Shu Uemura Blanc:chroma – Review

Shu Uemura Blanc:chroma – Review

It’s been a while since I talked about new skincare so it’s time to squeeze in a post in the middle of the summer makeup releases!

Today it’s all about the Shu Uemura Cleansing oil, Blanc:chroma.

Shu cleansing oil blanc chroma

Blanc:chroma launched earlier this year and I was happy to receive a sample as cleansing oils are an integral part of my nightly skincare routine.

Unfortunately, the Shu cleansing oils have been a bit of a hit or miss for me. And as much as I love how efficiently they remove makeup, some of their cleansing oils sting my sensitive eyes. If you are someone who suffers from this problem you’ll know how off-putting it is and products can quickly loose their appeal. Luckily, this one doesn’t seem to contain that particular irritant and have been my go-to cleanser for the last few months.


Shu Uemura cleansing oils come in plastic pump bottles which I find is the best way to package products like these. A few quick pumps and you are good to go.

Design wise they are very pretty and come in colourful bottles which are almost decorative. I love having mine on the bathroom counter!

Shu Uemura cleansing oil

As with all Shu Uemura cleansing oils, Blanc:chroma too was formulated to address a specific need, which is brightening & polishing.

The clay extracts in the formula purify and lighten your complexion by polishing away Melano Stains* giving you a more radiant, flawless complexion with continuous use.

*dead skin cells that lay on the top of your skin causing dullness


For a cleansing oil to work, they should be applied on dry skin ensuring it comes into direct contact with the makeup you plan to remove (do not wet your face before!).

I usually start with 2-3 pumps and massage this onto my face.

If you notice your waterproof mascara still budge proof, use one more pump and keep massaging (2 mins should do).

Next we add some water and emulsify the oil. At this point, everything turns milky and no longer an oil. That’s when you proceed to wash it off.

You’ll notice, all makeup has been effectively removed and skin feels comfortable and lightly hydrated. Now you are ready to pile on your precious skincare!

Bottom Line

Given that the most important step of your skincare routine is proper makeup removal, I find this product an essential in my skincare stash. And as a cleansing oil freak, I can assure you it’s one of the best ones out there.

*Also worth a mention, this new cleansing oil has a lovely fresh smell. I’ve tried many before and this has to be the most pleasing scent i’ve come across. The notes that caught my attention were Lily Jasmine and Grapefruit. A wonderful sensorial experience as you take off the days makeup and grime. 

 On that same note, those who are sensitive to fragrance in skincare, approach with caution and try a sample first 🙂

Product Details

Shu Uemura cleansing oils come in two sizes.

150ml for 55 SGD & 450ml for 125 SGD. *seen here is the smaller size.

These bottles last a good 2-3 months for me as I have a very small face, lol! If I were to guess, this should last around 2 months in general.

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime beauty cleansing oil review

Here’s a review long time in the making. The lowdown on the Shu Uemura Ultime8 cleansing oil.

Shu Uemura cleansing oil

As much as I love to put on makeup, I am someone who believes one should take the time to properly cleanse and take it off with just as much enthusiasm.

For the longest time I used a regular foaming cleanser to take off my makeup and just follow with a toner. I now shudder at the thought! For those who still do this, please keep reading, you are about to find out why.

The basic difference of a cleansing oil and a regular cleanser is, a cleansing oil is more or less designed to take off makeup and cleanse your face two steps in one. Whereas a cleanser is usually something that’s meant to just effectively execute the cleansing step, ie take off any dirt and grime off your face and not actually heavy makeup. Me being the obsessor, I like to use a cleansing oil after I have pre cleansed my face with a micellar water. This extra step assures me that there’s zero traces of makeup on my face once I cleanse and am now ready for some skincare!

My very first encounter with cleansing oil was when I tried the SK2 oil about two years ago. And since, I have repurchased that and have also been using two of the Shu Uemura oils in rotation. Today I shall discuss the Ultime8. My favourite cleanser from the Shu Uemura range. It’s priced slightly higher than the others and is the ‘super’ cleanser from the bunch. If you are one who gets seduced by skincare claims by cleansers, this one is the ideal candidate for you to try as it’s the anti aging version.

According to Shu Uemura it’s said to..

 ‘Effortlessly remove all kinds of make-up and impurities. skin feels soften, conditioned, hydrated, nourished from within and glows with a new radiance’

I’m sure you are interested in finding out if this statement is in fact true. So read on!

Let’s start with packaging & product details.

