A Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies

One more gift guide for this season and it’s all for the girls! I rounded up some beauty, skincare and home décor for a balanced set of options.

The 1st rule to gifting is always giving something you’d genuinely like to receive. Something extra special. As everything seen here!

gifting, jo malone, charlotte tilbury, 2015, skininc, cle de peau beaute, nars

Overall I abstain from gifting makeup as much as possible. With exceptions made for palettes (has lots of variety) or kits keeping within the brands I know the recipient enjoys.

Cle de peau, NARS gifting

The palettes & kits that caught my eye were,

1. Clé de Peau Holiday Coffret – A stunning limited edition palette for someone VERY special. The packaging is exceptionally beautiful with a masquerade theme this year and come with an eyeshadow quad a red lipstick and a mascara. Retails at $240.

2. NARS Steven Klein Despair Blush Palette – A selection of 4 blushes (3 new & LE)  with a mini brush. I love that the packaging isn’t Christmassy which makes this a timeless piece. A great gift for the girl that seems to have everything and sure to be enjoyed for it’s sheer beauty. Retails at $120.

3. Clé de Peau Body powder – A shimmery highlighter for the body which could instantly be put to use for all the parties leading up to Christmas!  Retails at $150.

4. Make Up Forever 15 Artist Shadow Palette – A great mix of neutrals & pops of colour. Unfortunately when I stopped by Sephora, the tester was no where to be found. However I still wish I got myself one. It’s great value for money! Retail price, $116.

Beauty tools & gadgets always make great gifts. Hence why companies come out with loads of brush sets specially this time of year. I spotted a few beautiful brush sets at Bobbi Brown and also Make Up Forever. Both excellent quality with the added bonus of festive appeal. If you swing by those counters today, do check them out. Sets always come handy for travel.

5. Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set – A beautiful silver leather cased set of 6 brushes (full sized) for the face and eyes. This ones’s a slightly splurge-y pick but makes a wonderful gift for that jet setting friend (or yourself) 😉 Retail price – $288

6. Make Up Forever Cult Brush Set – A compact set of 5 brushes in a festive red pouch. I checked them out in store and was surprised how lovely they felt to the touch. A steal at $135.

7. Beauty Blender Makeup’s Best Friend Set – Contains two regular Beauty Blenders, a micro.mini Beauty Blender and a mini Rea.activate liquid. Good value for just $68. I got one for myself!

Skincare is also a popular choice and I love giving ‘the gift of good skin’ to friends & family. In general I prefer picking up curated sets as they have been carefully selected and packaged with gifting in mind and usually good value. Here’re a few that caught my eye.

JO Malone holiday 2015, Charlotte Tilbury

8. Charlotte Tilbury The Gift of Red Carpet Skin – was a gift to myself this year and it’s been such a great buy! I know my friends would love to receive this too. Retail Price – $59

9. Skin Inc Mask to Perfection – A set of Skin Inc’s best selling masks packaged in a festive silver case. I love this set for value for money and also that it’s beautifully packaged for gifting! ($145, valued at $195).

10. Shiseido Snow Beauty – This powder doubles up as skincare and comes packaged in a gorgeous limited edition snow flake design. A beautiful gift for someone who appreciates collectible packaging. Retail price – $90.

11. L’Occitane Jasmin Immortelle Gifting trio –  A set of hand cream, lip gloss and soap. (L’Occitane Singapore is currently having a 10% off discount on selected Christmas sets today. Now’s the time to swoop in!) They have plenty of options for gifting!

Lastly some gifts for the home.

gift guide, kikki k

12. Kikki K But First Coffee Mug – I picked this one up for myself as I adore the minimalistic design in simple typography. Also makes an appropriate gift for any coffee drinker 🙂 Retail price – $19.90

13. Jo Malone Candle Trio – Another great gift for the girl who has everything (hoping she hasn’t bought this already!). The set contains, Blackberry & Bay, Pine & Eucaliptus and the popular holiday release, Roasted Chestnut. All smell amazing! Retail price – $180

Store Locations

Clé de Peau – Tangs Orchard

Jo Malone – Tangs, MBS Shoppes, Takashimaya

Kikki K – Ion Orchard

L’Occitane – Tangs, Ion Orchard

Shiseido – Takashimaya, Tangs, Paragon

Charlotte Tilbury – Net-a-Porter, Selfridges

Skin Inc – Ion Orchard & Sephora

Bobbi Brown – Tangs, Ion Orchard

Beauty Blender – Sephora

NARS – Sephora, Robinsons, Tangs


Clé de Peau Beauté | Bal Masqué Nail Lacquer Trio – Review, Photos & Swatches

Clé de Peau Beauté | Bal Masqué Nail Lacquer Trio – Review, Photos & Swatches

If it’s luxury beauty you are looking for, Clé de Peau is sure to satisfy. It’s one of those brands that never disappoint with it’s quality matching the fabulous packaging they come encased in.

The holiday collection is no exception, with my current obsession being the new nail polish trio; mesmerizingly beautiful with three perfectly curated shades for the holidays!

It all comes in a fancy box adorned with the mask motif! Talk about #giftingperfection!

cle de peau beauty bal masque nail lacquer

Clé de Peau doesn’t carry nail polish in their regular line so I was curious to see how this limited edition product performed.

But before we get down to the review here’s a little background info about the beautiful limited edition packaging these come in.

Everything from the motifs adorning the box to the products were custom designed for CdP by renowned jewellery designer Joji Kojima. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the creative genius behind Lady Gaga’s chainmail mask from back in 2009 for her Fame Monster campaign. Check this link!

Right! so back to the product review, starting off with packaging!

