Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo | Review, Photos & Swatches

This fall Tom Ford adds yet another new product to their lip colour category and as always, the mere mention of a new product had me counting down to the release. Of course the arrival of press goodies was a celebrated affair and I dove right in to see what they look like in person.

The packaging is as exquisite as i’d hoped. Sleek, sexy and everything i’d come to expect from my favourite brand.

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos

I picked 4 of the 8 shades released. Two ‘nudes’ & two bold colours just in case I need something to refresh my fall makeup wardrobe.

The Lip Contour Duos are quite an innovation. The idea of combining a lipstick with a matching lip shaper/liner in a single product is pure genius. And the fact that it’s so beautifully designed with the lipstick fitting into such a sleek wand is even more enticing.


What I noticed first off was, uncapping the lipstick can be tricky business. If you aren’t careful, the risk of damaging the lipstick by stabbing it with the packaging is pretty high.

The lip shaper also came with it’s own set of problems. The extra soft formula makes the tip quite fragile and in an attempt to twist up more product the worst happened and it broke off.  My suggestion is, only wind up just enough to apply so that the soft tip does not break.


This duo combines a lip shaper in a soft, pigmented, shimmer infused formula.

What’s interesting is that the shaper is also a few shades lighter in comparison to the corresponding lipstick. According to the press info this is to contour the lip for a subtle ombré effect when paired with the deeper lip colour.

For those of you concerned ’bout the shimmer factor. It is less than subtle.. (slightly chunky & bordering a glitter look). Personally I didn’t get the purpose of a glitter infused liner, specially since it’s barely noticeable once the lipstick is layered on.

Tom Ford Lip Contour

The lipstick portion of the duo is a pigmented, creamy, luscious one. A near perfect formula. Everything I want in a lipstick & very comparable to the regular TF lippies from the permanent line. I also feel that they are slightly smoother and glossier somehow too.

Count me a fan!


The lip liner prolongs the wear of the lipstick though also at the same time makes the overall finish of the lipstick slightly heavier on the lips (as you’d expect with layering product).

How i’ve been wearing it most days was, filling in the lips fully and applying the lipstick on top. This gives the most even result.

Overall I believe I could do without the liner. Or swap out the liner for a glitter free formula.. Personally the liner isn’t really working for me how i’d hoped it would.

Onto the SWATCHES!

Tom Ford Lip Contour duo

The shades are, L-R

No.4 Show it Off, No.6 Devil Inside, No.8 Make Me, No.3 Dream Obscene


Devil Inside is a warm medium red which transforms more coral when layered over the liner.

Make Me is a deep plum which pulls rosy worn over the liner.

Show it Off is a neutral taupe brown.

Dream Obscene is a rosy pink with hints of lilac.

Tom Ford Lip contour duo

And another look!


Bottom Line

I believe these would be perfect for anyone who prefer to wear liner with lipstick. Saves the trouble pairing liners to your favourite shades & the hard work of searching for the perfect match.

Personally I do love the colours within the collection and find Show It Off a must have, even though i’d use it mostly without the liner. It’s a nude without much warmth & yellow tones which I find rare.

Another favourite in terms of colour was Make Me. An absolutely stunning shade of plummy goodness. Though deeper bolder shades as this aren’t something i’d wear regularly, I do appreatiate a plummy wine done right. Highly recommend!

Pricing & Availability

These new Lip Contour Duos are new and permanent. Find them at Tangs Tom Ford beauty counter as well as MBS Tom Ford Boutique.

Retailing price & launch dates – to be updated.

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink | Review, Photos & Swatches

A few weeks ago I posted a summer themed photo on Instagram with a sneak peek of the soon to release Chanel liquid lipstick, Rouge Allure Ink in Séduisant. And as anticipated, many of you were interested to know how the performance and wear was, given at the time reviews of the collection hadn’t started to circulate yet.

Since i’ve been completely swamped with other new releases (mostly press samples from my favourite brands, the ones I blog each season) this review has been a bit slow. But as these just released (1st Sept) and finally available for purchase, I decided to squeeze in this quick but detailed review, so you know what you are getting into, so to speak.

Chanel Rouge allure ink review

The shade I have here’s 146 Séduisant. A pink heavy coral red infused with fine gold shimmer.


