Tom Ford Pink Glow Eye & Cheek Compact – Review, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Pink Glow Eye & Cheek Compact – Review, Photos & Swatches

TF palette

If I had to pick a favourite from the Tom Ford Summer Soleil collection it’d have to be Pink Glow. Besides the fact that it has all my favourite colours in there, I also love that it’s a perfectly curated mix that’s versatile and can be worn daily.

The palette comes with 3 eyeshadows and 2 blushes (no brushes are included here so you’ll have to use your own).

Tom Ford Pink glow


Left (eyeshadow), top to bottom,

A soft shimmery pink – well pigmented, finely milled eyeshadow that blends easily. On my medium complexion this looks more of a white with barely a hint of pink. Although I suspect on much fairer complexions this wouldn’t necessarily show up as an outright pink but more of a pearl white.

A sparkling dull gold – it’s the exact formula and quality of the regular glitter shadows (known as celestial powders) in Tom Ford palettes. I cross checked it with several of my other palettes and it performs the same. If you don’t already own a TF palette and are new to it’s glitter formula, the best way to apply these are patted on top of your eyelids with your fingers. This helps the glitter adhere to the lids better and minimise fallout. Overall the quality of these celestial powders are unmatched and are a wearable sophisticated glitter rather than a loud obnoxious one. They also wear well throughout the day with barely any fallout which is a mighty feat for a glitter!

A warm reddened plum with pink shimmer – this was the one shade I believe didn’t quite match the regular TF eyeshadow formula. When swatched it applied with slightly less intensity. I did attempt to deepen the look of it by layering, but it doesn’t necessarily build well either. I suggest using a cream shadow or a kohl pencil in a deep brown or burgundy to make this pop a bit more.

Right (blushes), top to bottom,

A dull rose gold – which was a complex mix of gold shimmer with a pink toned base (gold or pink heavy depending on the angle and different lighting). I really love this as a transition shade for the eyes. Mostly so as I find the light pink eyeshadow to be much too cool and light for my tanned complexion. This on the other hand really helps achieve a well blended, warmer look on the eyes which is far more summery! I’d also recommend this as a highlighter worn on top of the cheekbones for a more sculpted golden glow rather than wearing this alone as a blush.

A bright medium plum with pink micro shimmer – which was extremely pigmented and silky to the touch. The colour reminded me of Ravish, just brighter and more pink toned.

Here’re the swatches. Top to bottom we have the two blushes followed by the eyeshadows.

Tom Ford Pink Glow Swatches


Application tips

I find that using the entire palette one go gives you too much of a tonal look. Personally if I were to wear a plummy eyeshadow, I’d much rather pair it with an understated beige blush which won’t be competing with my eyes. And on the flip side, I’d wear the plum blush as a statement look complementing warm shimmery golden eyes created with this rose gold blush and the celestial eyeshadow.

Now onto some comparisons!

I pulled out my Tom Ford Burnished Amber palette which has similar warm reddened tones. When swatched side by side I find the formula of the Burnished Amber palette to be much more pigmented in comparison to this and as you can see, Pink Glow more on the cooler spectrum of things.


Tom Ford Pink glow swatches Burnished amber


Bottom line

The palette in itself judged by colour scheme may not be the most unique. We see similar palettes on the market with that plummy golden combo. However to me what sets Tom Ford apart from everything else is quality. These eyeshadows are always long lasting even without a primer. I tested it out with one eye primed and one without to find they wear exactly the same. I saw no creasing and it lasted the entire day.

The blushes are equally lovely. Soft, finely milled and most of all long lasting!

Tone wise this palette isn’t overly warm and can be worn by fair, tan or deep complexions. I see it working well during summer as a go-to everyday sort of compact. Just add bronzer 🙂

If price isn’t a deciding factor, i’d recommend you pick one up. It’s a gorgeous, versatile product to own.

Lastly here’s an eye look I created with this palette. I used the rose gold blush at the crease, the plum shade on the lid with a little inner eye highlight using the light pink shade at the tear duct. I skipped eyeliner as I wanted to leave it looking fresh and summery and not too made up.



Here’s the completed face, I used the plum blush on the cheeks, finishing off this look with TF Rose Soleil lipstick.



Product info

Pink Glow comes with 13.5g of product retailing at SGD146.

Available end May at the Tangs Orchard Tom Ford Counter.

*Mine was a press sample sent for review.

TF Summer 2015 Soleil Collection| Overview & Swatches

TF Summer 2015 Soleil Collection| Overview & Swatches

Happy Monday!

Here to share a quick swatch post of the newly released Tom Ford Summer collection with my first impressions as well as recommendations. As always i’ll be following this up with individual reviews but for now I hope my initial impressions prove useful to narrow down the best buys.

Tom Ford Summer 2015

As you can see, this years summer release was a fairly big one with 15 products in total.

Cream & Powder Eye Colour – 4 shades (Naked Bronze, Black Oyster, Golden Peach, Midnight Sea)

Eye & Cheek Compact – Pink Glow

Cream Cheek Colour – Pink Sand

Lip Colour Sheer – 4 shades (Skinnydip, Rose Soleil, Sweetspot, Paradiso)

Bronzing Powder (large & mini) – 2 shades (Terra, Gold Dust)

Shimmering Body Oil

Cream & Powder Eye Colour

Tom Ford Cream shadow duos

These are never before seen, brand new products where each duo contains a cream eyeshadow and a sparkly powder eyeshadow.

As you probably already know the TF cream colour singles are a popular limited edition release, and 3 of the 4 cream colours in these duos are in fact repromotes from previous collections. The only exception being Black Oyster.

The sparkling powder eyeshadows that come in these duos are the same formula as the ones in their eye colour quads and are perfect for layering on top of the cream shadow to create a ultra shimmering statement eye look.

