Night time skincare routine

So today’s post is about my night time skincare routine. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time, but as the requests kept coming in, I decided to dedicate this week to covering my routines and new skincare which I’m trying without further delay.
So the night time routine I am about to share with you is pretty much what I’ve been keeping to for the last 1 year with maybe just a few tweaks. Although just so you know, I do change my eye cream n my cleanser daily according to my needs at the time (as in I would use a richer cream if the skin around my eye is feeling dehydrated or maybe a cleanser for sensitive skin if my skins a bit irritated and red… so on and so forth).

Now I am no expert in skincare, and these products I’ve selected are based on reviews I read at the time of purchase.

Basically this me just sharing what has been working for me.

Night time skincare lancome la mer zelens avene


To start with here’s a look at how my nightly skincare is stored. Everything I might possibly need is kept in this single drawer Muji box.

And as you can see I have quite a little collection going on there 😉 But of course I don’t use them all at the same time! I am not that nuts, I promise!

So as all routines go. I start with taking off my makeup. If you want more details on that i’d suggest you read my previous post, which was about all my cleansing and makeup removing lotions and potions.

Then I move on to this new product, the Zelens PHA+ Bio Peel Resurfacing facial pad. Which is basically an acid resurfacing liquid.

This I use in place of the old fashioned ‘toners’. Basically it is a daily exfoliating pad which is gentle yet effective and is suitable for use twice daily and lightly clears skin of any dead skin build up. As you may already know, skin absorbs moisturizer and serums better when there isn’t a thick layer of dead skin acting as a barrier. So a daily exfoliant is ideal to keep skin ready and excited to receive it’s anti ageing treatments.

A little info about the genius scientist behind Zelens.

Dr. Marko Lens is a plastic and reconstructive plastic surgeon who’s also renowned internationally for his work in the fields of skin ageing and skin cancer. He combines his knowledge in skin ageing and chemistry to bring this line of skincare which is high tech and prides itself on it’s clinical proof.

And best of all his skincare is formulated without Parabens (which I’ll talk to you more about in a later entry). But for quick reference Parabens are basically preservatives which are now a dirty word in the world of skincare as it’s suspected to cause cancer. So yeah, I know. Important to slowly switch all my skincare to Paraben free products!

So after I wipe my face with this, I then go in with a lotion. The Avène Deep moist lotion. And before I confuse you, this is not your everyday ‘moisturizing lotion’, it is more like an extra step before any serums are applied. Almost a hydrating toner (it’s a liquid, slightly ‘fuller/thicker’ than water) if you may. It’s designed to add moisture after cleansing. And I really love to sneak in an extra dose of moisture into my routine wherever I can cos dehydration is one of the main culprits behind premature wrinkles and fine lines. I love how this makes my skin feel super hydrated and supple. And since I have sensitive skin, I have come to love the brand Avène over the years.

Another thing I must mention is that even though I have combination skin I never try to go crazy with oil control, more so in my night time routine cos it’s a known fact that oily skin ages slower than dry skin and I like to keep the natural oils going during the night to help my skin stay youthful.. Trapping moisture and keeping it there. That’s what the oil does! So I wont complain.

On a side note, if you have combination skin and love that ‘squeaky clean’ feel after cleansing. Don’t! You need to keep your skin hydrated. So try not to overdo it with toners and cleansers that strip your skin. Although you might not realize, oily skin can get dehydrated too… And stay away from foaming cleansers! Unless you are a teenager, these are not for you. At least switch to a gel type, they are milder and don’t dehydrate skin as much.

Bottom line, if your skin feels ‘comfortable’ and not tight after cleansing. Then you are using the best suited cleanser for your skin. If not, time for a change, opt for a milder version of what are currently using.


So back to the routine, the application of Avène lotion was the last step of my prepping. Which I understand is a bit of a process as you read it, but in order to allow better penetration of my serums and moisturizer it’s a necessary sequence that can’t be skipped (it all only takes me about 2-3 mins max!).