As you’d expect it’s nothing short of perfection. It’s a Chanel thing, no surprises!

The tube is frosted glass with the cap in elegant black accented with a gold CC logo.

As far as size goes, these are quite small. Similar to the Clé de Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge lipsticks I blogged about here. Easy to slip into even your tiniest purse as you head out the door.


Chanel Rouge allure ink

These liquid lipsticks are creamy, easy to work with & pretty fool proof in terms of application due to the perfectly designed paddle type wand that allows more control.

Although this lipstick goes on relatively evenly, you may have to work in and go over a few streaky spots here & there. And thankfully, the formula allows plenty of play time so you don’t have to rush with these (a problem i’ve been having with the MAC liquid lipsticks and Anastasia etc). The struggle is in fact REAL.

Rouge allure ink seduisant

Once applied, I find the Rouge Allure Inks take around 5-10 mins to achieve it’s final dried down finish. A soft satin matte which feels positively weightless and comfortable on the lips. As you can see from the lip swatch photo taken around 10 mins after application, lips don’t look crazy dry. And as someone with very dry lips and prone to flaking, I am pretty thrilled with the final result!

Longevity & Wear

Overall I find these extremely comfortable on the lips. It’s what I feel is an ideal formula for a matte liquid lipstick. They don’t dry out the lips and wear all day, even though they do transfer (very slightly) with eating and drinking.

Bottom Line

In my honest opinion they are worth every cent you pay. From the packaging to the formula, it’s an A+. I can’t stress how impressed I was with these, even though i’m not a fan of matte liquid lipsticks or Chanel lipsticks in general (I think I only own 2!).

Lastly, here’re links to some helpful posts!

More swatches Here.

Collection info, Here.

Pricing and Availability

These are new and permanent & come in 8 shades.

Available at all Chanel counters for SGD49 a pop.



Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Vinyl Lip Color (Fall 2016)| Review, Photos & Swatches

This fall Estée Lauder will be releasing two new products to their Pure Color Envy line up. The Hi-Lustre Sculpting Lipstick and Vinyl Lip Color.

I’ve already posted swatches of the Hi-Lustre Sculpting Lipsticks back when I previewed the collection (click here), and today will be focusing solely on the limited edition Vinyl Lipsticks (that hit the counters just about a week back).

Estee Lauder vinyl lip color

There are 5 shades in total. L-R : Ripe, Shameless, Controversial, Burn & Shock.


The casing is identical to the Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potions from last year, except these sport a black logo up top instead gold.

Estee Lauder logos

Overall the packaging is lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and functional.


According to the press release, these Vinyl Lip Color’s are essentially a glossy lip stain. A hydrating, pigmented formula for lasting colour & high shine.

The key ingredients; NEW optical pearl blend (to transform lip shape with a unique prismatic optic blend for amplified lips), Volume Boosting Complex (with a blend of 9 enhancing volume boosers such as jojoba, sunflower, avocado and hyaluronic acid) paired with Advanced True Vision Technology (colour pigments that provide a glistening shine) create a winning mix. A long wearing formula that remains vibrant and bold throughout wear without drying out the lips.

Estee Lauder Shock

I find the consistency of these are between a gloss & a gel with the swatches looking like jelly. It has a translucent quality to it which makes this product look juicy!

Swatches! In natural light as always.

estee lauder vinyl lip color

Ripe is a rich cherry red with plummy tones. Shameless is a medium blue based pink. Controversial is a warm medium red. Shock is a warm bright pink & Burn, a medium warm orange.

P.S- Most of the shades as you may have noticed contain some degree of shimmer. Although strangely they never seem apparent when worn. I believe they add to the lustrous glow but don’t show through the shine of the glossy base.

Estee lauder pure color vinyl lip review

These are very reminiscent of the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color that launched earlier this year (reviewed here). The same kind of intense gloss with great pigmentation (though the Estée Lauder Vinyls are more semi opaque than opaque). The only downside I see is these tend to be high maintenance.  A lip liner would be a must and certainly not something to wear on windy days if you have long hair.

On the positives, I really like how they keep the lips hydrated and moist. I also find they wear REALLY well as they stain the lip. Practically an entire days wear if you consider the longevity of the stain alone!