If you already own Pink Haze and Spice cream eyeshadow singles then my recommendations to you would be the blue and grey combo Midnight Sea and the black and gun metal combo Black Oyster as they are something new and interesting.

Here are swatches of Black Oyster and Golden Peach

Tom Ford cream duo black oyster

Tom Ford Golden Peach

1st Swatch – Cream shadow layered with the powder

2nd Swatch – Powder shadow

3rd Swatch – Cream shadow

Cream Cheek Colour – Pink Sand 

Tom Ford Cream cheek

This is a beautiful medium pink cream blush infused with a fine golden shimmer. When swatched I found the consistency quite balmy and thin and once blended in, the colour sheers out a fair bit leaving just a hint of a golden rosy glow.

Tom ford summer 2015 Cream Cheek  Pink  Sand

Overall I feel this to be more of a rose tinged cream highlighter adding just a light flush of colour and not your usual cream blush that would give you a full on blushing cheek.

Eye & Cheek Compact – Pink Glow

Tom Ford Summer Pink glow palette

Similar to last years Summer palette Unabashed, this eye and cheek palette comes with three eyeshadows and two cheek colours (one a highlighter).

Here’re swatches (top to bottom we have the two cheek colours followed by the three eyeshadows)

Tom Ford Pink Glow eye palette

As you would imagine, this was my favourite from the entire collection. The colour payoff and formula was identical to the regular Tom Ford quads and of exceptional quality.

If you were to pick up only one item from this collection, make it this!

Lip Colour Sheers

Tom Ford lipsticks Summer 2015

As the name suggests these are sheerer versions of the regular Tom Ford lipsticks.

Two of the colours are repromotes of last years Spring release. The new shades being Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil (both in shimmer finish). I find these two to be the actual sheer lipsticks where as Sweet Spot and Paradiso (cream finish) somewhat in the middle between the regular TF lipsticks and the sheer formula with noticeably better colour payoff.

Here’re swatches of three of the lipsticks.

Tom Ford Lipstick Summer 2015 swatches

If I were to pick favourites it’d be Sweetspot & Paradiso, beautiful creamy, smooth lipsticks that are great for everyday use.

Bronzers, Terra & Gold Dust

Tom Ford Bronzers Terra and Gold Dust

The Tom Ford bronzers are a permanent feature in the U.S and Europe product line up. However it’s the very first time they are making an appearance in Singapore.

To make things even more exciting, they now come in a compact mini version which is a nice size for carrying around for touch ups.

Here are swatches, both layered quite heavily so you see them well on my currently very tanned arm.

Gold Dust as you can see is a shimmer infused, yellow toned shade while Terra a matte with a cooler undertone.

Tom Ford bronzer swatches

Between the two, I found that Terra is ideal for those who want to go for a more sculptured bronzed look and Gold Dust for those who prefer a shimmering golden bronze.

Both are quite sheer but buildable and very skin-like when applied. No powderiness whatsoever. Highly recommend you check them out as they are even prettier in the sleek white packaging.

Lastly, here’s the price list relevant to Singapore.

Cream Powder Duos – SGD85

Eye and Cheek Palette – SGD146

Cream Cheek Colour – SGD87

Lipstick – SGD72

Bronzing powder – SGD160 (Large) SGD 102 (Mini)

Shimmering Body Oil – SGD160

Collection is currently on sale (released on the 8th May/last Friday) at the Tom Ford Beauty flagship counter at Tangs Orchard. Happy shopping! 🙂

*P.S- Stocks of the Eye & Cheek Palette are yet to arrive. Although you can get on the wait list so you don’t miss out! 

Tom Ford Spring 2015 cream colour for eyes : Review, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Spring 2015 cream colour for eyes : Review, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford has released yet another highly collectable, limited edition cream eyeshadow this spring and with very little resistance (none actually) I rushed to get my hands on this. It was somewhat of an unexpected release as this was never presented at the initial Tom Ford spring preview I attended earlier this year; although I did see it being used backstage at the TF runway show in a Youtube video.

After several weeks of hoarding/admiring and finally testing, here are my thoughts on this gorgeous cream pot.

Tom Ford Spring 2015 cream eyeshadow

As always, starting with the packaging, the Tom Ford cream shadows come in a glass pot fitted with a plastic screw type cap with the TF logo in gold. The touch and feel of it is very luxurious and the farthest thing from flimsy, it’s got a nice weight to it. I also love that the cream inside is very well preserved by this packaging as even my older purchases are still in pristine condition and haven’t dried up even though I don’t reach for them often. Not the case with the Chanel cream shadows though, they always dry up inside!

TF Spring 2015 cream shadow review

TF Spring 2015 cream eyeshadow is a deep neutral pewter brown with ultra fine silver shimmer. Although in the pot, this looks more chocolatey with slight khaki tones, when swatched it’s true colour is more of a pewter grey toned brown with hints of khaki in certain lighting situations.

Tom Ford Spring 2015 cream shadow swatch

Overall the texture of the Tom Ford cream shadows are soft and almost moussey. They spread on the lids with no tugging and blend with virtually zero effort; which make them wearable on their own for a effortless smokey look. No eyeshadow required.

For an intense (true to pot) colour deposit, the cream needs to be gradually built up, as adding a tonne of product all at once only creates a gloopy mess and would immediately transfer and crease on your lids as it’s so emollient. Gradual layering gives it more dry time between layers and creates a more uniform look.

Personally I like to concentrate the colour more towards the lash line and blend out the edges using just my fingers. It’s the best method of application as I find using a brush required more patience, blending out the brush lines! Also worthy of noting, the texture of this allows more play time, so you don’t need to rush to blend it out before it sets!

