Mascara 101: Mini Reviews & Recommendations

Mascara 101:  Mini Reviews & Recommendations

Hello hello! It feels like i’m on a roll these days, continuously blogging! Therefore while i’m in the mood to blog, I thought i’d do a post on my mascara collection along with mini reviews which I hope you find useful!


Mascara review


Currently I have 6 mascaras in rotation, cos a girl can’t just have one right?


Mascara collection reviews


As we begin todays mascara smackdown, a quick note that I’ll be following a sequence, where I will start with the brush design and then move onto formula etc.

First up,

Dior IT-Lash 

The IT-Lash comes with a spiked elastomer (plastic) brush. It’s a reasonably slim, slightly longish style. Personally I hate big brushes as they are harder to apply with so this one’s just perfect.

Diot IT Lash

The formula of this is on the thinner side and is great for those of you who have trouble with your mascara weighing down your lashes. This holds a curl well and keep lashes beautifully lengthened and separated without clumps. Sadly I don’t see much of the volumising action that it claims to have, but I really like this one for everyday use.

As far as removal is concerned, it’s pretty easy to get off. Just warm water does the trick. On occasion I also use Bioderma for removal as well.


Tom Ford Extreme Mascara

The sexiest packaging in my opinion. And incidentally the old school bristle brush does a good job making the lashes look sexy too.

Tom Ford extreme mascara review

The formula of this is denser and coats the lashes well for a thicker, lash look. Building up the volume is easy as this doesn’t set too quick and you have ample play time to keep adding more, more and MORE. I also love that this doesn’t clump and holds the curl pretty well to stay looking wide awake!

To remove, you can simply use an eye makeup remover. This one isn’t waterproof.


Le Volume De Chanel 

The very first volumising mascara I truly fell in love with. I have been repurchasing it over and over and I believe i’m on my 6th now.

The brush of this is a plastic one with shorter bristles meant to create an eye opening effect. (Sadly I never see any such results as the weight of this mascara droops down any curl I had to begin with) The shape of the brush also seems to give trouble separating the lashes and they always cling together.

Le volume de chanel review

If you have naturally curly lashes this would work great for you. It volumises and adds drama for a very glamorous look.

Le Volume de Chanel isn’t waterproof and removes easily with warm water similar to the Dior.


Clé de Peau Perfect Lash Mascara

Features a curved wand with natural bristles. It’s designed to comb the lash from root to tip and create a nice separated and defined lash.

Cle de peau mascara

If smudging is a problem for you, this is your guy! The waterproof formula keeps lashes looking fresh throughout the day without any flaking or smudging. It’s even rub proof!

As far as volume goes this one isn’t really mind blowing, and it doesn’t build well either as it sets pretty fast. I also notice if I attempt a second coat, the lashes start sticking together and look spiky. It’s strictly a one (quick) coat mascara.

Looking at the positives, the real claim to fame is the longevity of it’s wear and that it works great with shorter, stubby lashes that are prone to smudging.

For removal I always use Clarins Express Eye Makeup Remover which works well with waterproof formulas and never irritates my eyes.


Helena Rubinstein, Lash Queen Feline Black

If it’s mascara, then Helena does them best! She has such an extensive range of mascaras, it truly is overwhelming and difficult to pick one! I ended up with this leopard print ‘feline’ version which is great for volume and lengthening.

The brush is chubby and torpedo shaped which works well to separate and build up volume.

Helena Rubinstein

The best thing about this mascara is the formula is near perfect. You get plenty of time to build it up as it sets quite slow and the longer bristles keep the lashes from sticking together and comb as you go for good separation.

Volume, length and long wearing. It’s all there.

*This mascara comes in a waterproof version as well, and is my HG for packing on beach vacations. THE BEST!


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (seen here is a mini size)

Comes with a shorter more chubbier wand in comparison to the Helena Rubinstein. This one though has a slightly fatter middle creating a more rounded, bushier brush.

Urban Decay Perversion mascara


An unexpected find which came in the form of a press sample. I really love how this volumises. Another one of those buildable formulas that you can layer and layer. You get fuller, thicker, lengthened lashes for a ‘bigger, blacker, badder lash’.