Bottom Line

It’s a fun fresh lip look. And between the vibrant mix of shades (from pinks, to plums to reds & oranges) you are bound to find something you like provided you enjoy this kind of look. I for one am super excited to pack these for my next beach vacay. Hair up, with a bright juicy lip truly screams summer even though these are fall releases. I’m glad they are here.

Here’s how my favourite shade Shock looks on the lips. Absolutely love it! It almost looks neon on my olive skin and contrasts so beautifully!

Estee Lauder lip swatch

Top Picks

Apart from Shock, I believe Ripe is also a must if you aren’t afraid to rock a bold lip. The mix of cherry plum with the added shine is truly show stopping. Great for those holiday parties if you aren’t fussed about touching up or transfers on the wine glass 😉


Available at all Estée Lauder counters and stand alone boutiques (Ion Orchard).

Retail price SGD48. (Limited Edition)



NARS Audacious Lipstick Additions for Fall 2016 | Shirley & Stefania Swatches & Comparisons

It seems so long ago that NARS released their initial Audacious lipstick collection. One of the first brands to ever come out with lipsticks in such a huge colour range.

I remember seeing them at the preview and thinking wow, I pretty much need them all! It was pure makeup porn! I swear.

The pigmentation and formula was soooo on point! And to be very honest, I haven’t seen any other cream lipstick outperform the pigmentation of these Audacious lipsticks since then. I still believe it’s THE best pigmented lipstick that… ever lived.. so to speak.


NARS Audacous Shirley, Stefania review

This fall NARS launched 5 more Audacious lipsticks (replacing 5 others which will be discontinued. For more info, click HERE).

Apoline – Light pink rose

Shirley – A deep wine red

Stefania – A deep fuchsia

Kate – A purple orchid

Mona – A medium mahogany

I’ve received two as press samples & since i’ve already reviewed the formula before (HERE), I thought i’d focus on a comparison swatch post against a bunch from my existing NARS collection.

NARS Audacious Shirley, Stefania

Here’s Shirley & Stefania.

NARS Audacious 2016 Shirley Stefania

Shirley is your go-to Fall statement lip. The perfect deep, rich red with a warm undertone. If reds and wines are your vice. This is one to look into.

As I’m not so much into the deeper reds I figured I won’t get much use off this. Until a lip swatch proved otherwise. Consider me sold! I am LOVING this shade for fall.

NARS Shirley comparison swatches

Here’re some of my NARS reds I find work well for comparisons.

(I’ve marked the Audacious shades with a * . The others are either Velvet Matte Lip pencils or Cinamatic Lipsticks)

Jeanne is the closest match to Shirley. Almost Identical when worn, though Shirley heavier on the reds in comparison to Jeanne which is ‘brown-er’.  I also found Shirley to have more slip and a silkier formula to Jeanne. This new lipstick just glides on like BUTTER.

Consuming Red, the latest Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from fall 2016 is also quite similar, so I threw this into the swatch comparison as well. If you prefer a matte lip, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are such an amazing formula. Richly pigmented and less drying than most matte lipsticks out there.

P.S- Have I ever mentioned the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are one of my all time favourite products? Well now you know!

NARS Stefania comparison swatches

NARS Audacious Stefania. A stunning deep Fuchsia. This applies much brighter than expected, and obviously I love the result!

At first swatch I imagined Michiyo to be a very close dupe. However after comparison, I found Michiyo much lighter in tone and brighter. I’d say Stefania contains slightly more purple hues too, a colour which would look stunning on olive complexions.

NARS Audacious lipsticks fall 2016

Bottom Line

I’m sensing there’s a slight improvement in formula. Both shades are silkier, and glide on like butter. I can’t recall how the other three swatched though (it was over a month ago since previewing these).

The pigmentation as you’d expect is also out of this world and boasts very long wear even though they do transfer with eating and drinking. I also find they stain a bit and wear out evenly. Therefore touch ups aren’t needed as often as any other regular lipstick.

If you are hooked on reds or pinks like me, these are two beautiful additions to your collection. I highly recommend!

Pricing & Availability

Retailing at SGD 44 each, September onwards (Singapore release dates).

Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Liquid Rouge | Review, Photos & Swatches


Back with a comprehensive review on these precious liquid lipsticks from Clé de Peau A/W 2016. After a slight delay due to a mid week deadline, glad I made it in time before the weekend hit!

I hope you find this detailed post informative.

Cle de peau radiant liquid rouge

As seen in my previous Clé de Peau A/W collection roundup (here), I have 4 of these beautiful lipsticks to test. Three generously provided by Clé de Peau Beauté, with one shade purchased by me. I’m happy I grabbed it while I had the chance since, as of now all 8 shades of Radiant Liquid Rouge are out of stock in Singapore (but will return shortly).

The shades in my possession are, 12 Chenille, 13 Flushed, 15 Fast Lane & 17 Bugatti Red.

Cle de peau beaute radiant liquid rouge


They say good things come in small packages and never were more truer words uttered. Encapsulated in art deco inspired packaging these new lipsticks are so tiny (adorable), delicate and just luxurious to hold.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover the black ombré case was glass, which give them a nice weightiness. It adds to the overall luxurious feel of the product.


According to Clé de Peau Beauté these new lip lacquers boast a moisture-rich, lustrous formula for a seductive long lasting finish.

I find these a hybrid between a gloss and lipstick. A lightly scented, creamy gel formula that glides on and stays put for much longer than your average gloss or glossy lipstick. Even though they never quite set and do transfer, I got substantial wear time with these. An average of 4 hours with moderate eating & drinking.

I also found the formula very nourishing and throughout wear lips feel deeply conditioned and never dry or flakey.

Clé de peau wand closeup

The wand as you see is features a slightly curved edge to fit the lip contour for better control & easy application. If you have trouble with regular liquid lipstick, you won’t have a problem with these. It smooths on colour evenly without any streaking.


The coverage you can expect is semi-opaque, with some shades (such as 15) less pigmented, applying sheerer than the others. On a side note, with this formula I prefer a single pump of product per application as it can feel heavy if you dip in twice.

Also less product gives it less slip. Meaning less feathering around the lip line so you can skip lip liner. I also noticed the more product you use, the more chances of the excess ending up on the teeth. Try applying these in the thinnest coat possible.

Overall verdict,

I do like the luminosity they bring to the lips. A fuller, plumper pout with good coverage and no sticky feeling.

On to swatches!

Cle de peau radiant liquid swatches

17- Bugatti Red is a bright red with a blue undertone

15 – Fast Lane is a neutral pink orchid with lilac tones

13 – Flushed is a pink nude with fine shimmer

12 – Chenille is a neutral medium brown with hints of rose

As always I put together a few sets of comparison swatches for each in case you plan on purchasing these online.

Cle de Peau Radiant Liquid rouge

I was surprised by how deep 12 Chenille wore next to other similar shades I had in my stash. It has a very unique hint of rose that makes it super flattering on medium skin tones without pulling too warm. As I was gathering samples for comparison I figured NARS Corsica, a limited edition from a holiday collection few years ago looked quite similar. Chenille is almost a deeper more intense version of that.

Cle de peau 13 comp

13 Flushed was also rather unique in my stash. I don’t normally gravitate to medium pinks as much though I do enjoy a good pink! Most of what I own are blue based pinks. However I found this really pretty on the lips and should be a universally flattering shade for most skin tones.

Cle de peau 15 comp

15 Fast Lane was the very first shade to catch my eye when initial promo pics started circling on social media. It’s one of those blue based pinks I LOVE to wear. Surprisingly I had only one lipstick I thought similar in my stash. Tom Ford Jack from the the first Lips & Boys collection. It’s almost identical.

Cle de peau 17 Comp

Reds! I found most of the liquid reds I own fall into a similar category. There are slight variances when worn on the lips which are harder to notice in the swatches, though I hope you can see the texture of 17 Bugatti Red! So creamy and opaque!

Here’s how the 4 shades look like worn.

I paired these lipsticks with very soft eye makeup using just a wash of light pink cream shadow (Clé de Peau Cream Eye Colour Solo in shade 302) paired with the lightest peach shade from the quad Golden Age (Clé de Peau A/W2016) and some crease definition using an older quad, Baby Universe. One of my go-to favourites for nude eye looks. On the cheeks I used NARS Madly. A blush that practically looks great with any eye or lip look.