My power duo when it comes to serums is by Lancôme. I have become so attached to them that it’s a bit scary. Nothing makes my skin look radiant and supple like the Lancôme Visionnaire serum. I have been using this for years (and was recommended by the lovely Alex to whom I’m forever grateful). Recently I added the Advanced Génefique Youth Activating Concentrate to the mix. All thanks to the super kind folk at Lancôme Singapore who sent me a load of the Génefique line to try out which I am slowly incorporating to my routine. It’s a bit too early for me to comment on how this combo works but I will definitely do a separate post on just these two when I feel the time is right.


Next up is moisturizing. I really have not been using anything but this La Mer Soft Cream for the past year and a half. In the mornings my skin feels plump and youthful and just healthy. I know some of you read the ingredients list and freak out cos it has mineral oils, silicones and Parabens and all those bad stuff. But at the end of the day this worked. And you can’t deny it. Would I have repurchased this if I hadn’t researched up all that info? YES! But after everything I’ve read about how mineral oils and silicone clog pores and Parabens being a health risk obviously I’d rethink my purchase. So yeah, for the time being this is my savior. But once this jar is done… onto new stuff 😉

eye cream sensai lancome shiseido


The last step of my routine is eye cream. And all I can say is, it’s a never ending quest for the right one…. So far I have found a few that work well. Namely this lovely one by Shiseido, the Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream which I LOVE for hydrating and general anti aging. It’s what a sip of water is to a man lost in the desert. I only use this when my eyes feel tight or tired and I wake up with my eyes feeling refreshed and alive! If you don’t have major wrinkle concerns and mostly dryness issues with anti ageing, GET THIS ONE. It’s amazing.

But of course I am on the look out for heavy-duty wrinkle killers so I settled for this Sensai cream that’s said to have rave reviews and was recommended to me by a SA at Neimans. I’ve been using it for a while now and I can’t really say it’s doing a fab job. But it’s been only like two months into using this, so I wont trash it. Eye creams take time to work. Also should note, this is loaded with Parabens…. Sigh.

My third eye cream is the Lancôme Absolue Eye Premium, which was a GWP I received when I was in San Francisco. Although the SA recommended this for mature skin, I like the consistency a lot and it’s a good hydrator. Also it’s from Lancômes premium line, and I get a bit excited trying expensive things!

So those are the three I keep in rotation for my night time eye care.


And with that we come to the end of my lengthy nighttime skincare routine post. Hope I was able to bestow upon you some valuable skincare ‘secrets’ or tips 🙂

let me know your thoughts on the whole ‘toning’ and peels etc. I would love to hear your opinions. And also if you have any tips of your own!

And as always don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have about this post.


Big kisses,

Bubbly M.



2013 Favourites – Skincare

Welcome to what would possibly be the longest post of the year! Quite a few products to cover, so I am gonna give you a quick intro and get right down to it.

This is basically part of a  ‘top products of 2013’ post.  Ideally I plan to cover, makeup, skincare (face), body care and lifestyle products as a series of posts.

So for today, let’s explore skincare! And here are my favourites for 2013.

Skincare sk2 la mer shiseido clarins


Cleansing oil

My top find was the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil.  It’s effective in taking off even the most stubborn of makeup with ease and I only need around 5 splashes of this to melt off an entire face of makeup.

Its subtle rose scent makes the ritual of cleansing enjoyable and luxurious. And I found that compared to other cleansing oils I had tried, this didn’t strip my face off all moisture. I was left with mildly hydrated soft skin which felt amazing! I know at the price it retails, not many people would be rushing off to the counters to purchase this, but for those who can afford it, this is one of those products that’s worth splurging on.


The SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion was something I’d been wanting to try for the longest time. It’s a clarifying lotion that promises to sweep off dead cells and prepare skin for optimal absorption of your moisturizer and serums etc and also help with clearing blemishes and reducing any pigmentation from acne scarring.  I like that this is non drying  unlike most of the regular toners out there (Something I have come to notice with most SKII products).  And Since I am currently sampling a bunch of SKII, this fits in very well with my regime and is my favourite toner to date.