I believe i’ll repurchase this in a full size, quite loving it’s smooth, creamy texture and the colour intensity.

Lastly, this too isn’t a waterproof formula and comes off easily with a eye makeup remover.


Now a look at these worn on my poker straight lashes! Unfortunately you won’t be seeing much of a difference unless you click on the image for a closeup and look at the base of the lashes to see the more volumising ones 🙂

I promise the differences between them are far more visible in person. I blame my poor selfie skills!

Mascara grid 2Bottom Line

For volumising and lengthening, the best would be Helena Rubinstein and Urban Decay. I like how buildable they are and never look clumpy. The TF is also a good option, though lacks that wow factor you’d expect for the price.

For waterproof mascara, the CDP hands down. I never have to worry about it flaking or smudging. If you don’t mind a natural lash look, this one’s great for everyday use. For other cheaper waterproof options you can also check out Helena Rubinstein.

For lift and curl i’d recommend the Dior IT-Lash. This is great for those of you with already thick lashes but just want them defined and lengthened. It’s my favourite for day to day use and have just repurchased!



Urban Decay Summer 2015 | Photos, Swatches & Review

Urban Decay Summer 2015 | Photos, Swatches & Review

Recently I had the privilege of previewing Urban Decays Summer collection, and as expected it was a colourful affair. This time around we have quite a hefty release.

32 products in total!

Collection consists of,

9 new Afterglow 8-hour powder blush.

14 Revolution high-colour lip glosses

8 single Eyeshadows

Ultimate ozone multipurpose primer pencil.

My favourites as always are the eyeshadows. They are an UD speciality!

The 8 new colours released will be joining the permanent line. Good news for those who hate running to the nearest Sephora the second a limited edition collection releases!

Urban Decay summer 2015 eyeshadow

Clockwise we have,

Backfire – a burgundy with a purple shift

Tonic – lilac with blue shift

Dive Bar – a royal blue with pink-purple shift

Fireball – a peach with pink shift

Lounge – a brick red with green shift

Sideline – gold with green shift

Riff – brown nude matte with micro sparkle

Beware – warm matte brown

Urban decay summer eyeshadow swatches

All the shadows swatch beautifully and are well pigmented.

I particularly liked the new matte shades, Beware and Riff. I believe this is the first time UD has released a solid matte, as they always seem to release shimmer colours.It was interesting to note that the matte shadows performed equally well when swatched.

As part of my press kit I received Backfire & Sideline and I found these to be of exceptional quality when put to use. They blend seamlessly and can be sheered out for a whisper of colour or packed on for an intense look.

Fallout is common when working with UD eyeshadows. However with both of these (which were a glitter free formula) I noticed none at all. Of course as always I used it over an UD primer potion to make sure they adhere well to the lids but that’s a standard practice whenever I apply my eyeshadow. It definitely helps keeping it on all day.

From the colours released i’d recommend the two matte shades, as well as Fireball and Lounge. They were lovely!

Urban decay revolution gloss

The Revolution high-colour lipgloss are a new formulation.

They promise to be ‘high coverage’ and ‘ultra pigmented’, giving you the ‘colour you crave in one stroke’.

There are 14 shades in total and come in two finishes, cream and sparkle. My favourites were the nudes as always and also some of the brighter pinks. They are quite fun and flirty!

Left to Right we have,

Brickhouse – dark brick red

69 – bright red

Punch Drunk – bright orange

Scandal – bright pink

Savage – electric pink

Bittersweet – bright purple

Quiver – medium rose-pink

Failbait – light neutral pink

Liar – medium pink-nude

Big Bang – bright pink with glitter

Vice – dark purple with glitter

Assassin – candy apple red with glitter

Apocalypse – deep purple wine

*Missing here isKinky, another nude.

On to some swatches (Click image for a closer view)

Urban decay revolution lip gloss swatches

I found these to be quite good coverage. They aren’t opaque, but just under. If I had to compare, i’d say these are pretty close to the Hourglass lip glosses in coverage, with a slightly tacky formula.