These nail polishes come housed in a beautiful glass bottle with the signature Clé de Peau jewel shaped exterior.

The plastic cap (as with most luxury nail polishes) comes off to reveal the brush.

Cle de peau nail polish trio

A traditional old school applicator, square cut with longish bristles. Initially I found it slightly difficult to get close to the cuticles as I’m now spoilt with the new rounded applicators by Dior or YSL. However after getting re accustomed to the shape I found it easier to get a neater job done!


I was pleasantly surprised to find it had such incredibly good pigmentation that I only needed two thin coats for an even, streak free finish. Something I yearn for in metallic nail polishes!

Here’s what the silver lacquer looks like applied. Love, love, love this shade.

Cle de peau nail polish

Seen here is two coats and a top coat. I find that the top coat adds a nice glossiness and allowed 4 days of wear with very little chipping only at the edges.

Next up a dark warm blood red. This was the trickiest of the three. It applied slightly streaky on the first coat, dragging, with some uneven spots. I remedied this with a generous second coat which gave an even coverage.

In the end I did like how intense this looks applied, it instantly made my hands seem fairer! Overall the streakiness didn’t show in the final result. And I am pretty pleased with the look and glossiness of the red. It didn’t quite need a top coat, though I went ahead and slapped one on anyways.

Cle de peau nail polish 2015

The khaki metallic green shade which is rather unique in my collection applied similar to the silver. The finish was streak free and opaque with two coats.

LOVE this one as well and definitely something interesting to wear during the holidays in place of a traditional red. The sparkle of green makes it extra festive although you don’t see the green unless you get quite close. I still find it pretty unique and did get a few compliments on this!

Cle de peau nail polish swatch

Overall Thoughts

The formula did impress me I’ll give you that. And for the price of SGD 90 I find this a good buy (if you normally splurge on luxury polishes) as most high end polishes retail for much higher.

Except for the brush which I felt wasn’t anything to write home about, the overall colour mix and presentation makes this a great gifting option (luxury stocking stuffer maybe?) or as a special treat to oneself.

Other Info

This trio is currently available at all Clé de Peau counters at SGD 90.

Mine was a sample sent for review by the lovely Clé de Peau team. Thank you Juit Wen & Nora! ❤




Mascara 101: Mini Reviews & Recommendations

Mascara 101:  Mini Reviews & Recommendations

Hello hello! It feels like i’m on a roll these days, continuously blogging! Therefore while i’m in the mood to blog, I thought i’d do a post on my mascara collection along with mini reviews which I hope you find useful!


Mascara review


Currently I have 6 mascaras in rotation, cos a girl can’t just have one right?


Mascara collection reviews


As we begin todays mascara smackdown, a quick note that I’ll be following a sequence, where I will start with the brush design and then move onto formula etc.

First up,

Dior IT-Lash 

The IT-Lash comes with a spiked elastomer (plastic) brush. It’s a reasonably slim, slightly longish style. Personally I hate big brushes as they are harder to apply with so this one’s just perfect.

Diot IT Lash

The formula of this is on the thinner side and is great for those of you who have trouble with your mascara weighing down your lashes. This holds a curl well and keep lashes beautifully lengthened and separated without clumps. Sadly I don’t see much of the volumising action that it claims to have, but I really like this one for everyday use.

As far as removal is concerned, it’s pretty easy to get off. Just warm water does the trick. On occasion I also use Bioderma for removal as well.


Tom Ford Extreme Mascara

The sexiest packaging in my opinion. And incidentally the old school bristle brush does a good job making the lashes look sexy too.

Tom Ford extreme mascara review

The formula of this is denser and coats the lashes well for a thicker, lash look. Building up the volume is easy as this doesn’t set too quick and you have ample play time to keep adding more, more and MORE. I also love that this doesn’t clump and holds the curl pretty well to stay looking wide awake!

To remove, you can simply use an eye makeup remover. This one isn’t waterproof.


Le Volume De Chanel 

The very first volumising mascara I truly fell in love with. I have been repurchasing it over and over and I believe i’m on my 6th now.

The brush of this is a plastic one with shorter bristles meant to create an eye opening effect. (Sadly I never see any such results as the weight of this mascara droops down any curl I had to begin with) The shape of the brush also seems to give trouble separating the lashes and they always cling together.

Le volume de chanel review

If you have naturally curly lashes this would work great for you. It volumises and adds drama for a very glamorous look.

Le Volume de Chanel isn’t waterproof and removes easily with warm water similar to the Dior.


Clé de Peau Perfect Lash Mascara

Features a curved wand with natural bristles. It’s designed to comb the lash from root to tip and create a nice separated and defined lash.

Cle de peau mascara

If smudging is a problem for you, this is your guy! The waterproof formula keeps lashes looking fresh throughout the day without any flaking or smudging. It’s even rub proof!

As far as volume goes this one isn’t really mind blowing, and it doesn’t build well either as it sets pretty fast. I also notice if I attempt a second coat, the lashes start sticking together and look spiky. It’s strictly a one (quick) coat mascara.

Looking at the positives, the real claim to fame is the longevity of it’s wear and that it works great with shorter, stubby lashes that are prone to smudging.

For removal I always use Clarins Express Eye Makeup Remover which works well with waterproof formulas and never irritates my eyes.


Helena Rubinstein, Lash Queen Feline Black

If it’s mascara, then Helena does them best! She has such an extensive range of mascaras, it truly is overwhelming and difficult to pick one! I ended up with this leopard print ‘feline’ version which is great for volume and lengthening.

The brush is chubby and torpedo shaped which works well to separate and build up volume.