Serums / Boosters / Treatments

My Holy Grail serum is without a doubt my precious Lancome Visionnaire bottle, or two rather! I have one in a travel friendly 1 oz size and also the larger 1.7 oz size which I keep permanently at home.

This is what I turn to when my face starts acting up from any lazy cleansing or unhealthy eating habits. Whenever my skin feels irritated I just dab a generous amount (as an SOS treatment) on the affected area and overnight it either clears or reduces irritation.  I also use it day to day to maintain supple and refined clear skin and with prolonged use it erases blemishes and helps maintain a brighter complexion.

Recently I added the La Mer Treatment Lotion to my skincare stash. And this one is an extra step that I include in my moisturizing routine whenever I feel my skin needs extra hydration. It’s a relatively new product by the brand and I was keen to give it a go. It is a thicker clear lotion, which instantly absorbs into the skin and prepares it to receive any further serums or creams.


When it comes to hydration, La Mer does it best! The La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is something I never skip when it comes to night time skincare.

If you are having trouble deciding between the original Cream, the Soft Cream and the Gel Cream I feel that even if you do have combination skin the soft cream texture works best and not the gel formula; all you have to do is adjust the quantity you apply. I say this because, although the gel texture is great for your over enthusiastic t-zone, it’s not heavy duty enough for the dryer areas such as your cheeks. Only the oiliest skin types should go for the gel cream version.

So addressing one of the most FAQ’s, Is it worth it?  I can safely state it is! Not only does it moisturize, it improves and refines your skin over time with it’s incredible regenerating properties. I have found I have far less flaky patches since I’ve started using this and it makes my skin look rested and plump.

My trusty Clarins Hydraquench Cream-Gel is my favourite for light hydration  for the day time. I wear this under makeup and it instantly refreshes my cleansed skin and preps it for a smooth surface to apply my base. It is NOT greasy at all; in fact it is one of the lightest yet most effective moisturizers I have ever come across. And I love the mild energizing scent this has, not one of those unbearable floral scented creams!

Anti ageing/ anti wrinkle creams

I discovered the SKII Wrinkle Specialist last year. Although every time I was at the counter and I asked for a sample I never received one due to ‘lack of stock’. After months of waiting I finally decided to take the plunge and made my purchase at the Duty free.

Thankfully, this works! My expression lines were visibly reducing within a weeks use. And although I keep rotating a lot of my serums and treatments, I always remember to sneak this in time to time. Very happy with my purchase!

Eye creams

By far the hardest cream to zero in on, and I have literally been hopping from counter to counter in search of a good one that’d work for my concerns, wrinkles and hydration.

And 2013 was a good year and I found a great product for hydration and basic anti ageing, enter Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective eye cream. It only took me two tiny samples to decide this was gold! {Figuratively and literally (the packaging)!} My under eye area has never felt this refreshed and rested in their entire lives!

To me, hydration is key to preventing wrinkles, and this will definitely stop mine from getting worse. Although I haven’t noticed much of a wrinkle reducing action from this, I still firmly believe this is a really good investment!

Lip treatments

I haven’t really been on the look out for lip balms or treatments per say, but with a recent Neimans haul I received this little sample of Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment.

It’s such a light texture that it’s easy to disregard it as a worthy contender, but I can vouch that it can cure any roughnes or flaking dry lips as good (if not better) than those lip balms with a thick emollient texture such as the one by La Mer.

What I need to emphasize though is that this is not just a lip balm.. It’s a treatment, like a serum for the lips if you may, which is marketed as a collagen synthesizer to maintain youthful plump lips.

It comes with instructions for a relaxing application method with an acupressure massage technique to stimulate the area around the lips to increase blood flow and ease out the onset of lines. Wish I had the patience to keep at it though….


With that I conclude my round up of favourites for the skincare category and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post and also of any products that you have found to work for you.


And lastly, thank you for stopping by 🙂