Initially I tested out Scandal and Failbait. In comparison I noticed that the darker colours tend to bleed a bit. I suppose the lighter shades do too, just not as noticeable.

With these I believe a lip liner is a must. But as far as wear is concerned, these do stick around for hours!

Now onto the most exciting part!

The Afterglow blushes!

Urban decay blush swatches

These are new to Urban Decays portfolio. And they came out with 9 shades!

Urban Decay afterglow blush

Top row, left to right-

Crush – bright medium pink

Obsessed – a light candy pink

Score – medium peachy pink with shimmer

Fetish – medium pink nude with reddened undertones

Bottom row, left to right –

Bittersweet – bright purple

Quickie – bright blue based pink

Bang – bright red orange

Indecent – light peachy nude

Rapture – deep mauve with a hint of shimmer

Some (wonky) swatches,

Urban decay afterglow blush swatches

*again apologies for the blurry swatch pic, I was loosing light and also had to take these with my left hand after the glosses stained my whole left arm proving useless for any swatches to come. lol

So the formula of these are slightly onto the drier spectrum of things. They aren’t DRY per say, but almost! Hence why the swatches look a bit powdery. I wasn’t sure how much I was gonna like these blushes after my initial swatchfest, however once I tried them on, I noticed the powderiness doesn’t translate to the cheeks! I would even go as far as saying that these looked like skin and never ‘visible’.

The colour payoff of these were intense and quite a lot of product gets picked up as it’s a fine, loose formula. However the blush applies quite sheer and the colour intensity was very easy to control.

So far my favourite has been Fetish and find it a great day to day blush for medium complexions. I also would recommend checking out Bittersweet! The first purple blush I have seen in real life! It’s quite unique and interesting, something you probably don’t have in your stash.

Overall thoughts

To me the best buys were the blushes, since they are new for Urban Decay and are of very nice quality. I thought they were named appropriately too as the cheeks seemed to glow from within when applied. Like you are truly blushing. The packaging is also very attractive with the signature Urban Decay grunge style and is sleek with it’s magnetic closure. As far as plastic goes, this one looked luxe. Only downside, it attracts fingerprints like nobody’s business!

The eyeshadows aren’t something new, although some of the colours released did look lovely with their duochrome finish. I can never have enough of these and they definitely make a nice addition to ones makeup arsenal.

The glosses though were slightly too sticky for my liking but it’s all up to personal preference, you might actually not find them as much a deal breaker as I do.

Product Info

Afterglow blush comes with 6.8g of product, retailing at SGD39

Revolution lip gloss comes with 5.1ml of product, retailing at SGD33

Single eyeshadows come with 1.5g of product, retailing at SGD30

*All products will be available for purchase starting today at Sephora Singapore.

Lastly thank you for stopping by, and I wish you a wonderful day! xx

Urban Decay Vice 3 : Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Vice 3 : Review, Photos & Swatches

Welcome to another Urban Decay eyeshadow post! This time a more colourful affair, fitting to say the least with the festive season lurking around the corner.

Here’s todays object of obsession, the Vice 3.

Urban Decay Vice 3

This time around there are a few packaging changes in comparison to last years Vice 2. The most obvious one being the palette now comes in a cushiony, zippered pouch. I love this new packaging element as it makes the palette more travel friendly.

Another noticeable difference is that the Vice 3 is significantly slimmer compared to the Vice 2. Also a welcome change.

And inside….

Urban Decay Vice 3

… are 20 eyeshadows. All brand new shades specially created for the Vice 3!

Colours range from palest pinks to emerald green to bright magenta. Basically it’s one mega palette packed with options.

The palette also comes with a dual ended brush for application. The quality of the brush is nice too, so I ended up using this for the eye looks I created.

Let’s start with a run down of the colours

Row 1

Urban Decay vice 3 swatches

Truth- A pale, warm matte pink with pink micro shimmer which was only visible up on closer inspection. The texture was marginally dry but applied smooth with slight powderiness. When blended in, it had a nice sheen that looked pretty as a brow highlight.