Once applied, the colour looks more glossy on the lids and very dimensional. A very forgiving look as the lids never look parched or tight and texture on the lids (if you have any) will not be emphasized. TF cream colours truly are the best for those with dryer eye lids or mature lids that are textured, although even those with oilier lids (myself included) can wear these without the fear of creasing or smudging.

The wear time of these are exceptional. Mine lasted all day from 9 a.m to 8 p.m with no creasing or fading and I wore this straight on my lids WITHOUT primer and NO powder eyeshadow on top. Incredible.

Here’re some comparison swatches of previous TF cream shadow releases. Sadly, both limited edition.

Tom Ford cream eyeshadow

Left to right : 05 Pink Haze, 01 Platinum, Spring 2015

Now onto a look I created with this product. A very wearable one which I think anyone could pull off.

Here’s how I created it.

I started with layering the cream shadow directly on to my lid, (no primer) and used my most efficient brush, fingers, to blend!

Since I wanted a cleaner look, I then took the eyeshadow Primal from the Urban Decay Basics 2 palette just around the edges to smoke out and diffuse. A completely unnecessary step, but I did it anyway. Note, I didn’t layer it on the lid though.

I also lined the eyes and smudged it lightly then completed the look with two nice coatings of mascara. I used Urban Decay Perversion here. Been totally loving this one lately and I think I may need to repurchase!

Viola! Done!


And a full frontal!


The final verdict

If your budget permits, I believe this is a very good cream shadow to have. Personally I keep forgetting to use my cream shadows as I am more of a powder shadow kinda gal, but I really do love these for special occasions when I do have extra time to get ready and could truly appreciate playing with such luxurious products.

The colours of these TF cream shadows are usually hard to dupe and have a glossy and luminous quality that sets them apart from the other similar products and I feel that’s what you are paying so much for.

Overall I am happy with my purchase and have zero complaints. And all the compliments from my friends are a bonus, it’s reassurance that it’s money well spent 🙂

Product details

Net wt- 6g retailing at £ 29

Mine was purchased online from Selfridges.

More helpful links!

Check out Sabrinas post here, for more comparison swatches and a fab review! xx

Tom Ford Lips & Boys : Review, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Lips & Boys : Review, Photos & Swatches

Welcome to a long overdue post on my favourite lipstick release of 2014. The much awaited, over hyped and loved, Tom Ford Lips and Boys.

I already posted an initial swatch and first impressions post over here around the time it launched, and now a full review complete with lip swatches. I hope you find the additional information useful!

I have broken down this post in to two parts. The reds, and ‘the rest’. Personally my favourites from any lipstick release are the reds. So I tend to pick up a bulk of them. And as you may have guessed, I picked up all the lipsticks from the red category!

Here’re my darlings.. The REDS.

Tom Ford lips and boys swatches

Tom Ford lips and Boys reds

Left to right it’s – Alejandro. Luciano, Diego, Rafael and Adriano (True Coral)

Alejandro – A neutral medium deep red with a slight berry tone.  Alejandro is a satin finish and had very good pigmentation along the lines of the regular TF lipsticks. I found that with this particular shade I preferred to touch up the corners of my mouth with a lip brush to get that sharp clean edge.

Luciano – A medium true red with blue tones. Luciano is a satin finish but marginally so and was more like a luminous cream finish when applied. I also noticed there were random glitter particles in the bullet, which never EVER seemed apparent when worn. This lipstick had very good pigmentation and glides on smooth and is also very long wearing. One of my favourites texture wise.

Diego – A warm red orange. The texture of Diego was more creamy and less opaque than the others. It was actually similar to Jack (reviewed below) which was also a thinner formula. I liked that these two felt extra hydrating on the lip and also applies super smooth like butter. Somewhat reminiscent of the Tom Ford Sheers.

Rafael – A warm bright orange red in a cream finish. This one was perfection in terms of pigmentation, texture and colour. I love how smooth it applies and the colour just pops when worn. Although Diego and Rafael are almost identical when worn, there’s a hint of brightness in Rafael that makes this one extra special.

Adriano (True Coral) – Adriano is a neutral coral red with a hint of pink. I find that this applies almost opaque in a single swipe and slightly magnifies lip lines making the lips look a bit dry.

Here’re some swatches (please note that Alejandro and Luciano were rather difficult to capture true to colour and the lip swatches would give you a better indication of what they look like in real life)

Tom Ford lips and boys swatches


Tom Ford Alejandro




Tom Ford Rafael


Tom Ford Diego



Next up, ‘the rest’.

TF the rest

As you can see I took the less predictable route and forced myself to try some colours that are out of my comfort zone.

Here’s the first batch, some peaches, pinks and purples.

Tom Ford lips and boys

Tom Ford Patrick matthew michael swatches

Left to Right- Michael, Matthew, Patrick, Alexander, Jack

Michael – A warm, medium pink with slight coral tones in a satin finish. Michael applies smooth and even without any dragging achieving opaque coverage in two passes. Lovely as far as colour and texture goes.

Matthew – A warm, medium peachy coral shade in a satin finish. This was one of my very first picks of the three I was given as press samples. The colour goes on very smooth and offers a semi opaque pay off in a single swipe.

Patrick – A warm, light peachy coral pink in a cream finish. I like that it can be built up to a near opaque colour which is great for those with pigmented lips like myself. Although layering this made it prone to sliding around and application became less even due to it’s creamier than necessary texture.

Alexander – A cool, light bubblegum pink. Alexander is a satin finish and was one of the poorer formulas from this collection. The colour was harder to apply as it went on patchy. On the brighter side, it can be built up to a full coverage and somewhat masks the patchiness so it’s less visible. Personally i’d advise skipping this unless you are a sucker for a cool pink and can’t stay away!

Jack – A medium, muted purply pink in a cream finish. This glides on smooth and creamy, a real pleasure to wear. Although it was a shade I wouldn’t normally gravitate to, the lovely texture of this was a winner which made lip lines less visible and kept my lips hydrated and comfortable throughout wear. It’s a favourite!