Helena Rubinstein

The best thing about this mascara is the formula is near perfect. You get plenty of time to build it up as it sets quite slow and the longer bristles keep the lashes from sticking together and comb as you go for good separation.

Volume, length and long wearing. It’s all there.

*This mascara comes in a waterproof version as well, and is my HG for packing on beach vacations. THE BEST!


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (seen here is a mini size)

Comes with a shorter more chubbier wand in comparison to the Helena Rubinstein. This one though has a slightly fatter middle creating a more rounded, bushier brush.

Urban Decay Perversion mascara


An unexpected find which came in the form of a press sample. I really love how this volumises. Another one of those buildable formulas that you can layer and layer. You get fuller, thicker, lengthened lashes for a ‘bigger, blacker, badder lash’.

I believe i’ll repurchase this in a full size, quite loving it’s smooth, creamy texture and the colour intensity.

Lastly, this too isn’t a waterproof formula and comes off easily with a eye makeup remover.


Now a look at these worn on my poker straight lashes! Unfortunately you won’t be seeing much of a difference unless you click on the image for a closeup and look at the base of the lashes to see the more volumising ones 🙂

I promise the differences between them are far more visible in person. I blame my poor selfie skills!

Mascara grid 2Bottom Line

For volumising and lengthening, the best would be Helena Rubinstein and Urban Decay. I like how buildable they are and never look clumpy. The TF is also a good option, though lacks that wow factor you’d expect for the price.

For waterproof mascara, the CDP hands down. I never have to worry about it flaking or smudging. If you don’t mind a natural lash look, this one’s great for everyday use. For other cheaper waterproof options you can also check out Helena Rubinstein.

For lift and curl i’d recommend the Dior IT-Lash. This is great for those of you with already thick lashes but just want them defined and lengthened. It’s my favourite for day to day use and have just repurchased!



Clé de Peau Beauté Sheer Fluid Veil, Correcting Cream Veil primer review

Clé de Peau Beauté Sheer Fluid Veil, Correcting Cream Veil primer review




If there was one product that i’d continuously repurchase it would have to be the Clé de Peau Beauté primer, Sheer Fluid Veil. It’s my go-to as far as base primers go and ever since this came into my possession, it’s been an endless love affair.

I’ve had several requests over the last few months for a detailed review comparing this with the Correcting Cream Veil and to be honest, caught up between all the seasonal releases I found it hard to get my post in. So today, before I continue with my Dior Summer reviews that are still in the pipeline I wanted to make an effort to talk about these two. As they really do deserve a post all to themselves!


Clé de peau primer swatches review


The Sheer Fluid Veil and the Correcting Cream Veil both come packaged in Clé de Peaus signature midnight blue paired with gold accents.

The dispenser is a nozzle. Ideal as it’s hygienic and leak proof (as the screw on cap shuts firmly and never ever runs the risk of sliding off), making it travel friendly. Thus far i’ve have never had any problems packing either of these whenever I’m off on a holiday.

The plastic packaging is also a plus as you can always carry it along in your makeup bag without adding unnecessary weight to your existing ‘load’.

Formula & Texture

The Sheer Fluid Veil is my go-to everyday primer. It’s a lightweight, transparent primer that absorbs instantly when smoothed in, leaving skin hydrated and prepped for foundation. There is no oily feel, so I’d recommend this for anyone and everyone from normal to combination to oily skin.

It’s a great primer that works under any foundation.

The Correcting Cream Veil is a thicker, nourishing consistency and is light pink in colour. As the name suggests this has more of a correcting function that uplifts the complexion correcting any sallowness or dullness. Skin is left hydrated with a radiant rosy glow.

This would be ideal for those with slightly drier or mature skin types, as well as anyone who is looking for a more radiant and brighter makeup finish. However, if you are any darker than an NC35, the rosy tint of this would look more like a white cast. Therefore it’s important to control the amount of product you use. With this primer, you only need a teeny tiny bit.

Here’re a look at the consistency. On the left we have the Correcting Cream Veil, and the Sheer Fluid Veil on the right.

Cle de peau primer swatches


CDP swatches 2


Clearly the drop of the Correcting Cream Veil I used is too much to blend out well.

Other info

Both of these have added SPF. The Sheer Fluid Veil possesses an SPF 24. PA++ while the Correcting Cream Veil has an SPF 20. PA++.

I am particularly impressed by how light the Sheer Fluid Veil feels when applied on and the extra SPF is good enough for a regular day if you don’t spend extended hours outdoors. You can actually skip your sunscreen, shortening the prep process.

Also worth noting these primers do have a light floral scent. It’s a very subtle one and nothing unbearable and most importantly does not linger. If you are familiar with Clé de Peau bases, it’s that exact scent.

Bottom line

Clé de Peau Primer review

Both primers prep the skin for foundation really well. I notice that my foundation goes on smoother and evenly and also did look fresh for much longer than it would have if I had skipped a primer.

When tested side by side, I didn’t see any difference in dewiness. As in mid day, the portion of my face which had the Correcting Cream Veil wasn’t any more oilier than the portion with the Sheer Fluid Veil. Clearly the richer texture of the Correcting Cream Veil does not cause any oiliness.

Both of these keep the skin looking fresh for longer and has mild oil control benefits. If you are looking for a mattifying effect, these definitely aren’t for you.

But for those who are on the lookout for a radiant glowy finish, these are definitely worth looking at and come highly recommended by me!