Undone- A pinky beige in a matte-satin finish. The micro shimmer in this was silvery and made for a beautiful all over lid base shade. This too was a little dry when swatched and ever so slightly powdery. Pigmentation was also good.

Downfall- A warm tan matte. The texture of this was soft and applied smooth. A perfect transition shade for neutral eye looks.

DTF- A medium matte-satin brown with neutral pink undertones. The pigmentation of this was good and blends easily.

Row 2

Urban decay vice 3 swatches

Dragon- A shimmering emerald green. This applied sheer and the colour payoff was ok. In comparison to Urban Decay singles, this wasn’t quite as buttery soft as i’d like. Although with layering, it could be built up to good opacity.

Freeze- A muted medium teal blue with micro shimmer. This too had medium colour payoff and went on rather sheer.

Heroine- A matte navy blue with micro shimmer. The colour payoff of this was very good and fully opaque in one swipe. The added blue micro shimmer gives the eyeshadow depth, making it a rather interesting matte. On the down side, this was a smidgen dry.

Brokedown- A shimmering warm Khaki bronze. When swatched, the shimmer feels a bit chunky but applied infinitely better on the lids and go on smooth with good colour payoff.

Row 3

Urban Decay Vice 3 swatches

Vanity- A metallic eggplant with a blackened base. Colour payoff was good and applied smooth without any dryness. (On a side note, this swatch pic isn’t a good reference to actual colour as Vanity is much more murky and deeper than seen here. It was very difficult to photograph)

Lucky- A warm coppery bronze. The pigmentation of this was excellent and was ultra smooth and creamy.

Reign- A deep satin brown. This too had good pigmentation and swatches smooth.

Bobby Dazzle- A shimmering ivory with good colour pay off. I would love to pair this as a single colour eye look and red lips. has an almost angelic feel to it.

Row 4

Urban decay vice 3 swatches

Alien- A warm pink with golden iridescence. This has good pigmentation and applied soft. On the lids this wore slightly sheerer and needed building up.

Alchemy- A deep, reddened magenta. One of the most powdery shades. Although worth noting, the colour was vivid and workable once packed on. The star in my makeup look in fact surprisingly enough!

Bondage- A shimmery deep reddish purple. The pigmentation of this was excellent and had fully opaque colour pay off. On the downside, this colour had quite a bit of fall out.

Sonic- A metallic red rust colour. The colour payoff was excellent with a buttery smooth texture.

Row 5

Urban Decay vice 3 swatches

Last Sin- A warm metallic champagne. The colour payoff of this was excellent but the texture was tricky to work with and didn’t adhere to the skin well loosing it’s metallic look and ending up looking more of a shimmer finish.

Angel- A warm taupey medium brown with silver shimmer. The formula of this feels harder resulting in less colour payoff making this sheer once applied and needed building up.

Defy- A deep warm matte brown with micro shimmer. The texture was slightly on the drier side and was powdery.

Revolver- A soft matte black with micro shimmer. This too was drier and harder in texture and applied powdery and very patchy.


Best performers- Lucky, Bondage, Sonic

Poor performers- Alchemy, Defy, Revolver

Now onto two looks created using the Vice 3, firstly a natural daytime look.

If you follow me on IG this is the makeup I used for my passport photograph. Softly defined eyes, to compliment a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Eyeshadows I used here are, Truth (inner corner and brow highlight), Undone (all over lid), Downfall for lining the lower lash line and blending out any edges on the lid and DTF + Reign for outer corner.


A closer look,


Next up, a more dramatic look for evenings.

I believe this plus a chunky, oversized cream sweater paired with jeans & knee high boots is the perfect combo for Autumn evening outings ❤ Can’t wait to take this look for a test run next week!

Colours I used were, Alchemy (packed onto the lid), Bondage for the outer corner, Sonic for crease definition (just in the middle) and Downfall as a transition shade to blend. For the inner eye I used Alien.

