GlamGlow® ThristyMud™ : Review


Brand new to the GlamGlow® franchise is the ThirstyMud™ hydrating treatment mask which I was lucky to receive a month ago.

It promises ‘deep instant extreme hydration for long, medium and short term results’.


As you all probably know by now I love anything moisturizing and hydrating as it instantly plumps up the face for a youthful healthy look, so I was more than happy to give this a go.

After sufficient testing, I am excited to share with you my thoughts on it, so grab a coffee and sit back, it’s time for a quiet Sunday read ☺

glamglow thristy mud

GlamGlow® ThristyMud™ comes in a heavy jar of a beautiful aqua colour which we are programmed to instantly associate with hydration. It’s attractively packaged and feels rather luxurious. I personally hate flimsy plastic jars for housing skincare and GlamGlow® always get the packaging part right!

Another thing I noticed was that the product quantity is more compared to my trusty SuperMud™! The size difference in the jar was hard to miss, so I checked! and I was happy to discover that this comes with 16g more!

glamglow thirsty mud

First impressions

ThirstyMud™ is of a gel consistency. I love how light it feels as the creamier types usually make me feel like they would clog my pores. Although it’s of a lighter consistency, you don’t have to use a lot of it, just a thin layer should do.

The ThirstyMud has a coconut scent to it which is quite addictive and feels very summery! Perfect for lounging on lazy days and pampering your skin.

Up on application, the mask feels refreshing and minty and I noticed that on sensitive areas such as around my nose and lips it felt a bit tingly. Something unexpected, as I don’t normally experience this sensation with hydrating masks. However I must mention that it wasn’t uncomfortable or bothersome.


The first time I tested ThirstyMud™, I left it on for the specified time, which was 10-20 mins (for daytime use).

Since the mask felt rather tacky I decided to wash it off after the treatment (which also can be wiped off, it’s just down to preference) as I don’t like my skin feeling sticky throughout the day.
I noticed that using water to remove the mask was extremely refreshing as I was left with a cooling sensation as I splashed water over my face.
Results wise I wasn’t blown away. I have used other masks that give similar results as far as ‘instant hydration’ goes.

So first time underwhelming aside. I decided to give the mask a second chance by leaving it on longer as this can be used as a night treatment where you slap it on before bed and wake up with hydrated, plump skin.
I didn’t like the thought of sleeping with a sticky face so I put it on during the afternoon and went about doing my chores at home with the mask on and washed it off later that night. .
This time around I noticed better results. Keeping it on longer did benefit my skin much more.
The drier areas on my face, such as my cheeks felt softer and supple. I really liked the after effect.

So in conclusion I’d recommend leaving this on for as long as you could. You do get better results that way.

Also worth a mention, GlamGlow® ThristyMud™ is also recommended as an inflight treatment where you put in on when you board and leave it throughout the flight duration to save skin from the dry cabin air! Which I fully intend to test out on my next long haul flight 😉

Lastly, would I purchase this? Probably not, as I do own other masks that do a decent job at a lower price point. I would consider this more of a luxury indulgence.
But that being said, I do feel that it’s something worth trying out for yourself as GlamGlow® masks always have mixed reviews. What works for me might not work for you and vice versa.
So far from the GlamGlow range, my favourite has been the SuperMud® which is my holy grail, purifying, blemish busting, spot treatment mask that I would never go a single day without. But given that I do have relatively hydrated skin the effects of the ThirstyMud® was a little underwhelming although this mask does hydrate and restore moisture as it claims to.
I feel those with clear dehydration issues would notice it’s efficacy better.

Other info

GlamGlow® ThirstyMud™ is 100% Paraben free and suitable for all skin types.
Recommended usage is 2-3 times a week.
Priced at SGD92 (50g)
Retails at Escentials outlets at Tangs Orchard (beauty dept) and Paragon (3rd floor)
Also available in the U.S at Sephora.