Product info

Correcting Cream Veil

36ml 1.4oz – SGD 100

Sheer Fluid Veil

30ml 1 oz – SGD 100

Available at all Clé de Peau Beauté counters (Tangs Orchard and Takashimaya)




Clé de Peau Beauté Spring 2015 collection | La Beauté Enchanteresse : Review, Photos & Swatches

Clé de Peau Beauté Spring 2015 collection | La Beauté Enchanteresse : Review, Photos & Swatches

Inspired by ethereal beauty comes a perfectly spring appropriate collection, La Beauté Enchanteresse by Clé de Peau Beauté.

Cle de peau spring 2015 review

This collection is made up of two eyeshadow palettes and three lipsticks.

Of the two palettes released, I received Moon Beam (310) and two of the three lipsticks. Cherish 211 (Silk finish) and De La Maitre de L’ecole 112 in the Satin finish which I am excited to share my thoughts on.

First of all, making a pale blue toned palette wearable on a solid medium skin tone as mine wasn’t a walk in the park. Simply cos I always wear neutrals and colours like this aren’t my go-to. But, i’m happy that I’ve found a look that works well with even darker skin tones and even better, an elegant eye look that can be worn also to work which i’ll share with you later.

So without further delay, here’s Moon Beam 310

Cle de peau spring 2015 Moon beam 310

The palette comes with a bright sky blue, a medium muted beige brown, a neutral deep purple and a pinkish oyster colour with golden shimmer.

Overall the palette is neutral making it wearable across many skin tones.

Cle de peau spring 2015 eyeshadow swatches

The texture of these were very fine and soft to the touch. They swatch silky and blend with zero effort keeping to the new eyeshadow formula (to read more, you can drop by this post).

None of the shadows felt dry, although the purple shade (the only one which was in a satin finish among others that were shimmery) did swatch with difficulty and was the drier one in comparison to the others. Fortunately this performs better on the lids and works really well over a primer which gave this a good base to hold on to.

Something I find unique about the Clé de Peau eyeshadows is that the shimmer finishes are very fine and are wearable even in daytime looks as they are refined and never vulgar. It’s the kind of finish I always look for when it comes to eye makeup.

Overall I like how all of them perform although, it did take quite a bit of packing on to get the required intensity of the blue so it would show up on my NC 35 skin. During this process I noticed quite a bit of fall out. I recommend putting on your base after the eye makeup to avoid cleaning up all the shimmer that falls out.

Moving onto the lipsticks,

Cle de peau lipstick 211 112 spring 2015

De La Maitre de L’ecole 112 – Is a warm medium magenta.

Between the two lipsticks this had better pigmentation and was semi opaque in 2 passes. The lipstick kept the lips hydrated and supple throughout wear and lasted around 3 hours before I saw signs of fading. It’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks that I own and a pleasure to wear given that my lips are prone to drying out.

Cherish 211 – Is a muted peachy nude with a neutral tone.

The formula was very similar to 112, although more so on the sheerer side. On my pigmented lips it took a bit of work to make this show up and I had to start with lining my lips and lightly filling them to nude them out, but this should work very well and look amazing on those with paler lips.

Here’re some swatches taken with 3-4 passes.

Cle de peau lipstick swatches

Now onto the look I created with the eye palette which I paired with 211 Cherish.


This product would work effortlessly on fair complexions, but here’s how to make this work on medium skin.

I’d recommend always using a primer before application to make the colours show up more vivid. Initially I attempted using this wet, which resulted in the eyeshadow going on very patchy and impossible to blend out then on. I’d strictly recommend packing it on bit by bit, working it well into the lid. There.will.be.fallout. So take necessary steps to ensure your makeup has less cleanup work.

Tight lining will help make the eyes stand out more and bring definition to the look you create. And a well smudged khol liner  topped with the purple shadow is the finishing touch with a good dose of mascara.

The bottom line

Overall I am a huge fan of the CDP eyeshadows. They are so easy to work with and are some of the most beautiful colour combinations around. I am surprised at how much I really like this blue combination on myself even though it’s not something i’d normally think of picking up!

The lipsticks are also excellent as far as formulation goes. Beautiful colours paired with silky smooth application and the glossy youthful finish is perfect to complete any spring makeup look. My personal favourite between the two was Cherish. You know me, i’m a sucker for peachy nudes!

Pricing & product info

The eyeshadow palettes are sold as refills and casing separate. The refills retail at SGD 80 and the case at SGD 30.

Lipsticks retail at SGD 105. (again sold as holder and bullet seperate though I can’t recall the breakdown of these individually)

Currently available at all CDP counters in Singapore (Tangs and Takashimaya)

Lastly thank you for reading and happy Easter to you all! 🙂


Clé de Peau Beauté, Beauté Céleste Makeup Coffret : Photos, Swatches and Review

Clé de Peau Beauté, Beauté Céleste Makeup Coffret : Photos, Swatches and Review

December to me was a month of palette reviews.

Among the many I sampled and blogged about, there was a distinct favourite. And it was by far the most used palette this season.

Introducing the CDP Holiday Makeup Coffret. My new go-to palette.

It comes with everything you need to create a fabulous day or night look without breaking a sweat. Although I have been mainly using this as an eye palette (it comes with blush options too) I find it’s a great all in one palette. Specially if you are into more mature and subdued eye makeup, like myself.

Without too much rambling, here’s the said palette that’s captured my heart.

CDP Holiday coffret 2014

As you can see the palette packaging in itself’s a work of art, which was in fact designed specially for Clé de Peau Beauté by Swash London the masters of whimsical and thought provoking prints & designs. I love it for it’s collectors appeal. Unique and something unusual.

The packaging itself is sturdy and feels weighty and luxurious and by no means something too fragile or flimsy to pack for your next holiday or even as a staple in your makeup bag.