Vice close up



And a closer look at the eye, (I didn’t use any false lashes as the intensity of the colours were drama enough! 🙂 )


Final thoughts

Overall I really liked the colour mix of the palette, and is incredible value for money as well as a very versatile palette. Even though the actual colours don’t quite meet the normal Urban Decay eyeshadow quality which is buttery smooth and creamy, I feel that the palette was still ok and quite workable. My one issue with most UD eyeshadows is that there is almost always fall out. So be sure to wear them with a primer and do your base makeup last! Cleaning up fall out is no fun, so it’s always good to take precautions 🙂

So the bottom line, would I purchase this? The answer is yes! As it’s such good value for money! I’d actually love to give some as gifts to my girlfriends.

Product info

The Vice 3 retails at S$88 and come with 20x 0.8g of product.

Retails at all Sephora outlets.

*Mine was a sample sent for review.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 : Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 : Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

So there’s a new Naked Basics palette in town. And for once, here’s a review before it launches!

Essentially the Naked Basics 2 is a cooler cousin of the Naked Basics palette that launched before.

Packaging wise, it’s a no fuss design. The shell is made of hard plastic and is a matte surface that doesn’t attract fingerprints. The good sized mirror this carries is also rather handy if you need to touch up your eye makeup on the go.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2


urban decay naked basics 2

Within there are 6 full size eyeshadows. All matte except for one, Skimp which is an iridescent oyster ivory.

The colours coordinate well with sufficient light, medium and dark shades and is a very well curated palette in my opinion.

Let’s take a look at swatches.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 swatches

Skimp – Shimmering ivory. This applied sheer and was slightly powdery.

Stark – A matte, warm peachy cream. This too was powdery and slightly dry.

Frisk – A matte taupe with slight warm undertones. The pigmentation of this was medium. Applied smooth and was very soft to the touch and finely milled.

Cover – A medium brown with red undertones. Application was smooth and pigmentation was good.

Primal – A medium-dark matte brown leaning slightly warm. This was a tad powdery although it didn’t translate powdery when applied on the lids.

Undone – A neutral dark brown. This was the driest of the 6, and applied rather patchy. It was significantly difficult to blend due to it’s texture which made this the poorest performer in the palette.


On the whole, the texture of all the eyeshadows were very workable except for Undone. which seemed to stick to wherever it was placed and was quite stubborn as far as blending went.

Also worth noting, Skimp and Stark that swatched powdery never looked powdery once applied to the lids. In fact all I noticed was that some of the product seem to get lost between application and I could clearly see it flying all over while applying (nothing settled under my eye though thankfully).

All in all, the quality of the shadows were ok.

Now on to a softly defined day time look I created using this palette.

Starting with the full list of products I used for this look,

Complexion– Make Up Store CC foundation as base (which is actually a tad too dark for me so I had to take it down the neck also), Shiseido Powder foundation for setting, CDP Concealer for under eyes and covering redness.

Eyes– Edward Bess eye primer, Shu Uemura gel eyeliner (My HG), Dior IT Lash Mascara

Brows– Anastasia Brow Wiz

Lips– Nars Matte lipstick in Montego Bay.

Eyeshadows I used

Skimp, Stark, Cover, Primal & Undone.

Here’s one more set of swatches for easy reference 🙂

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 swatches

Stark was my all-over-lid base shade, following with Skimp in the inner eye area. Then I used Cover for slight crease definition, and added Primal for outer corner shading and lining the lower lid, finishing off with Undone for lining outer corner of the lids before I went over with the Shu Uemura liner to add more definition.





Bottom line

Overall, these eyeshadows were very fine in texture and were soft and blendable. Even though some of them were on the powdery side, it didn’t necessarily affect the finished look. What I considered was that it was a well curated palette that performed well and works great for day to day makeup.

If you already own the Naked Basics palette and debating getting this, I can say that this palette leans considerably cooler compared to that and you won’t be duping it by any means.

*On a side note, the matte formula and relatively easy pigmentation made the colour Frisk an excellent contour shade (for pale complexions). The colour had enough grey in it to mimic natural shadows that occur on the face and is light enough for those of you who are very fair and find it hard sourcing an appropriate contour shade.

Product information

The palette comes with 6 x 1.3g product and retails at  SGD45

Available at all Sephora outlets 30th Oct onwards.

*Mine was a press sample sent for review.