The Ultime8 is packaged in this amber coloured pump bottle which is ideal as it allows you to easily dispense the product without fumbling around with a cap and is also a very hygienic method of storing product.

Shu Uemura Cleansing oil ultime8

The product itself is slightly thicker in consistency compared to the other Shu cleansers i’ve tried. It feels more luxurious and for lack of a better word, smells ‘expensive’. I say this because usually I associate floral or sweet smelling skincare with poorer and cheaper quality!

>.< Although this is purely my personal opinion! 

Cleansing oil

 Application and use 

Many of you new to cleansing oils may not know this, but cleansing oil is applied directly onto dry skin. Unlike your normal cleanser where you would dampen skin with water in advance. The reason being, the oil needs to come into contact with the makeup in order to break it down and as you know water and oil don’t mix, and dampening your face creates a barrier that oil would only sit on top of and not come into contact with your makeup.

Let me demonstrate the recommended method of removing your makeup using a cleansing oil 🙂

Step 1-

I usually start with about 2-3 pumps of oil for a face full of makeup. (Here’s my ‘made up’ hand for a demo)

Shu 4

Step 2-

Slowly work in the oil onto your face with circular motions. And the makeup would start to dissolve.

Shu 5

Step 3-

Emulsify by adding a little bit of water and continue with circular motions. You’ll be left with a milky solution now.

Shu 6

Step 4-

Now you are ready to wash this off, and finally take a cotton pad saturated with toner to wipe your face. I did this step to check if all makeup is off. And as you can see there is still a tiny bit of residue. If so, repeat the process.

Or, if you are like me. Double cleanse. Use a Micellar water and take off any residue.

Shu 7

Step 5-

Completely cleansed skin!

Shu 9

Shu 8

Final Verdict

The Ultime8 Cleansing oil is a gentle but effective way of taking off any makeup and thoroughly cleansing your skin. It leaves my skin soft, bouncy and mildly hydrated and never feels stripped and tight. I also love that it doesn’t leave an oily residue unlike some cleansing oils and I do feel that this would be perfect for everyone including those with oily to combination skin types but especially beneficial for those with dry or mature skin for it’s hydrating and conditioning qualities.

P.S- I wouldn’t recommend this cleansing oil to anyone with sensitive eyes as it does feel uncomfortable if it makes it’s way there.

Is it value for money?

Yes. You only need a very little to cleanse your face each night. And a bottle would last you well over 3 months depending on how many pumps you use.

Product details 

Available in a 150ml bottle as well as a larger 450ml bottle.

*Mine was a sample sent for review by Shu Uemura SG

Cleansers, Cleansers, Cleansers!

I believe thorough cleansing is an integral part of ones skincare routine. As much as you put in effort to do your makeup, it’s also important to remove it at the end of the day and let your skin breath.

Unless you wear a lot of makeup you probably wouldn’t want to double cleanse. But making sure skin is squeaky clean before you get into bed is possibly the best beauty advice I could give anyone.

So if you are still on the look out for that perfect cleanser, maybe you’ll find something you’ll like here… So read on!




Here’s my stash. I know to some it may look a bit excessive, but I like to keep a wide selection at hand for my various cleansing needs. I promise you all of these purchases were necessary 😉

So what exactly are these so called ‘various’ cleansing needs?

a. Something mild, to use as a pre cleanser when I feel like double cleansing.

b. Morning cleansers

c. Heavy duty makeup removers (in my case, cleansing oils)

d. Cleansers I use with my Clarisonic

e. Exfoliating cleansers


Starting with morning cleansers.

My favourite is this Murad one for sensitive skin which I’ve been using for almost two years and love. It’s a gel formula and so mild; never strips my face off all it’s moisture. I love its very soft fresh fragrance and although it doesn’t lather too much, it’s very pleasurable to use.

I specially cherish it on days when my skin’s breaking out, as this never aggravates any sensitivity.



Murad Soothing cleanser

Pre cleansers

No cleanser post is complete without a mention of this miracle water. My trusty Bioderma. It’s a Micellar water cleanser, which requires no rinsing and is a soap & alcohol free formula. Also this has no detectable smell so it’s great for those who are sensitive to overly fragranced cleansers.

Personally I really love it for days when I wear little to no makeup and it’s my cheat for a quick cleanse without messing with cleansing oils. It’s also mild enough to use in a double cleanse routine.

On the down side I always see a tiny bit of makeup residue on my cotton pad after toning. So I always make sure I tone to get that last bit of makeup off.