Cle de peau Holiday Coffret

This makeup coffret comes with one Extra Rich Lipstick, a Perfect Lash Mascara (both travel size) and the eye and cheek palette.

Cle de peau beaute review holiday palette 2014

And a close up of the lipstick. A beautiful, deep wine shade.

Cle de peau lipstick review

Overall the palette and the lipstick leans warm. Making it very wearable.

Cle de peau holiday palette swatches

The palette contains 3 eyeshadows and 2 blushes.

Top to bottom-


Shade 1- A dark, smokey plummy brown.

Shade 2- A medium taupe with subtle mauve tones.

Shade 3- A high shimmer beige champagne.


Shade 1- A light warm pink

Shade 2- A light peachy apricot

Touching on texture and formula, the eyeshadows are all a shimmer finish and are on par with the newly reformulated eyeshadow formula which apply silky and smooth. While testing this out, I found that the darkest shade had a little bit of fall out during application and suggest a good primer to prep the lids. Other than that, the eyeshadows were pretty phenomenal.

On to blushes. These were matte and very finely milled. No powderiness was observed.

The lipstick was ultra comfortable to wear and well pigmented. I love how it glides on creamy and smooth. I also noticed it wasn’t as drying as some of the other CDP lipsticks I owned, which is great!

Lastly the mascara is ideal for a subtle yet defined lash look. I wouldn’t call this a night time mascara as it doesn’t do much for volume or length, I like it mostly for day time use and the fact that it’s water resistant makes it budge proof and lasts throughout the day without any flakiness or smudging.

Wrapping up this review, here’s a look created with this palette.

I only used the eyeshadows in this case and created a smokey, glowy look which is actually wearable post holiday!


And a closer look at the eyes. I really love how the champagne shade highlights the inner eye. So shimmery!


Quick run down of products I used to create this look,

Eyeliner- Urban decay Smog

Mascara- Eyeko

Lips- Tom Ford Lip gloss in Rose Crush

Cheeks- Nars Madly topped with Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Luminous light.

Brows- Anastasia Brow Wiz

Contour – Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette (I used the shade Frisk to give some added definition to the nose)

Other important info!

This palette is still available for purchase at Clé de Peau Beauté counters although the pressed powder and the gloss trios are long gone!

Priced at SGD 250 it’s definitely a splurge. In the event you do happen to pass through the Duty Free though, you can even pick one up there at a discounted price! I feel it’s a absolutely gorgeous product that’d make a lovely gift or a little treat for oneself.

*Mine was a press sample sent for review.

Shiseido Sale : Info & Haul

Shiseido Sale :  Info & Haul

It’s that awesome time again! The bi-annual Shiseido sale we all look forward to!

Today was the media preview day and I went bright and early so I could grab some stuff and make it back home in time to photograph and get my blog post up so you can start making your shopping lists. I didn’t get much for myself, (let’s face it, I have more than I can possibly use up!) but of course I did shop for some of my friends who don’t live here, so they can enjoy some Shiseido and CDP goodies too.

As you may have noticed, from past sales. I usually make a beeline straight to the NARS and CDP stands. Little surprise there, as they are my favourite brands! However this time around I spent a little more time at Shiseido as well, mostly since I had just received some eye palettes and lip products from their Fall collection and i’m currently LOVING the texture of these.

So without boring you with words.. let’s take a look at what’s available.

First up, Clé de Peau Beauté lipsticks.

My two picks were R5 and T5. These retail at $35. A steal, given that they normally retail 100+!

Cle de peau lipsticks

I also picked up an Ettusais Lip Essence. Which I hear are excellent lip oils for nourishing lips and keeping them supple. So I picked up one 🙂 This was just $15.

Ettusais lip essence

Onto some really exciting stuff!

I was soo thrilled I got to pick up these…. the Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trios

Shiseido eyeshadow

This fabulous green trio GR 305 (How gorgeous is that khaki and sea foam green!) as well as the beautiful orange black n silver trio OR 302 which I found very unique! At just 25$ per palette it was an amazing buy as they usually retail around $50 I believe.

Another great Shiseido buy that I highly recommend are their Lacquer Rouges. At the time I was there, testers weren’t out yet, so it was a bit difficult picking colours. However I didn’t leave empty handed, and brought home two lovely deep reds.

Shiseido lacquer rouge

These rouge lacquers are liquid lipsticks which are incredibly vivid and opaque and are among my all time favourite Shiseido products. (Sale price- $20)

Lastly, NARS.

NARS Candle

To be honest, NARS prices at the Shiseido sales are some of the best deals. The eyeshadow singles go at $18, palettes start at around $20 and this time there were also candles available for $35 which is heavily discounted! (Seen above is Acapulco, which smells like a mix of chocolate and vanilla! ❤ )

I picked up two of the Voulez Vous Eye & Cheek palette which includes my all time favourite NARS blush, Deep Throat (left); Dolce Vita blush (right) and three limited edition eyeshadows as well as Lhasa, one of the permanent eyeshadows. At just $35 this is incredible value!

NARS Cheek and eye palette

I also highly recommend checking out Lola Lola. A well pigmented & buttery smooth,medium warm brown.

NARS eyeshadow, Lola Lola

Other products I highly recommend.

The Clé de Peau Beauté primers. Since these just got reformulated, they are getting rid of old stock!

Clé de Peau Beauté eyeshadow palettes.

Clé de Peau Beauté Voyage gift set. Packaging is beautiful and make gorgeous luxury gifts!

Shiseido sunscreens.

Ettusais powders & cheek products.

NARS brushes.