Onto swatches.

Tom ford lips and boys swatches


Tom Ford Jack swatch


Tom Ford Michael


Tom Ford Matthew swatch


Tom ford Patrick swatch



Lastly, I picked up some frost finish lipstick (a first for me) and a single nude. Shocker!

Tom ford lips and boys

Sebastian – A warm metallic copper with orange tones, which I found was the perfect shade to warm up Peter and achieve my ideal shimmering summer lipstick. The formula of Sebastian was beyond perfect. I love the way it glides on the lips delivering super coverage with no unevenness or streaks. It looked like liquid copper. If you fancy frost finishes, this is a must have.

Peter – A neutral, light champagne beige with subtle hints of pink. This applies very sheer and needs at least three passes to build up the coverage so you see the actual colour. I also noticed that while it’s course of wear, the shimmer tends to settle in the lip lines. I remedied this by smushing my lips together from time to time, to even it out.

Addison (Pink Dusk) – Part of the permanent collection and available in a regular size, Addison is a light neutral pink with a slight warm undertone. It’s a cream finish and formula wise a dream. It achieves full coverage in two passes, very creamy and applies without any unevenness. A must have shade for all Tom Ford lovers.

Tom ford Addison




Peter tom ford lips and boys



Here’s one more set of swatches all in one.

Tom Ford lips and boys swatches

Lastly before I give you the bottom line, i’d like to leave you with a little info about the Tom Ford lipstick formula and why they are so desirable.

I put it down to the extremely light weight texture paired with excellent pigmentation. It’s a mix that’s hard to beat, as usually full coverage lipsticks can most certainly be ‘felt’ on the lips and you are very well aware that they are on!

I also I love that the Tom Ford lipsticks wear really well. They last hours and hours without fading or leaving that ugly white ring in the inner corners of the lips (something we are all too familiar with and loath). Expect these to wear for 3-4 hours or more. The darker shades go well into 5 hours on me and hardly ever need to be touched up.

The bottom line

So these tiny lipsticks can be quite expensive even thought they are much cheaper than their regular sized counterpart. That being said, there are plenty of new shades that make up this collection and most of all they are limited edition which means they won’t be around for long.

I’d recommend trying out Rafael, Luciano, Addison, Michael, Matthew and Jack as they are the best of the lot where formula is concerned.

Other info

The Lips and Boys are available online at Selfridges in the event you can’t find your preferred shades at the counters. This is where I purchased a majority of my lipsticks too.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys retail at £26 and come with 2g of product (The full size lipsticks contain 3g).

Lastly, thank you for stopping by, and wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


Tom Ford Raw Jade (Spring 2015) – Review, Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Raw Jade (Spring 2015) – Review, Photos & Swatches

Happy Sunday everyone. Here’s the final installment of my TF Spring 2015 makeup posts.

After several weeks of ‘testing’ I’m finally ready to put down my thoughts on these new wet & dry eyeshadows. The timing is perfect too as I just saw all three of them listed on the Selfridges website!

P.S- For swatches of all three duos, head on to this post, where I had penned my first impressions. There’s also a post on the new limited edition nail lacquer Indigo Night over here.

Without delay, here’s what I have for review.

TF spring 2015 Raw Jade eye shadow review

Starting with a little intro to these new Eye Colour Duos from the official press release,

Introducing three new Eye Colour Duos using a new formula that perfectly captures pigments and light on the eye with flawless sensorial application. The shades Ripe Plum, Raw Jade and Crushed Indigo are lifted directly from nature but are intensely infused with metallics to create an effect that is a perversion of nature. Contrasting light and dark shadow duos create instant dramatic tension. 

Each duo comes with one ‘opaline shade’ and a ‘deep metallic shade’. To me what really sets these duos apart from other wet & dry palettes are the rather unique opaline shades. Worn alone these are very feminine and sweet, but layered over the deeper shade is when they truly come alive, completely transforming the deeper metallic shade into a mesmerizing, hypnotic colour.

Over a couple of days I tried wearing these in several ways. Wet, dry, without primer and with. I feel the best is obviously over a primer, wet. However for the look I plan to share today I wore them dry over a new primer I happen to be testing. I like the result. The colour looks very exotic and yet day time appropriate.

Here’s a close up of the Raw Jade Duo.

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Raw Jade eyeshadow review

As always, let’s start with packaging.

These eyeshadows are set in a case identical to the regular TF eye quads, only difference being they are smaller in size, obviously to accommodate just two. The outer packaging is a rich mahogany with gold accents where the Tom Ford Logo sitting pretty in the middle.

Inside you find one double ended applicator (the regular quads contain two) and a nice sized mirror with the Tom Ford logo engraved in.

Overall the quality is the same in comparison to the regular TF packaging.

Moving onto the product, the opaline shade in this is an iridescent white which transforms into a cool minty veil once applied, and the metallic shade is a gold shimmer infused khaki green.

When swatched the texture of these are similar to the usual eyeshadow formula, however with a wet application, you do get a far more intense swatch.

One thing that should be noted about these eyeshadows is that they go on very smooth, and are easily buildable even though they don’t feel creamy or highly pigmented when swatched. I noticed that even when used dry, you can really keep layering on the colour to build it up to an almost full coverage opaque look, which is something I like about these eyeshadows.

Let’s look at some swatches so you see how they perform wet and dry.

Tom Ford Raw Jade swatches

As you can see, there is a distinguishable difference between the dry and the wet swatch, although both are just as smooth and uniform.

Final thoughts

I find the NARS Dual Intensity eyeshadows (that are also a wet and dry formula) quite comparable to these. Interestingly the price is also somewhat similar.