Thank you Escentials SG for providing me with the sample 🙂

And thank you for dropping by! Happy Sunday everyone!

My favorite face masks

Face masks, the emergency rescue team of the skincare world. Apparently there’s a mask for pretty much everything these days. Be it an instant ‘lift’ for sagging facial contours, miraculous skin plumping anti-agers. And the best of all wrinkle relaxers!

My weakness is hydrating masks and clarifying masks.. and can’t seem to get enough of them!

Face masks sisley avene glamglow clarins

I’ve used quite a number over the years and have arrived at these fab 5 that never disappoint.

a. Sisley Black Rose cream mask

b. Avène Soothing moisture mask

c. Clarins HydraQuench cream mask

d. SK2 Facial treatment mask

e. GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment mask


Face masks Clarins Avene Sisley Black rose


Usually masks are part of my morning routine.. I basically pop one on before I head to shower (which is after I have cleansed my face) and more often than not, it’s this Clarins HydraQuench.

Once I am done showering I just wipe off the excess and go right into makeup.. I have never had a problem applying makeup over this (provided you do a thorough wipe), and it eliminates any chance of flaky spots and creates a good canvas for my foundation!

This is also a great mask for a mid week treat too, the refreshing fresh fragrance of this is soo calming and helps with relaxation if you want to curl up in bed and catch up on some reading!


The Avène Soothing mask is my savior when my sensitive skin decides to act up. This is great for moisturizing and calming skin that’s irritated. In my case when I am suffering from allergies and my face get’s itchy.

I apply a thick layer of this and wait for about 15 mins and wipe it off. I always follow this up with my Avène Deep Moist Lotion which was discussed here. It helps with continuous hydration as well as takes off any residue of the mask, as I feel that foundation doesn’t spread as smoothly over this.

This mask has no heavy scent, just the usual calming Avène fragrance if you are familiar with it.

* Also note, it would also double up as a great treatment mask for sunburnt skin! Perfect for Summer.


Sisley Black Rose mask is my weekly treat. It’s soothing rose fragrance is just what the doctor ordered for weekend pamper sessions.

The second ingredient in this is Shea butter, which explains the intense plumping and hydration. It also contains Glycerin to hold moisture, and a tonne of other plant extracts to work on those anti ageing claims.

I love that the scent of this is from rose flower oil, a nice luxurious touch, which is expected for the price you pay.

The main benefit of using this is the instant radiance and plumping which helps iron out wrinkles temporarily, leaving my complexion looking glowy and most of all youthful! And the intense hydration is not short lived either, so that’s a plus as well.

I usually don’t wear makeup after applying this, and only use it on afternoons when I have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy this to it’s full potential.

Here’s a closer look at the masks discussed,

hydrating masks




GlamGlow Supermud mask


My absolute favourite clarifying mask is GlamGlow Supermud. It’s great for a good deep cleansing to get rid of any congestion and is also my go-to spot treatment! Just a dab of this on an emerging spot instantly calms it down and stops it becoming a big angry zit!

Although some may find the earthy, herby scent a bit overwhelming, I don’t mind it. You can read more here.

SK2 treatment mask


Now onto my favourite in-flight mask! The SK2 treatment mask.

Personally, not a big fan of sheet masks, but I always pack one of these for long haul flights as the dry cabin air can rob your skin of its moisture and radiance. Using one always allows me to disembark looking just as fresh as I boarded! They are generously soaked in Pitera enriched Treatment Essence which brightens and deeply hydrates. If you are new to these, the texture can be a little strange as it feels somewhat slimy.. but it’s something you eventually get used to.


Bottom line, all these masks are pretty good. I would most certainly repurchase each and every one of them. However if I had to recommend just one. It would be the Clarins HydraQuench. It’s great value for money and a must try by the brand.

The GlamGlow is also a great buy if you have acne prone skin. Although it’s on the pricier side, you get a lot of applications from a single jar so it lasts quite a while! Good value in my opinion.