Tips for shopping

Check expiry dates. Some may have as few as 6 months left while others had 2-3 years to go, such as the NARS palette which was expiring March 2018!

Always head to your favourite brands first, chances are they are the popular stands and most of the good stuff sell out early. *Warning: on public days there can be a bit of pushing and shoving! So be prepared!

Lastly, go early. People start queueing as early as 9.00 a.m. And as they say, the early bird catches the worm and in order to get your hands on the best deals you need to make the effort.

Sale details, venue and times.

23rd Oct 2014 10 a.m to 8 p.m

24th Oct 2014 10 a.m to 8 p.m

Orchard Building Level 12 (This is the H&M Building)

1, Grange road, Singapore 239693

Lastly, happy shopping you guys!


Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation Review

Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation Review

Good Morning!

So about a month back I was invited by Clé de Peau Beauté Singapore for a make over and preview of several new exciting launches. On this occasion I got to try the Radiant Fluid foundation first hand as well as learn a few valuable application tips.

Cle de peau radiant foundation review

As I was given the range of the newly released foundation, pre makeup bases & brushes for review, I quickly put them to the test the very next day! Fast forward a month later, here I am about to divulge all you need to know about this fabulous new find.

The Radiant Fluid Foundation is a new and improved version of the previous Refining Fluid Foundation. Both are lightweight foundations with sheer to medium coverage suitable for those who wish for a ‘my skin but better’ look.

As always let’s start this review with a quick note on packaging.

radiant fluid foundation review

This foundation comes in a midnight blue plastic pump bottle with a gold cap.

What’s great about pump bottles is that it allows the product to stay fresh longer as it doesn’t come into direct contact with the environment which in turn allows a longer shelf life. And more often than not, they allow you to dispense just the right amount needed so there is minimal product wastage.

As much as I love heavy glass bottles for these types of high end foundations, I find this version actually more convenient for day to day use and most importantly, travel friendly!

Moving onto the product,

Clé de Peau Beauté describes the Radiant Fluid Foundation as ‘A completely new type of foundation that veils the skin with layers of light making your skin lustrously dewy and irresistible’.

The new ‘Microfacet’ technology used in creating this formula which controls the arrangement of foundation particles on the skin surface to optimize light reflection to create a radiance from the surface as well as within.

The most noticeable difference to me when comparing this foundation with the older version was that the radiance it gives was more refined. Almost like a glowy, ‘lit from within’ finish. Where as the older version was definitely more of a ‘wet’ satin dewy look.

For those of you who have used the refining fluid foundation before and are keen on trying this, it must be noted that O30 is a slightly less yellow toned than it used to be as well as a touch lighter. The new O30 that I have is almost a neutral beige undertone, so i’d suggest trying out a sample again in order to get a colour match without blindly reordering your existing shade.

Cle de peau foundation review

Onto texture and formula

The Radiant Fluid foundation is a light density fluid foundation that glides on effortlessly. I like that it’s not a foundation that you need to work quickly with and just take your time applying it, enjoying the experience. although on rushed mornings I like to use just my fingers to apply this and it takes mere minutes. Fool proof formula as far as application goes.

Cle de peau

The coverage is light and somewhat buildable. It corrects any unevenness in skin tone and gives the complexion a uniform appearance while concealing blemishes and pigmentation. You can also go over any areas that require more coverage such as the high points of the cheeks (where there’s usually pigmentation spots from sun exposure) and tap on a bit extra without it looking cakey or artificial, maintaining the natural skin like look.

Once set (and yes this does set! unlike most dewy finish foundations i’ve tried) it still does feel very comfortable on the face and keeps skin feeling hydrated. I also love that it doesn’t transfer throughout the day and stays put.

I find the formula of this is very forgiving when it comes to dry, flakey patches, something I deal with from time to time.

It also smooths the appearance of the skin giving it a healthier look overall.

Longevity & wear

Wear wise, this foundation promises to keep skin looking fresh throughout the day without the makeup looking ‘worn’. And I do agree with that statement to an extent, although I feel that the look does change throughout, just not in a bad way.

From application to 2 hours the foundation looked exactly as it was when first applied. As it hit’s the 2hr mark more dewiness develops but not to a point where it’s an ‘oily’ dewy look. Basically I didn’t feel the need to blot at this point.

After the 4 hour mark, I did blot my t-zone to refresh the look of the makeup. And then on I did need a few blots every couple of hours. *If you have normal to dry skin you’d probably not need to blot at all!

Here’s a look at how the Radiant Fluid foundation looks on my skin.

Cdp foundation fotd

Shade range and product info

Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluide Foundation is available in 12 shades ranging from I10 (lightest for ivory skin tones) to O60 for the olive tan complexions. In Singapore we have an even limited shade range with colours running up to O40. Also keep in mind the CDP foundations are slightly more pink than other foundations, which is actually normal for Japanese brands. And it can be difficult to get a shade match if you are on the darker spectrum of the shade range, a common issue I face myself being a minority as far as colour matching goes in Singapore.


Radiant Fluid Foundation retails at S$175 and comes with 1oz 30ml of product.

Sheer Fluid veil primer retails at S$100 and comes with 1oz 30ml of product.

Concealer retails at S$116 (With two new shades Almond and Mocha being added to the existing 4)

Bottom line

At the price, this is definitely not a foundation that’s within everyones budget. However for those with the spending power I highly recommend you try this out as it gives a beautiful, natural finish to the skin.

Depending on what foundations you’ve been using in the past this could either be more matte or ‘oily’. As someone who always uses dewy foundations and rarely use matte ones I find this one to have much more oil control properties compared to the other dewy, skin like foundations such as the Chantecaille Future skin foundation, By Terry Sheer Expert and the Lancome Teint Miracle.