What I love the most is this never leaves my face feeling tight or dry. A must have in everyones stash!



The makeup removers

For cleansing off a full face of makeup, I always rely on oils. They really do take off makeup effortlessly with no scrubbing. I seriously can’t believe I waited so long to try these!

Oil cleansers are usually applied on dry skin unlike regular foaming cleansers then massaged in and washed off. And my favourite cleansing oil is the SK2 one. I love that it’s so effective when it comes to taking off all makeup, no need to double cleanse. And it leaves no oily residue on your face but a soft moist bouncy clean feeling. It’s my favourite!

SK2 Oil cleanser

Also in my stash are two Shu Uemura cleansers. The POREfinist and Ultim8 (Both sent to me by Shu Uemura for review). They both do a good job cleansing off makeup but I am not too crazy about the fact that these sting my eyes. Specially the POREfinist, as it’s a finer and thinner formula than the Ultim8 it always, always gets in my eye!

Shu Uemura Cleanser


Cleansers I use with my Clarisonic

I only use one to be honest and that’s the Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh. Possibly their most popular skincare product. This has a very refreshing fragrance which I LOVE! I believe it’s cucumber… hmmm hard to describe actually.

It doesn’t lather up much as it’s a gel cleanser but after use I feel that it leaves the skin a bit thirsty. Not in a tight uncomfortable way but more of a ‘on the brink of feeling dry’ way.

So I am still on the look out for a more hydrating gel cleanser to use with my Clarisonic, so please let me know which ones you use with your Clarisonic. I’d love to give them a try 🙂


Fresh Soy Cleanser Review


Daily exfoliators

As much as I’d love to believe the claim that this gentle exfoliator is fine for everyday use. Good sense tells me not to.

Since skin doesn’t renew itself that fast, I feel that exfoliating everyday aka over exfoliating is just as bad as under exfoliating. That being said, the Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser smells sooo nice, it makes me want to! But of course I don’t! haha

It smells so fresh and I just love using this, but of course maybe once every three days or so, in the mornings. If you are lazy or keep forgetting to exfoliate, purchase this, it’s easy to use and you’d eventually train yourself to routine exfoliation!

I also love that the beads in this are not as abrasive compared to some in the market. And it’s actually pretty mild and never leaves your skin looking bruised and rosy!

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Here’s a look at texture, I didn’t take any of the cleansing oils as they are purely just oil!


Cleanser swatches marked

So in summary,

Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser- For those with sensitive skin and redness try this mild cleanser.

Bioderma Créaline Micellaire Solution- Sensitive / Normal to Combination, great for lazy days and travel.

Shu Uemura Cleansing POREfinist- Oily to Combination skin to take off heavy makeup.

Shu Uemura Ultim8 – All skin types and claims anti aging skincare benefits so I’d say it’s suited for mature skin as well.

SK2 Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil – All skin types to take off heavy makeup.

Soy Face Cleanser- Normal to Combination skin (Although it’s recommended for all skin types) a good everyday cleanser.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser – All skin types


Hope you enjoyed this post and I plan on doing more skincare posts in the weeks to come.

So feel free to let me know if there is anything you specifically want to see on my blog 🙂





Mika for Shu Eye shadow spiral duo 02- Orange Pink mix

Mika for Shu launches this May, so I figured i’ll share my thoughts on these with ample time for you to make up your lists and be prepared 😉

As you probably already know, a while back I attended a fun event put together by the lovely girls at the Shu Uemura Singapore office. It was a carnival themed candy infested ordeal.. and boy did we have fun! Possibly the best event I have attended in quite some time. And of course I was sent home with a giant goodie bag filled with Mika goods to review and share with you! Thank you Shu Uemura! 😀

Mika for Shu

So this collection consists of these candy inspired spiral eye shadows, base products (Dual fit powders & UV under bases), exotic lashes, nail stickers, Tint in Gelato (already in store and reviewed here) and the iconic cleansing oils, all adorned with the mystical and colourful graphics created by Mika Ninagawa renowned photographer and film director.

Mika for Shu

So today let’s start with a closer look at the Spiral eyeshadow duo.

Mika for Shu spiral eyeshadow

Mika for Shu spiral duo orange pink

In the left pan you get a swirl of bright medium orange, bright sparkly yellow and frosty white; and in the right, a swirl of muted almost magenta pink and light pearly pink. I love that there are so many colour options making it good value for money!