Other info-

GlamGlow is available at Sephora and Tangs Orchard Singapore.

Sisley is available at DFS Galleria and Metro Paragon Singapore.

Clarins is available at all Clarins counters island wide.

Avène is available at all Watsons outlets island wide.


Black Gold! – GLAMGLOW Supermud and Youthmud

After reading it’s rave reviews over and over for around a year, I finally have the opportunity to try GLAMGLOW as it had slowly made its way to Sephora in Singapore. However, being the patient girl I am, I decided to wait a lil bit longer and take advantage of a super deal that Sephora US was offering (Since I was to travel to SF within a week or so), basically for the price of one, I get to try a full sized Supermud and a half sized generous sample of Youthmud!

So on my very first day in SF, I hopped over to Sephora wasting no time! (I’d suggest you do the same if you want to take advantage of this offer as it was a holiday gift pack and stocks are now running low)


supermud youthmud glamglow


* Top to bottom, swatches of Youthmud (lighter one) and Supermud.

Glamglow mud mask youthmud supermud



First up, Supermud clearing treatment. Since my main concern was blackheads and light breakouts I decided to try this first. The SA at Sephora that assisted me with this purchase mentioned that only a very thin layer was required, so I did exactly that. Upon application, I felt a slight tingle/burn around my nose and cheeks, (but before I proceed any further, just so you know, I have pretty sensitive skin) which subsided as the mask began to dry.

According to the instructions leaflet it was suggested leaving this on anywhere between 5-20 mins, I decided to leave it on till the entire mask was fully dry with no wet patches, which was around 15 mins.

I then lightly wet the mask to soften it and proceeded to wash it off in circular motions.

What I noticed was a few of my deep rooted white heads had come up to the surface. I decided to aid the process and eased them out with my fingers, which I am pretty sure is not the recommended course of action! But if it works for you, just do it 😛 But yes, it literally draws them out!

So far I have used it twice now and I find that my whiteheads and blackheads are easier to get out. And I am hoping with regular use they wouldn’t come back as this is a clearing mask. I also love that this isn’t as drying as regular clarifying masks and my skin didn’t feel like it was stretched tight over my scull! However if you have dryer skin, this may feel slightly drying, but not overly so. I would recommend immediately following it up with a hydrating cream of your choice.

In summery, I think this mask does do what it claims, clearing blackheads and breakouts as it deeply purifies pores, and I would most definitely repurchase this.


Next up, Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treatment. This is the famed ‘Hollywood facial in a jar’ which brought GLAMGLOW it’s star status. It promises immediate camera ready, glowing skin! So, I put it to the test 😉

Just like the Supermud this too was a nice smooth texture which applied evenly with no tugging. What stood out was that apart from it’s French sea clay and volcanic pumice, it had actual crushed green tea leaves in it. I am guessing, for it’s antioxident, soothing properties, which did give this mask a slightly more luxe feel which I quite liked.

I applied it on my forehead as that’s the most dull area of my face, it needed all the brightening it could get! Upon application I noticed that this was a bit more potent than the Supermud and had extra ‘tingle’. But thankfully faded away as it dried.

I washed this off after 10 mins as instructed and lightly exfoliated my face in circular motions while doing so, which resulted in baby soft skin that was in fact brighter. I wouldn’t say that this is the best brightening mask i’d ever tried. But it did do a pretty good job, although personally I prefer my Ren Glycolatic peel mask (which I reviewed on the blog before) and don’t plan to repurchase the Youthmud in a full size.


Product info-

Retails at Sephora – USD 69 for one Supermud (34g) + Youthmud (15g)  Excellent value for money! Also worth noting, you get around 17 applications of the Supermud mask from a single regular sized jar which comes to around $4 per sitting.

Also available at Sephora Singapore.


Lastly, wishing everyone a sunny weekend, and thank you for dropping by!