Pigmentation wise (when considering a single swatch) I find that some of the NARS Dual Intensity singles (such as Subra and Dione) swatch smoother and almost creamy with better colour payoff when used dry. However, when used wet, both swatch with similar intensity.

Overall I believe Tom Ford really excels in longevity in it’s wear, it’s what sets them apart from other brands, including the NARS singles we spoke of. This particular duo wore well for almost 10 hours before I cleansed it off. Also noteworthy, I experienced no creasing and no fading.

Now onto an eye look I created with this duo! I decided to use the new Tom Ford Extreme mascara in Black Plum for added interest instead of plain black.

This mascara is a new colour for Spring. I really love how it volumises and gives lashes an effortless dramatic air. Only downside being that I find this makes them feel a little stiff!

Tom Ford Spring 2015 Black Plum

For the lips I used Sultry, a new Lip Shine that’s set to release soon. I toned down the warmth of Sultry by pairing it with one of my ‘boys’ Peter which is a shimmery beige.

Sultry is a new favourite of mine and I have been wearing it loads these last couple of days as it goes well with my new golden tan!

I love how hydrating it feels on the lips and for a supposedly sheer coverage lip product these are pretty pigmented! Highly recommend checking them out when they release.

Tom Ford Lip Shine Sultry

Here’s the final look. A somewhat spring appropriate, almost butterfly like eye look. I love how the opaline shade draws attention to the eyes.




Release dates & Pricing

Eye Colour Duos will be retailing at SGD85. Available from March 2015 at Tangs Orchard Tom Ford Counter.

International release dates-

Already available online at Selfridges.

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer 34 Indigo Night (Spring 2015)

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer 34 Indigo Night (Spring 2015)

Hello! Todays post is all about Tom Fords spring nail polish release, Indigo Night. As you might have already seen here, Tom Ford Spring 2015 is anything but your average spring makeup release. Something which I find very refreshing!

So for spring, you can expect three new polishes. Two are brand new shades and one a repromote.

33 Black Jade – a bottle green with micro shimmer

34 Indigo Night – a deep midnight blue with micro shimmer

04 Bitter Bitch – a muddy vampy noir shade

According to Tom Ford these new colours are designed to ‘expose similar layers of light and shimmer that resemble the multi-dimensional luminescence of a dragonfly’.

Tom Ford nail polish indigo night

First things first, Tom Ford nail polishes aren’t my go-to/favourite polish formula. I always found they were either too runny for my liking or too thick in some cases. Therefore I only own just one polish and I purchased it solely because it was a colour too perfect to pass up! And that’s Coral Blame.

That being said, I know many other bloggers adore the consistency of the TF lacquers. Basically it’s down to personal preference. So don’t be disappointed just yet!

Tom Ford Spring 2015 nail polish

As with all things Tom Ford, the packaging is very sexy, angular and edgy. And most of all, it looks and feels luxurious.

Unlike other high end lacquer bottle caps (Dior, Chanel, YSL etc), this one cannot be removed or separated from the brush and is attached directly to it.

Once the bottle’s opened, it reveals a rather long brush with an old school, slim, brush applicator. I like that it’s perfect for those with slim nail beds like me.

Tom Ford polish indigo night

The formula is a slightly runny one. Although not overly runny that it’s difficult to control the flow of polish.

I find that overloading the brush with polish is where the problems begin. So always pick up a moderate amount before attempting to apply, or the lacquer would pool up against the sides of the nail and result in a bit of a bothersome cleanup job after. I’m speaking from experience!

Here’s my manicure with just two coats. I like that it’s pretty opaque and the colour is much deeper and richer than anticipated. It looks rather sophisticated.

Tom Ford Indigo night polish spring 2015

And here’s a closer look at the micro shimmer. (This one was taken after a top coat, pretty evident by it’s glossy finish)

Click on image for an even closer look!

Tom Ford indigo night spring 2015 polish

Overall thoughts

The final result was nice. No streaking and the colour was beautiful. I also like that it’s a two coater as nothing annoys me more than a time consuming three coat manicure (that’s excluding base and top coat!).

The only downside is that the consistency is not my favourite as I am partial to the thicker formulas such as Dior.

Other info

The Tom Ford polishes contain 12 ml of product. 2 ml more than Dior and 1ml less than Chanel.

This collection is set to release in March at Tangs Beauty department and will retail at SGD48.

*Mine was a sample sent for review. Thank you Adeline! 🙂

P.S- Stay tuned for more Tom Ford Spring reviews!

And lastly, a happy weekend to all of you!

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015 preview – Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015 preview – Photos & Swatches

Since the first edition of spring makeup collections have started showing up at counters, i’m sure you are curious to see what Tom Ford Beauty has in store for the season yes?

Well so was I! And today I had the opportunity to experience this collection first hand through a very special person, Patrick Eichler; the Education Director for Tom Ford Beauty Asia Pacific who walked me through the new products and gave me the full Tom Ford transformation complete with shading & illuminating!

I must admit my first preview for Spring has been a very good one!

Let’s begin with a peek at the yet to be, ‘makeup mess’ for the day. Loads of TF just waiting to be used!

Tom Ford Makeup Spring 2015

The Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015 collection consists of the following,

Three Limited Edition Eye Duos (Wet & Dry formula) – Raw Jade, Ripe Plum, Crushed Indigo

Three Limited Edition Nail Lacquers – Bitter Bitch, Indigo Night, Black Jade

Two Limited Edition Mascaras – Teal Intense & Black Plum

Also releasing alongside (a little earlier, in February) are 4 new Lip Shines – Lust, Unabashed, Sultry, Frivolous

As you may have noticed by now, the Tom Ford Beauty spring collection is anything but your typical spring colour palette. From rich khaki hues to deep blues, the collection has a mysterious, raw, untamed feel.

