Absolue Sublime Rejuvenating Essence Foundation by Lancôme

There have been quite a few serum foundations hitting the market lately, the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation and I believe By Terry did one as well.

This is my first time trying out one of them and after testing out the Absolue foundation for over a month now, I think it’s time to finally offer you my thoughts on this.

Testing was done in two cities, humid and hot Singapore and chilly, dry San Francisco. So I can give you an in depth review on how it performs in different climates wear wise.

I am actually glad I packed this for my vacay to SF because none of my existing foundations would have given me enough hydration for that weather! Eeeek!

Lancome Absolue foundation bottle

So what’s special about this foundation? Apart from the gorgeous packaging, it’s the high percentage of active skincare ingredients that goes into a bottle of Absolue.  Which means over time, this performs as a skincare product would and improve your skins condition.

Lancôme describes this as a serum-in-oil foundation. With 45% of active skincare ingredients and powerful precious essential oils.  A renewed youthful complexion : Sublime golden glow, smoothed and evened out and visibly transformed.

Lancome Absolue foundation swatch

My first impressions on this were, it was incredibly lightweight, and it goes on very smooth. You could actually use your fingers to blend this in, and it still gives a very professional finish.  Looking at the swatches below, you’d notice that the potion of my hand where the foundation is applied reflects more light, giving it a glow.

Lancome Absolue foundation swatch

Once applied, this foundation feels very hydrating. I’d recommend this as one of the best foundations for dry or mature skin.

It gives a dewy, youthful glow; unevenness on my skin was visibly blurred in the photographs I took after.

Coverage wise, although this is a very thin, liquidy foundation, it actually gives you a good medium coverage. I myself like to blend it a bit further and get a sheerer coverage and I most certainly wouldn’t recommend building this to achieve maximum/full coverage.

Wear wise, In San Francisco this lasted me all day with zero blotting, however in Singapore, after around the 4th hour my nose was quite oily.  If you have normal or dry skin, this would be very easy to work with, skin definitely would look healthy and radiant all day. But if you have oily or combination skin (like mine), I’d recommend prepping the skin well with a oil control primer before application. You’d still look glowy, minus the oil factor.

Final thoughts

It’s definitely what I’d consider a high-end foundation. The luxurious, golden, glass bottle certainly reflects that and the added skincare benefits make it even more covetable and in my opinion the price is justified.  I’d recommend this highly! I love it so much and it has quickly become my favourite foundation in my stash 😀

Lastly here’s a pic of me I took off my phone, with this applied.  As you can see skin looks very smooth and I haven’t retouched it or covered up any blemishes.

Lancome Absolue Selfie a

Product info

Retails at S$ 138 for a 1oz bottle.

Comes in 6 shades (specially created for Asian skin)

You can find it at all Lancôme counters in Singapore.

*Note that this foundation does not contain sunscreen and you would need to layer some on before applying it.

6 thoughts on “Absolue Sublime Rejuvenating Essence Foundation by Lancôme

  1. Sounds like a foundation I could of used today while freezing in the rain in Newport Beach! I love how straight to the point you are with your reviews. Makes it a breeze and a joy to read every post. Hopefully this foundation gets released in America soon 🙂 don’t recall seeing it around here.

    You’re amazing :D!

    1. Thank you so much! Your support means a lot to me 🙂 I love that I can always count on you for opinions and support since I am new to all this!

      Much love,

  2. what color did you use for the foundation? I’m trying to buy it online but I can’t tell from the pictures.

    1. I use O-170, Although it’s now a bit too light for me after all those days in the sun. >.< There is one more shade that's darker than this that would suit around an NC35. Will switch to that soon.

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