The packaging on the other hand was a bit of a let down as it’s plastic, and feels very flimsy when handled. As much as I love the cute Mika graphics, my expectations are always high when it comes to packaging and clearly in this case, it was not met.

But I am happy to report the product itself was an A+.

Mika shadow swatches Final


I got impressive payoff with these. I particularly loved how the orange shade applied. It had the right amount of shimmer and was noticeably better pigmented than the pink. The yellow shade was also as pigmented but had more of a sparkly finish and both combined together was just beautiful. The pink and the light pink gave medium colour payoff as it felt a little bit harder. But without too much effort I got good opacity with layering, as these are buildable to true-to-pan intensity.

I also used a smaller brush and picked up some of the colours individually to use as accents for inner eye highlighting and lining and they all come together well, to create a complete, balanced eye look.

Here’s what I created using this palette.

Personally I prefer it worn very soft and lightly blended for a flattering day look. No liner.

Mika for Shu look 1

And here’s one with more lid action 😉

Mika for Shu look 2

I also took another option with very thin liner.

Mika for Shu look with liner


Final thoughts

These eyeshadows wore very well and are quite crease proof. I managed to wear this look yesterday for around 10 whole hours (used over a primer) and only saw minimal fading.

Bottom line, if you enjoy sugary shades, this palette is definitely worth a look.

Other info

The Spiral duo palettes come in two versions- Orange and pink as seen here, as well as a white and  brown version for those who prefer to take the ‘safe’ colour route (which excludes me of course!).

You get 3g  0.1 oz for SG$ 55 and will be sold at all Shu Uemura counters island wide.

Launch date – 1st May.



Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato Review, Photos & Swatches

Finally! A post on one of the most anticipated releases of this year, Tint in Gelatos by Shu Uemura!

Is it a lip gloss? Is it a liquid lipstick? a blush?!!! These days you can never say cos packaging can be so deceiving >.< Gone are the days when it was only lip gloss that came packaged like this.

So to put your confusion to rest, these are a two in one lip and cheek tint!

Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato

Tint in Gelatos come in 12 shades and are said to be part of the permanent range with just two colours being limited edition, BG01 and AT04 (a warm orange with gold shimmer).

Unlike the Dior Fluid Sticks I reviewed previously, I feel the Gelatos came in a better, balanced shade range. There was something for everyone!

Tint in Gelato Shu UemuraSo these Tint in Gelatos are of a mousse texture. Light and whipped, hence the name 😉

I found them well pigmented and one thin layer easily achieved full opaque coverage.

And although these are meant to be a matte finish, I’d say they are more in between matte and cream. Which in turn make them more comfortable to wear and I never had to worry about my lips cracking.

If you like to sport a matte lip, but have dry lips, this is for you!

Tint in Gelato wand Shu Uemura

Another thing I discovered while I was testing these is, if I used my finger to pat on colour rather than use the wand, I could get a more matte stained look. And the wand to lips application method would provide a more creamy matte look.

(P.S- Exfoliation before application is highly recommended!!!)

So on to swatches!

Tint in Gelato arm swatches Shu Uemura

BG01- A Neutral pinky beige

AT01- A bright red. Almost a true red, but not quite. (My absolute fave from the bunch!)

CR01- A cool bright coral 

PK03- Light cool pink with a smidgen of lilac 

PK01- A neutral, bright medium pink

Tint in Gelato Lip swatches Shu UemuraJudging from the lip swatches, obviously PK03 was too pasty on me, and would look more flattering on those with skin tones lighter than NC 30!


So how do these perform on the cheeks?

They go on creamy & smooth and dries down to a matte finish with the colour lightening a bit as it sets.

Application wise, I found that (using a brush or fingers) patting and blending disperses colour evenly. I would also recommend using less than you think you need and build up from there 🙂


Final thoughts

I really do love these! They are very well pigmented and and wore as long as 4 hours with no need for touching up.

* and in case you didn’t already guess, these are very similar to the Armani Maestro lip glosses and give the same opaque matte liquid lipstick finish.

A definite home run!


Other info

Two of mine were sent by Shu Uemura for review but I ended up purchasing three more cos I loved it so much!

Tint in Gelatos come with 5.4g of product and retail at SG$38 and are available at all Shu Uemura counters island wide

Online you can purchase them from





The art of lining- Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liquid liner

So a couple of months back the Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink eyeliner made it’s way to my hands.

Although I am not someone who wears liquid liner regularly, I have had my fair share of experience with them; more often that not ending with me throwing the liner into my bin in a fit of rage (last victim was the one by Dolly wink).