Intense eye looks uncommon during spring, were boldly taken to another level with the unexpected release of the wet & dry Eye duos bringing out an almost metallic look to these shimmering colours. I’m happy to say it was so typically Tom Ford, and nothing i’d have expected!

Tom Ford Eye Duo spring 2015

A closer look at the gorgeous palette Crushed Indigo,

Tom Ford eye duo spring 2015

And here’re some swatches in artificial lighting

Tom Ford Spring 2015 makeup swatches

The eyeshadows were smooth in keeping with regular Tom Ford standards, and I must say the duo chrome whites on the left side were a sweet surprise! Anything but your everyday highlighter shade.

They glisten in beautiful opal pinks, icy cool blues and minty sage green. Here’re some more swatches. This time outdoors in natural lighting (all on bare skin and just single swipes)

Tom Ford beauty spring 2015 swatches

For a comprehensive review of Raw Jade click here.

Onto more colour! Mascara.

Tom Ford Spring beauty 2015

I adore the chunky wand of the Tom Ford mascara. They really thicken up the lashes with minimum effort and deliver rich colour. Makes me wonder why I never picked up the original black version!

Next up, Nail Lacquers (L-R : Bitter Bitch, Indigo Night, Black Jade)

Tom Ford spring 2015 makeup

Of the three, the two pearl finish polishes on the right are brand new, limited edition colours. Bitter Bitch, as you may know is a repromote from Fall 2013, one of Tom Fords most sort after polishes. Glad it’s back!

For a review on Indigo Night, click here.

Lastly, Lip Shines! (L-R : Lust, Unabashed, Sultry, Frivolous)

Tom Ford Lip shines spring 2015

I must confess it’s my very first time sampling the Lip Shines as I am more of a medium to full coverage kinda gal. But the juicy, kissable texture of the Lip Shines have won me over and got me wanting more. Totally bowled over by it’s smooth coverage and impressive colour payoff. My pick of the lot was Sultry, a warm, medium apricot shade. Pairs perfectly with my new Raw Jade Duo! Just delicious!

Lastly here’s the look Patrick created, moi as model 😉

He went for very natural, glistening skin using a light powder foundation and enhanced my bone structure with some light contouring.


Products used for this look were: Eye Duos, Raw Jade, Ripe Plum. Blush in Savage. Some extra definition for the cheekbones using Shade & Illuminate Intensity 1 and for the lips, a swipe of Lip Shine in the colour Lust.


So there you have it, a little preview of Tom Ford Beauty Spring 2015. I hope this post was useful and I will follow it up with reviews of the products I came home with as well as precise launch dates and the price list. For now, I can tell you this Spring collection is set to hit the counters in March (in Singapore).

If you have any questions about this release, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as time permits. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, Michelle.

What’s in my makeup bag?

What’s in my makeup bag?

Hi There!

How’s the beginning of the year been treating you so far? Good I hope!

In my case, the start of the year has been somewhat busy and I have just returned back to the city from a week long stay at the beach.

So today I dumped out the contents of my makeup bag so I can share with you a couple of things that have been proving quite useful while I was away!

Here’s a little peek.

makeup bag guerlain tom ford ettusais


As you can see i’ve changed my makeup bag, yet again. This time I swapped it for a very light weight, black Ferragamo version which basically was free. It’s the Qatar airways travel pouch from my last trip. The case can be wiped clean and is pretty sturdy and most of all it’s the lightest makeup bag I have ever owned! Which means… I get to stuff it with even more product without it weighing a tonne!

What’s inside?

Hakuhodo Tarte cosmetics Tom ford Crabtree and evelyn

As always i’ve got my Chanel mirror and Hakuhodo lip brush in there, staples. In addition, this time I also have a brow brush, also by Hakuhodo which I use with my Tri Brow palette by Make Up Store. The Make Up Store brow powder is a new addition to my stash. And is great for speedy brows. In the event I don’t have time to whip out my Anastasia Brow Wiz, this is my next best option. On it’s own it doesn’t give me a perfectly defined brow as I do have rather patchy brow hair which also is very fine! But when i’m running late, i’d rather have presentable brows than no brows at all!

In the event you do have rather neat groomed brows without too many bald spots and you want some extra definition, a brow powder will be your friend. It’s easy to use and gives your brows a very natural finish.

On regular days I use my Anastasia Brow Wiz to fill in bald spots and give the ends of my brows a bit more definition by using the darkest shade in my Make Up Store Tri Brow. It really defines them well and gives the illusion on a fuller, more youthful brow.

Next up, lips. I haven’t got any lipsticks in there. Mainly cos I don’t wear lipstick while i’m chilling at the beach, unless it’s dinner of course and I whip out a bright orange.

The three products I relied on were the Tom Ford Rose Crush Gloss, my very first Tom Ford gloss, Tarte Blissful Lip Surgence lip gloss that came in a Sephora lip kit set, (I never really went out and purchased this) and my holy grail lip balm, the Ettusais Lip Essence. In fact I’m just reapplying it right now.

The Tom Ford lip glosses truly are hard to beat. They are non sticky, highly pigmented (as far as lip glosses are concerned) and long lasting. Rose Crush is my most used colour and it goes really well with medium tanned complexions. I highly recommend this.

The Tarte Blissful gloss is a sheer peach coral shade. Smells like sugary vanilla and does a good job of keeping the lips hydrated. I enjoyed this gloss, although for some, the smell could end up a bit overpowering.

Kiehls Sunscreen

For skincare, I relied on my Crabtree & Evelyn handcream in Caribbean Island Wild Flowers & the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++.

Truth be told, I packed this C&E handcream for it’s very beach appropriate, fresh smell and pretty packaging with the coral motif. There I said it. However C&E is in fact one of my current favourite hand cream formulations as it’s hydrating, yet non greasy. It’s a good medium between my heavy La Mer handcream and other lighter options like the L’Occitane ones.

