost sheer to medium coverage. The extra emollient formula went on with more slip.

Ingrid –  A deep muted burgundy red. It seemed as though the deep shades swatched rather different to the rest of the 40! This too was sheerer once applied. Although with several passes I achieved semi opaque coverage.

Liv – A cool toned deep violet. This too was a very emollient formula and applied rather patchy.

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

Top picks

So yet again my favourites were the deep reds! Woops! Hard to break that habit and Rita was my favourite hands down. I loved the richness of it and the formula was sublime.

Jeanne was my pick from the deeper wine shades. The formula was amazing and it’s a great shade for Fall!

Least favoured 

Deborah, as the colour was soo unattractive on my lips.

If I had to pick a poor shade based on texture it would be Liv.

**** STAY TUNED for lip swatches of my favourites and an overall review on formula and wear in the next post.

Other info

NARS is available in Singapore at TANGS Orchard as well as Robinsons Orchard.

*also note, Robinson will only be carrying 30 shades where as TANGS will be carrying the entire 40 (including the 10 exclusive shades)

Each lipstick comes with 0.14 Oz 4.2g of product and retails at SGD 44.

Lastly thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for the other swatches which I shall be posting within the next few days.



NARS Audacious lipstick Swatches PART 3

Hello! It’s time for more NARS.

NARS 40 angled

But before we get to the swatches, here’s a little intro.

NARS describes these as, ‘Modern Lipsticks so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious. Unabashed luxury glides on like satin across the lips with single-stroke coverage. A spectrum of 40 shades of unstoppable impact. Swipe on. Strike bold.

The product promises-

* One stroke full coverage, creamy wear.

* Luxurious texture enriched with ingredients to smooth & nourish lips

* Long Lasting

As stated on the NARS website these pretty much are full coverage opaque colour in one swipe, except for a few of the darker wine colours that didn’t quite hit that mark. The new and improved packaging is also an upgrade from the older version which was a rubbery plastic type that attracted a lot of dust and lint.

The Audacious packaging is much larger and is a smooth matte black with a magnetic closure which snaps into place when recapping. Feels much more luxurious and definitely worth the S$6 price hike. (These retail at S$44)

Here’s a list of the 10 shades featured in todays post.

Row 1 Top to Bottom – Charlotte, Audrey, Dominique, Anna, Anita

Row 2 Top to Bottom – Vanessa, Jane, Brigette, Barbara, Raquel

NARS Audacious lipstick

NARS audacious lipstick reviewRow 1

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

Shade descriptions

Charlotte – A dark burgundy red. A stunning stunning colour for fall! The texture of this was more emollient and had a glossy rich sheen once applied.

Audrey – Described as red currant, is a warm muted wine red with brown undertones. This applied smooth & creamy with full coverage in a single pass.

Dominique – A dusty medium mauve lilac.  This shade was very muted and had heavy grey undertones which made it a little dulling on the lips. The application itself was smooth and achieved good coverage in a single stroke.

Anna – A medium cool pink rose shade. The application was smooth and had very good coverage in a single stroke.

Anita – A medium warm rose pink. A perfect MLLB shade if you were on the look out for one.


Row 2

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

Shade descriptions

Vannessa – A medium muted warm mauvy pink with brown undertones. Application was smooth and creamy with a satin finish.

Jane – A warm terracotta orange with a creamy smooth formula & satin finish.

Brigitte – A warm rose nude with peach undertones. This too was opaque in one swipe and a satin finish.

Barbara – A neutral medium, rosy brown nude. On my complexion this was an updated version of a 90’s lip. Application was smooth & creamy with good coverage in a single swipe.

Raquel – A warm pinky beige nude. Application was smooth and creamy with full coverage in one swipe.

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

Top Picks

Overall my favourites were the nudes. They came in many different undertones so you are bound to find something that’s suited for you. My personal picks from the nudes would be Raquel, Barbara, Brigitte & Anita.  They all look great on medium to fair complexions except Raquel which is a touch too pale and would look best on fair complexions.

Audrey too caught my eye as it was a very rich wine shade that was perfect for the coming months.

*I also should note that this batch had many lipsticks with a satin finish. Though barely noticeable when worn they still look more like a demi matte.

Least Favoured

Dominique. This was very ‘dusty’ once worn and the grey undertones made it difficult to wear.