I believe I speak for many when I say it’s not easy finding that one ’it’  liner.. you really do need to sample a hella lot to get that ideal mix you’re looking for.

So I was pretty pleased when I finally came across something that worked for me, and I am excited to share my findings with you!

Shu Liquid liner calligraphink

First up, let’s start with packaging.

This liner comes in a sleek black barrel with elegant lettering of the Shu Uemura logo in silver.

I really love that the cap shuts close firmly with no danger of spilling. However I did notice a couple of ink splashes when I pull open the cap in a rush. I think it’s to do with the tip being so saturated with ink and the force I used was a bit too much.

Overall I believe the design is quite nice and does have an expensive look, which I quite like.

To make this blog post interesting, I decided to compare it to some of the most hyped up, high end liners that entered the market quite recently.

My choices were, the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er and the Tom Ford eye defining pen.

Liquid liners Shu Uemura Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs

Let’s start with the brush tip.

Tom Ford Shu Uemura Marc Jacobs liquid liner

Shown below are two more brush comparisons for size reference. They depict different ends of the Tom Ford brush tips (felt tip and calligraphy brush tip)

P.S- the Marc Jacobs one is a felt tip.

Brush tip comparison Shu Uemura Calligraphink Tom ford eye definer

Tom Ford eye definer Shu Uemura Calligraphink liquid liner

The Shu Uemura tip is a calligraphy style brush tip.  I love that it’s on the larger side as I prefer to use the side of the brush instead of the tip to draw my lines, this way it’s really easy getting close to the lash line, I just have to rest it along the lashes and follow the contour.

The length of the brush tip makes it more flexible and helps deliver a nice smooth line and I don’t have to keep adjusting the angle of my hand as I go along the eye line. The tip I mainly use at the inner corner and the outer corner to draw the flick.

Shown below are swatches of the three. Please note that I used the Tom Ford calligraphy brush end as it was the most relevant for comparison purposes.

eye liner comparisons Calligraphink tom ford shu uemura magic marc'er

Product performance

When I compare the colour and pigmentation of the Shu Uemura to the TF and Marc Jacobs, there really is no ambiguity as to which was more pigmented. The Calligraph:ink liner wins hands down. One smooth stroke delivers the blackest of black lines with a steady flow of ink throughout.

The Tom Ford was a close second as it did pack a good amount of pigmentation and had the most matte finish. I found the Shu Uemura matte, but a little less compared to the TF. For those who are after a solid matte, I say the TF is better in that sense.

The Marc Jacobs on the other hand was a disappointment compared to the other two. The pigmentation of the ink was the least impressive and I found if I layered it to intensify, the liner got chunky and was prone to emphasizing eyelid wrinkles. I also feared the liner would crack as it looked a bit thick.

Wear wise all three wore very well all day, and didn’t smudge.


Here’s a simple eye look with the Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liner.

Other products i’ve used

Eyeshadow- Burberry Trench, Eyebrows- Anastasia Brow wiz and Shiseido brow powder compact, Under eye concealer- Cle de peau, Mascara- DiorShow Iconic

Shu Uemura Calligraphink liner

Final thoughts

From the three, my picks would be the TF and the Shu (Shu Uemura being my favourite if I had to choose).

I find the fact it’s refillable makes it very cost effective. And of course it’s the cheaper of the two.

Other Info-

It also should be noted that the Shu Uemura and the Marc Jacobs are waterproof; however though the TF is not marketed as waterproof this too is pretty similar to the other two. No budging when in contact with water.

Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liner could be purchased in SG island wide at Shu Uemura counters for SGD 58 (refill cartridge is SGD 29).

*Mine was a sample sent for review by the company.

Worldwide, you can purchase this from the Shu Uemura website.

My Tom Ford liner was purchased from Neiman Marcus for USD 55.

Marc Jacobs from Sephora for USD 30.

My first custom eyeshadow quad – Shu Uemura

With my recent Spring kick came an insatiable thirst for pastel eyeshadows.  I did end up with a few Dior pastel quads and palettes, however I still wanted a Spring palette that I could call entirely mine; colours selected by me, in shades and finishes that flatter ME!

So while I was picking up a bottle of their famed Cleansing oil (review to be up soon) the gorgeous eyeshadow bar at Shu Uemura caught my eye and the first thought that crossed my mind was SPRING PALETTE! Hahaha

Love how my mind works right?  😛

What I love about the Shu Uemura eyeshadows is that they have such a large variety of colours ranging from the lightest pastels to the most shocking neon orange you could ever find! Basically Shu Uemura is all about colour, bold, unapologetic colour.