The Kiehls sunscreen on the other hand was as essential. I use this for my arms and chest, hence why I have it in this lager size. For the face I strictly rely on my Avene one which has SPF 30. I don’t take that around in my makeup bag as I never reapply my sunscreen on my face. Bad I know. But I do liberally apply the Kiehl’s one on my arms every 2-3 hours or so. It’s a nice light texture and doesn’t have that god awful, typical, old-school sunscreen smell.

Next up two perfume samples I carry for touching up. My favourite between the two, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria in Manderine Basilic. I love the fresh zesty fragrance of this and pairs well with humid, sweaty weather. I plan on purchasing the full size when I go back to Singapore next week.

The other newer addition was the Giorgio Armani Si Perfume. Something a little too sweet for my liking, but it came in my travel pouch so I let it be there.

Last but not least, two essentials. Oil blotters by The Body Shop (a must in this crazy humidity) and a mini deodorant spray by Sephora. Normally I would stock up on the Sephora Deodorant Wipes. They are easy to carry in your bag and great for a quick freshening up midday. I picked up the spray this time around as I believe it was something new at Sephora SG. Since i’m yet to use this, can’t tell you anything except that it will fit into your tiniest of clutches, no problem 🙂


So that concludes my ‘What’s in my bag’ mini post! I hope you found it a useful read and discovered something new.

Wishing you a great start to the week AND new year, Michelle.

December favourites

December favourites

Given that most of these last months have been spent living out of a suitcase, it’s been rather difficult to determine favourites each month. Luckily December was more anchored and I have had decent access to makeup and I finally put together an informative (In my opinion at least) post on what I have been reaching for the most these holidays.

Please note, some of the products are fairly new to me and are first impressions and by no means what i’d call a ‘proper review’. This post is purely me sharing favourites and I hope you find it useful!

Anyways, chatter aside, here’s the menu for today! Guerlain Nars holiday 2014 Gucci makeup hourglass

As you may have noticed, I haven’t included any eyeshadows as there were just too many favourites to cover, I thought i’d edit it and focus on the most used. First up a bunch of lipsticks I have been enjoying loads.. maybe just a bit too much come to think about it, as I’ve clearly neglected everything else I had brought along with me!

Tom Ford lips and boys matte lipstick   Left to right, it’s Alexander, Matthew, Ruby Rush & First Time. From the latest Tom Ford releases the clear winners to me were the matte lipsticks, excelling in texture as well as coverage. They aren’t as drying as regular matte lipsticks and are perfect for those with eternally parched lips like mine. If you are a red lipstick lover i’d suggest Ruby Rush. It’s currently my favourite red and last hours upon hours without any fading or slipping around. It’s a prefect candidate for party looks as it’s pretty ‘sip resistant’. For nude lip lovers First Time would be an ideal choice. A pink beige nude, this would suit most complexions below NC35 beautifully. And of course, the pigmentation of these are just stellar and unrivaled.

Moving on to the 50 Lips and Boys released I have been wearing mostly Matthew and Alexander. Between the two i’d say Alexander was harder to wear (in terms of tone) and application was rather tricky too, but still made it to my favourites as it was a rather unique pink in my collection. Matthew on the other hand was a dream as far as application is concerned and was very similar to the regular Tom Ford lipstick formula. I believe it’s a must have for spring or summer and truth be told who could possibly resist such a pretty peachy coral, yes? Next up two darlings from Hourglass.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette
So I may be a bit late to rave about how amazing Hourglass blushes are. Mostly due to the fact that I am easily put off by overhyped products also I wasn’t reaching for my one and only Hourglass Ambient Powder as much as i’d like. Luckily for me, Hourglass recently released their blushes in palette form! And the exclusive shade that was included in this palette was just too tempting to pass. I use this on days where I just can’t decide which blush to pair with my makeup (which are most days, since i’m eternally running late!). All of them are very flattering and pretty much suit every day-makeup look I have ever worn! The blushes are easy to work with and add a youthful glow. I also love that these blend like a dream and diffuse the colour for an almost airbrushed glowy look even if you use a s***** brush. Hourglass blushes are a great beginners product to invest in. Two thumbs up!

Apart from that I also have been enjoying the Hourglass Ambient powder in Luminous light paired with this (blush palette) as well as other blushes for a subtle daytime highlight. Although Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight still remains my HG highlighter, the Hourglass one is a close second for it’s ease of use and complexion friendly colour.

Gucci Setting Powder makeup

Next up, is this fabulous new addition to my complexion product arsenal. The Gucci Luxe Finishing Powder. This ultra finely milled powder glides on like silk and sets makeup without the powdery look. No more powdery, cake face! On oily to combination skin this lasts around 3 hours before the first blot (just around the t-zone) therefore I can’t say it has commendable oil control properties. However I still love this for ease of use and is the very first pressed setting powder i’ve truly loved as most pressed setting powders can be very noticeable and powdery once applied. P.S- The shade I use is 040 Medium which suits light medium complexions.

Guerlain Meteorites

Now onto a holiday release for 2014. The Guerlain Meteorites Perles d’Etoile. I have been using this as a warming blush paired with a red lip. It adds just enough colour for a rich festive look. I believe it’s important to stress that this LE version is more shimmery compared to the regular meteorites in the permanent collection and has a reddish golden glow. For those of you who are very light in colour the red may show up excessively, i’d suggest taking out the red ball (I only had one in my tin!) and using just the rest for a beigey golden glimmer. It’s actually a very wearable shimmer that doesn’t look cheap or loud. I highly recommend this product.