If you are someone who uses foundations such as Chanel Perfection Lumiere or D&G Perfect Matte liquid foundation, you’d find this is definitely something that requires more blotting during the day.

Here’re some swatch comparisons I put together

Cle de peau radiant fluide foundation

Overall, if you are able to find a good shade match, this is something i’d highly recommend. I love that it can be used even on rushed days and be applied with fingers and still get a great finish, I love that it keeps my skin feeling comfortable and never feel dehydrated. I also love that the new colour O30 is slightly less yellow toned and immediately gives my complexion a brightened effect.

In short, this is a dream foundation to girls who like skin like finishes and radiant foundations. It’s currently my holy grail, go-to for everyday wear.

*Clé de Peau Beauté counters can be found at Tangs Orchard as well as Takashimaya (Singapore)

Lastly thank you for reading, I hope this post was informative and useful!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Clé de Peau Beauté 305 Satin Moon eyeshadow quad : Swatches, photos & review

Hello ladies! ..and gents.. (in case there are a few of you reading as well 🙂 )

Today post is all about a fabulous FABULOUS neutral eye quad. Yup! I know I got your attention now! Satin Moon. Part of Clé de Peau Beauté’s A/W collection.

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand here’s a little info.

Firstly let’s put a common misconception to rest. Many of you mistake Clé de Peau Beauté to be French although it’s in fact Japanese and is under the Shiseido parent company as one of it’s luxury brands which mainly focuses on luxury skincare while also delivering a high end range of makeup.

CDP is all about subtly enhancing ones features while focusing on radiant, youthful skin. Therefore it’s unlikely you’d have seen bright heavy colours within their seasonal makeup palettes. However that being said, this time around they did surprise everyone with some stunning bold eyeshadows that were fresh and unique. I felt it revived the brand and made it more appealing to the younger consumer enticing them to dip their toe into the luxurious realm of Clé de Peau Beauté.

The new collection consists of 8 new eye palettes, two mascaras and three limited edition lipsticks. At the time I was on vacation and never got to make a dash to the counter. However Christmas came early when I arrived home to a beautifully packaged press kit with a generous selection of goodies from the new collection! YAY!!!

Let’s take a closer look at the eye quad I have for you today..

Cle De Peau Satin Moon

Cle de peau eye quad

Clé de Peau eyeshadows come housed in a faceted midnight blue casing embellished with a gold band where the logo sits  elegantly on the far right corner.

Here’s a look at the beautiful blue casing as it catches the light.. looks like a blue sapphire!


Inside….. a stunning palette consisting of warm neutrals which were used to create Amanda Seyfrieds stunning look for the campaign photos.

Cle de peau beaute satin moon

Satin Moon consists of-

A warm light muted beige-y gold in a fine shimmery finish

A warm bronzed brown in a fine shimmery finish

A shimmery taupe (almost neutral once applied, this was the least warm shade)

A slightly warm deep brown which was a satin finish with a complex mix of purple, green micro shimmer

satin moon swatches 305 cdp

And a close up of the beautiful shimmer in the deep brown shade

cle de peau eyeshadow swatches

Overall the texture of these were very soft and a single swipe picks up quite a bit of product as it’s rather loosely packed. You don’t need to dig into the palette to get the product onto the brush. Once applied on the eyes, they apply sheerer than expected.

These eyeshadows almost blend themselves and I doubt i’d be able to do an eye look and it end up with harsh lines. They all mix into each other so beautifully. To be honest I never used a blending brush! My basic flat eyeshadow brush did the entire look. All I did was sweep the shades into each other.

While testing these eyeshadows out, I created two different looks on two separate days. One a warm smokey eye and second a more neutral taupe eye look. The versatility of this quad caught me by surprise as it’s normally impossible to create a neutral and a warm look with just one quad. But the trick is to selectively use colours to create the tone you require.

For a warmer undertone, I used 1,2 and 4 of the compact and for the cooler more neutral look, 1,3 and 4 were used.

I thought this quad was very user friendly, versatile and also hits the mark perfectly as far as luxury goes. The quality was there, from packaging right down to the colour mix, it’s just perfectly curated.

A quick guide to selecting a quad 

Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 11.07.36 AM

If you are looking for a warm toned quad- 301 Marmelade sky, 305 Satin moon , 307 Stellar gaze are beautiful picks

For a cooler mix – 303 Baby Universe, 304 Champagne supernova, 306 Silver eclipse, 308 Cosmic aura are lovely

If shimmery eyeshadows aren’t your taste, 303 Baby Universe is for you! In fact this was the only quad that had two satiny matte shadows mixed with two shimmer eyeshadows (All other quads comprised entirely of shimmer mixed with satin/micro shimmer shades) A perfect everyday quad with a rosy undertone.

My personal favourite – 302 Star Dust was a gorgeous mix of forest green, olive mixed with a little pinky beige. A great ‘coloured’ alternative for a neutral eye look for day wear.

Final thoughts-

As always I recommend using an eye primer to get the desired intensity and wear time. And application wise, any eye brush would do cos the formula is easy to work with and overall just A+. These were long lasting and didn’t crease.

I feel the texture and formula of these lie between the Tom Ford quads and Chanel. Not as pigment heavy as Tom Ford but not as subtle as the old Chanel quads.