The hardest part is usually deciding which 4 colours would come home with you.

So here’s a little guide to help you with purchasing Shu Uemura eyeshadows-

They come in 7 different finishes,

P- Pearl

G- Glitter

ME- Metallic

IR- Iridescent

M- Matte

Silk smooth


I picked two pearl shades, one metallic and one glitter.

Shu Uemura eyeshadows custom palette

P121- A soft peach, which was a shimmery pearl finish. Silky and blended so easily.

P 140 – A pastel pink, yet another pearl shadow. This was a cool pink.

ME 433-  A soft pastel shimmery green. It was the first colour I picked. This colour compliments olive skin tones so well, and if you are of that colouring, I highly recommend getting this one! From the three coloured shades, this one felt the smoothest. I love to pair this with orange or peach for a fresh Spring look.

G W-SV 909- A sparkling silvery white. This was one of the smoothest glitter eyeshadows I had ever encountered; One swipe pulled in a lot of product and it went on buttery smooth! I highly recommend this shade as well.

P.S- For those of you who are lusting over the Tom Ford glitters, but can’t justify the price tag, these are a good alternative!

Shu Uemura eyeshadows pastels pink peach

Here they are, swatched.

Shu Uemura eyeshadow swatches pastel


The good thing about these is that you can never be unsatisfied with your palette, as they are all hand picked by you!


Product info-

Each single eyeshadow contains 1.4g of product and retails at SGD 22. I purchased mine at Tangs beauty boutique.

P.S- The cases are available separately and they come in a choice of monos, duos and quads. The quad palette also could accommodate blushes. So if any of those catch your eye, you could go for a blush and two eyeshadows as opposed to just 4 eyeshadows.

Happy shopping! 😉

The art of stocking stuffing

If you are like me and start off real early buying Christmas gifts and then are scrambling around mere days before ‘the day’ looking for stocking stuffers, this post is for you!

Here’s a little guide,

a. Stocking stuffers should ideally be exactly what they sound like – small enough to go into a stocking! 

b. No need to go all extravagant (unless that’s your thing of course!) as they are just the little extras.

*Talking bout extravagant stocking stuffers I heard that there is stocking stuffer sized YSL Youth liberator serum that had come out specially for Christmas! Lmfao

c. The more the merrier! Don’t skimp, it’s the holidays! I personally love receiving a tonne of little gifts!

d. Try to take advantage of sales and other year end deals that most stores offer. Since you’ll be buying so many gifts, overall you do save a substantial sum if you shop smart.

Now on to a few stocking stuffers I managed to get my hands on, mostly from the Sephora 20% sale in Singapore.


Stila- Colour me Glossy lip glaze set

stila stocking stuffer idea

This Stila lip gloss set was made for stocking stuffing, it contains three individually packed gloss sets. There’s even a label to write recipient names! Now that’s smart marketing.


Shu Uemura S Curler, Lip & Cheek Fun-tasy

shu uemura lash culer cheek tint

Adore this cute lash curler and lip/cheek tint from the Shu Uemura 6 Heart Princess holiday release, it’s a fun little addition to any gift pile. And it’s always a plus when the packaging is cute, or even better, Christmassy! This collections packaging is decorated with a Christmas tree of hearts!


Benefit Double the Real mascara duo set

benefit they're real mascara

I always feel that gifts such as lipsticks can be tricky if you don’t really know a persons taste in makeup, but things like mascaras you really cant go wrong with, they only come in a very few shades and everyone is usually happy with black!

This set is extra special cos it comes with a mini mascara too, and it’s free! Perfect for anyones makeup bag.


Benefit  Crescent Row Eau de Toilette miniatures set

   benefit perfume miniature

Lastly this very cute perfume set, a Christmas gift sent by the very kind folk at Benefit, I had never seen it before, I believe it’s part of the holiday sets they had come out with this year. But it’s truly another awesome idea for stocking stuffers! It consists of 4 mini eau de toilette bottles and matching little boxes, the packaging is to die for and let’s not even get started on the names of these perfumes cos they are ridiculously cute! I think ‘Ring my Bella’ is my favourite, and it’s going straight into my makeup bag 😛


So that’s my little list of finds, hope is was of some help and eased your holiday gift shopping trauma at least a bit.

Wishing you a great week ahead,

xx, Michelle.