I feel this particular batch was very uniform as far as the formula & coverage went. There were no shades that performed poorly so it’s only down to colour preference when it comes to choosing.

Other info

NARS is available in Singapore at TANGS Orchard as well as Robinsons Orchard.

*also note, Robinson will only be carrying 30 shades where as TANGS will be carrying the entire 40 (including the 10 exclusive shades)

Each lipstick comes with 0.14 Oz 4.2g of product and retails at SGD 44.

Lastly thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for the other swatches which I shall be posting within the next few days.


NARS Audacious lipstick swatches PART 2

Hi again!

Did you catch the first installment of NARS Audacious lipsticks? If not, head here.

NARS Audacious lipsticks

In this post I feature another 10 of these gorgeous lipsticks. Personally this is my favourite batch as it features mostly reds!

So if red lipsticks are your weak spot, you are in for a treat!

Before the swatch fest, here’s a little background info to get you started.

NARS describes the Audacious line as, ‘Modern Lipsticks so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious. Unabashed luxury glides on like satin across the lips with single-stroke coverage. A spectrum of 40 shades of unstoppable impact. Swipe on. Strike bold.

The product promises-

* One stroke full coverage, creamy wear.

* Luxurious texture enriched with ingredients to smooth & nourish lips

* Long Lasting

As stated on the NARS website these pretty much are full coverage opaque colour in one swipe, except for a few of the darker wine colours that didn’t quite hit that mark. The new and improved packaging is also an upgrade from the older version which was a rubbery plastic type that attracted a lot of dust and lint.

The Audacious packaging is much larger and is a smooth matte black with a magnetic closure which snaps into place when recapping. Feels much more luxurious and definitely worth the S$6 price hike. (These retail at S$44)

So here’s todays 10.

Row 1 top to bottom – Catherine, Julie, Juliette, Natalie, Kelly

Row 2 top to bottom – Grace, Geraldine, Lana, Annabella, Carmen

NARS Audacious lipstick reds

NARS Audacious lipstick

NARS Audacious red lipstick

Shade descriptions

Row 1

Catherine – Described as a sunny guava, this is a medium coral-orange which leans warm.

Julie – A warm peachy pink. A perfect shade for a pretty rose bud pout which would work well on fair to medium skin tones. Application was smooth with almost opaque coverage.

Juliette – A bright pink coral with a faint golden micro shimmer. This was full coverage in one pass.

Natalie – A warm medium coral pink. The formula was just nice and applied smoothly and was opaque in one swipe.

Kelly – This was a coral red. Warmer and deeper in comparison to Natalie. The coverage was excellent and went of very smooth. This had the best texture and smoothest application within the bunch.

NARS audacious swatches

And a closer look,

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

Row 2

Grace – A deeper more pink version of Kelly. This applied creamy and smooth and achieved full coverage in a single stroke.

Geraldine – A bright warm medium orange. This too was full coverage in a single stroke.

Lana – A bright orange red. The coverage was fully opaque and was noticeably creamier and smooth than the others. There was clearly more slip to this shade.

Annabella – A bright medium poppy red. As with Lana the coverage and application was top notch.

Carmen – A neutral true red. This too applied smooth and was fully opaque in a single swipe.

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches

And a closer look,

NARS Audacious lipstick swatches red

Top picks

So in this batch I had 6 picks (Don’t judge). It was too hard to pick just a few! All were soo tempting!

However what stood out the most to me though was Lana, Annabella & Carmen are must haves if you are keen on reds.

I also loved Kelly & Grace for a super bright pop of colour.

Last of all, I picked Julie. I feel this is a crowd pleaser sort of shade that would look pretty on just about anyone!

Overall most of these colours are great for spring and summer. Soo bright and vivid, and the texture and colour payoff was exceptional. There were no duds here.

Least favoured

Geraldine had to be it. As much as I love orange lipsticks, this was something i’d pass on. It just looked too yellow for my liking.

Other info

NARS is available in Singapore at TANGS Orchard as well as Robinsons Orchard.

*also note, Robinson will only be carrying 30 shades where as TANGS will be carrying the entire 40 (including the 10 exclusive shades)

Each lipstick comes with 0.14 Oz 4.2g of product and retails at SGD 44.

Lastly thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for the other swatches which I shall be posting within the next few days.