For more comparison swatches and a great review on this quad, drop by Sabrinas blog 🙂

Other info- 

CDP eyeshadows are sold with the case and product refill separate. Each retailing for SGD 30 and SGD 80 respectively. If you are one to depot your eyeshadows or use them for artistry, you can opt to buy only the refill and save 30 bucks. Although part of the magical experience of owning Clé de Peau makeup is the gorgeous packaging 🙂

Hope this post was informative and let me know which one’s caught your eye. Personally I am in love with the Baby Universe palette and I think i’d snap that up next! All thanks to Terence at the Tangs CDP boutique who used this on my eyes the other day… now I am hooked!

Summer Dreams

So it’s finally summer! Armed with two beach vacations under my belt, I believe I am ready to dish my list of essentials for a sunny getaway.

Here’s the round up.

Summer makeup essentials


If you hadn’t noticed already, I am a huge fan of bronzing.

Personally I don’t think pasty white legs or face for that matter looks very beach worthy. So for a skin safe option (Cos nobody wants to run the risk of getting skin cancer), I like to pack a bronzer or two. Golden and glowy, the safe way.


Bronzer Chanel favourites Les Beiges

The two I have been loving the most so far are my Chanel Les Beiges in No. 02 that came out this summer and this older LE version which I have been enjoying as a blush. It’s actually the ideal mix of corally pink bronze that mimics the natural light rosiness you get on the high points of your face after a good day in the sun. (I like to use the top three stripes, as it’s the darkest and suits my current NC 35 skin well)

So to talk more about the Les Beiges No. 02 since it’s still available…

This is a very light bronzer to add just a hint of warmth to your face. I usually use the top two stripes. And the top most stripe (which is the lightest) contains a very light shimmer and imparts a radiant glow (You can use it alone as a subtle highlighter). The last stripe if used by itself is great as a summer blusher or defining your cheekbone a bit more for a soft contoured look.

Bottom line, it’s a very finely milled luxurious product that’s of good quality. I highly recommend it.

   Next up, I want to share something i’ve been loving for a while now, not only is it conveniently packaged for travel. It’s also a quality product that works!

The Cle de Peau Concealer.

Cle de peau concealer

Needs no introduction, and is indispensable for covering up any blemishes or dark under eyes circles.

I usually don’t wear foundation while on vacay as I like my makeup fresh and light and this is perfect for covering up the nasty little blemishes that may pop up and evens out the complexion. If your budget permits, it’s worth picking up!



Chanel cream blush intonation   Another summer favourite are cream blushes. They are perfect for adding colour without the powdery feel. And usually longer wearing and budge proof compared to their powder counterparts.

My personal favourites are coral blushes, and Chanel Intonation is the perfect bright coral to rock with your freshly acquired tan. It’s super easy to apply (I just use fingers FYI ) and get a believable, natural flush every time. Just make sure you pat and blend well so that you don’t end up with a harsh streak of blush across your cheek.

For eyes, the obvious. Water proof mascara.

It’s a must have for keeping your eyes looking defined and wide open. I usually never wear waterproof mascara, but always pick one up during the summer months specially for hitting the beach. One of the best out there are by Helena Rubinstein. Her line of mascaras are HG material. And I love them. They last all day and are budge proof.

Another eye essential is colourful bright eye liner. Somehow every year this trend keeps coming back and I really love it.

It’s a great way to add a fun touch of colour to define your eyes and draw attention to them. For waterproof versions, the Stila ones are great and they come in a load of gorgeous colours. My current favourite is this pretty, light blue liquid liner I packed last weekend for my trip to Krabi.

Nars Stila Helena Rubinstein eye makeup Kauai

So eye shadow is not something i’d consider a summer vacation staple. But if there was one eyeshadow I recommend you take on your beach vacay, it’s Kauai.

Kauai was a LE duo that came out this spring and if you didn’t pick it up.. ooops! you missed out on something amazing! The gold and purple combo is soo buttery smooth and the pigmentation was out of this world. It is by far my favourite Nars duo ever. The gold in this is perfect for a wash of colour and I paired it with this pretty aqua blue YSL liner from Summer 2014 for a quick eye makeup look.

The purple shade was great for night time, and creates a very fresh smoky look when paired with the gold.

So if you didn’t get a hold of this, I highly recommend you check out the Nars duos that came out for summer this year. Do not miss out! (The green/lavender version is stunning for those who are bolder with their eye makeup, and the pigmentation was excellent!)

Now onto Lips!

So I packed a few bright lipsticks, but none of them ended up being used! But guess what I did use everyday as my go-to lip colour?

This new lip tint by Clio!




Clio gelpresso lip tint

It was an unexpected find while on a routine visit to the drug stores. I love that it’s quite moist on the lips and feels feather light and undetectable due to it’s watery texture. This is one of my top favourite products this summer and very budget friendly, and I highly recommend it.

Lastly here are some new summer fragrances that I have been enjoying.

Below is a lovely little travel set of Guerlain EDT’s that released for summer in the DF. It comes with 4 fragrances that are light and fresh.

The Manderine Basilic was my favourite and has a very uplifting effect. Perfect for a quick splash in the mornings to wake up the senses before heading out.


Guerlain EDT Summer perfume



Also another great makeup bag essential I chanced upon is this gel type perfume by L’occitane.  I love the convenience of this type of packaging as its’ spill proof and great for mid day touch ups.

Plus the gel is quite interesting so it caught my eye! haha I just had to have it.

The fragrance is very fresh and slightly sweet. And if you are someone who like more feminine scents, this one’s for you!

Loccitane red cherry gel perfume


So that’s what I have been enjoying this summer. Of course if I find more interesting summer goodies i’d be sure to keep you informed. But for now, these get my stamp of approval as they are of excellent quality and travel friendly.


Thank you for reading.

Wishing you a fab week ahead!