Ettusais Nars Mac Eyeko

More holiday releases, and one random eye liner. From the Nars holiday release one of my favourites have been this ultra wearable lip gloss Corsica. I have been reaching for this a TONNE. A perfect my-lips-but-better colour for medium complexions as well as flattering pinky brown for lighter complexions, this one’s a work horse.

Next up, my favourite highlighter for the eyes. Lithe, from the MAC Gold-Beige pigments set from MAC Holiday 2014 gifting collection. This pigment is ultra fine and looks amazing as a inner eye highlight. It isn’t overly warm and the beigey tones pretty much make it a suit-all-complexions shade. I also like pretty much all the colours in this pigment set, especially the matte brown one! Just gorgeous.

Another recent release that has been much loved is my Ettusais Creamy Lip Crayon. I love the pink one best from the five that released. They are easy to use and take up minimal space in ones handbag for quick touch ups. On top of that these have Rose Hip oil for conditioning the lips and are fragrance free, which makes this a winner to me!

Lastly, Eyeko Eye Do eyeliner. I have mentioned this several times before as one of those fool proof eyeliners that are very easy to use. I love the felt tip that gives maximum control while the precision tip easily creates an enviable flick to your cat eye liner looks. It’s my go to these days and I am already on my second one. My only beef with this product is that if I open the cap in a hurry i’ve noticed the ink splashes! I have experienced this a few times and have now learnt to open the cap slooooowlllyyy.. apart from that little annoyance, it’s a great product.

Nars blushes

For blush options, my favourites are NARS Madly (a warm beige) & NARS Ukraine blush (a deep cranberry shade). Madly has been my go to blush topped with Hourglass Luminous light powder. And for a pop of colour I use Ukraine on just the apples of my cheeks for a very season appropriate flush. Both are highly pigmented and last all day (i’m talking well over 7-8 hours, maybe even more). I specially recommend Madly for day to day wear for adding a soft contour and colour to your cheeks. Excellent product as expected by NARS.

Mac Mineralise blush Heirloom collection

Another unexpected favourite from daily blushes has been Modest Blush by MAC from their holiday release, The Heirloom Collection. It’s a soft dusty pink which adds the subtlest flush. I love how easily this blends and is very finely milled. Something i’d recommend to girls who love a girly flush and colour phobic.

So girls, that’s rounds up my favourites for the month of December, all amazing products in terms of quality and wear.

Which products have you been enjoying lately? If there are any you’ve found back up worthy or repurchasing, please share! I’d love to hear suggestions.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys : Swatches, Photos, First Impressions

Tom Ford Lips & Boys : Swatches, Photos, First Impressions

Hi There!

Sharing a quick post of swatches of the Tom Ford Lips and Boys today. A fabulous collection of 50 lipsticks with a provocative ad campaign to support it. As you may already know, these went on a one day only sale at Selfridges two days ago and I could not resist picking up some for myself.

As much as I hate buying blind, I figured this might very well be the only chance of me getting ahold of these and I caved. Finally I ended up with two choices, Diego and Alejandro. One Orangey red and one plummy deep red!

Fast forward to two days later I got the chance to preview these ‘boys’ and I am happy to report I am very satisfied with my purchases and can rest easy. So for those of you who don’t have a Tom Ford counter nearby I’ve compiled a little edit of 14 lipsticks which I consider my favourites after a long swatch fest of trying out 50 sinful Tom Ford lipsticks! Hope you enjoy!

Tom Ford Lips and Boys

Tom Ford lips and boys swatches

Tom Ford lips and boys swatches

Swatches in natural lighting

Tom Ford Lips and Boys swatches

Shade descriptions & Collection details 

Row 1

Patrick – A light pinky peach

Mathew – A light peachy coral (Slightly deeper version of Patrick)

Michael – A medium rose pink

Diego – A warm bright red orange

Rafael – A warm bright red orange (Marginally brighter than Diego)

Giacomo – A medium berry rose

Adriano – A medium warm coral

Row 2

Flynn – A light pinky nude

Julien – A light warm medium dusky rose meets mauve

Alexander – A light warm sugar pink

Preston – A light warm pink with slight lilac tones

Justin – A medium bright pink

Alejandro – A warm muted deep red

Wez- A deep warm berry shade

According to the information provided to me, 14 of the shades are repromotes or existing shades.

Here’s the list in case you need to cross checked with your current collection.

Holden – Vanilla Suede

Beau – Blush Nude

Henry – Warm Sable

Addison – Pink dusk

James – Twist of Fate

Richard – Neglegee

Cooper – Pure Pink

Adriano – True Coral

Alejandro – Slander

Collin – Indian Rose

Cary – Casa blanca

Didier – Morrocan Rouge

Xavier – Violet Fetale

Leonardo – Smoked Red

Finish and texture The collection featured quite a number of frosty and shimmer shades in contrast to the regular Tom Ford lipstick line up, which features mostly cream or satin finishes. The ones featured here were some of the more pigmented colours and swatched buttery smooth. They were very comfortable on the lips and of high quality as expected of Tom Ford products.

Formula According to the press release, these lipsticks are said to be formulated with rare and exotic ingredients such as Soja seed extract, Brazilian Marumaru butter and chamomilla flower oil to create an ultra creamy texture with incredibly smooth application, which I believe reflects in the higher price point of these lipsticks.

Packaging and Pricing These mini lipsticks are packaged identical to the full sized lipsticks. The quality feels the same, though much lighter in weight which make them perfect for touch ups and fit into the tiniest of clutches.

Tom ford lipstick lips and boys

Lastly, here’re my Top 5 picks from the new colours. These were stunning worn, and very well pigmented! ❤






Other info The entire collection will release on the 2nd January 2015 and continue to retail till the end of February, after which they will be withdrawn from the counter. Each lipstick will be retailing at S$50 each and with every trio of lipsticks purchased, you will be entitled to a very cute gift box (seen above).