Cle de peau collage

Bottom Line

I find the formula falls into the nourishing lip colour category. Similar to the MAC Huggable Lip Glosses, Rouge Dior Brillant glosses & Clarins Instant Light Perfectors, all of which I LOVE. These lip formulas are distinctively nourishing and clearly categorised as glosses, whereas the Clé de Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge stands alone as a nourishing liquid lipstick.

It is without a doubt one of the most luxurious, if not, THE most luxurious of liquid lipsticks available on the market right now. The end result is sophisticated, polished and elegant. Perfectly suited for the discerning customer this prestigious brand attracts.

Although the price is steep, I believe you pay for the quality, packaging and experience. And by what i’ve seen so far. It’s well worth the price and highly recommend you try one if your budget permits.

Pricing and Availability

Each liquid lipstick comes with 5.5ml of product retailing at SGD 80.

Available at Tangs & Takashimaya Clé de Peau Beauté (Singapore).


Clé de Peau Beauté A/W 2016 Preview & Swatches

Clé de Peau Beauté A/W 2016 Preview & Swatches

Cle de peau autum fall 2016

Among the most highly requested swatches this season, Clé de Peau ranks no 1! I’ve had countless requests for swatches of the new Luminizing Face Enhancer as well as plenty inquiries about the new Radiant Liquid Rouge formula. It’s been a highly anticipated collection to say the least!

Although my collection roundup has been slow, I’ve finally put together a post! Entire collection’s swatched, accompanying loads of pics which I hope would prove useful.

Cle de Peau Liquid RougeThe new collection consists of one brand new product, the Radiant Liquid Rouge as well as shade additions to the eyeshadows quads, cream shadows & highlighters. I’d have to say the liquid lipsticks were my favourites. Absolutely divine in terms of formula and what can I say, i’m a sucker for good packaging. It’s a LOVE. 

Cle de peau collage

The collection draws inspiration from artist Tamara de Lempickas bold aesthetic, sensuous sophistication and expressive colour palette. Impossibly delicate, yet as fearlessly seductive as the new found liberation of this era. 

Collection Breakdown

2 Eye Colour Quads – 315 Modern Era,  316 Golden Age

2 Cream Eye Colour Solo – 306 Blue Notes,  307 Smoke Stream

8 Radiant Liquid Rouge

1 Luminizing Face Enhancer – 16 Almond

Cle de peau golden age swatches

Golden Age is a stunning mix of bronze, peach, fiery orange and reddened brown. A breathtaking combination that’ll work through summer and fall!

Cle de peau fall 2016

Modern Era is a celebration of greens. A mix of Khaki, sage and forest green mixed in with a pewter grey/green.

Cle de peau swatches golden age modern era

Between the two I prefer the warm golden tones of Golden Age and also feel in terms of quality, this one’s slightly better. The only shade that didn’t perform as well was the last colour in the quad. The other three felt soft and buttery to the touch and swatched smooth with good pigmentation.

Modern Era though stunning in the pan contained 2 shades that underperformed. I found the second and the last slightly harder pressed and a tad dry. Both swatched with difficulty (the last more so).

Since i’m yet to try them on the eyes, hopefully Modern Era would work better applied with a brush. Let’s see! I shall update you when I do a look featuring this quad.

Edit – The two shadows perform perfectly well and blend seamlessly without any difficulty when tested out with brushes! 

Cle de peau cream shadow

Next in line, the Cream Eye Colour Solos.

What you see here is Smoke Stream, one of the two cream shadows released with the collection. It’s a smoky black with specks of coloured shimmer. (For swatches of both shades scroll right down to the preview collage).

The formula of the cream shadows are more balm like than other cream shadows you find at this price point. It’s not the creamy whipped consistency you come to expect. If you are familiar with the Shiseido cream shadows, these are the more pigmented and refined counterpart! They work well as a subtle wash of colour or as eye shadow base.

cle de peau beaute cream shadow smoke stream

On to the piece de resistance! The gorgeous Luminizing Face Enhancer, Almond!

Cle de peau Almond

Almond is a mix of pink, beige, taupe & ivory that applies as a pale champagne glow. It’s a neutral undertone which would work great even on the palest of complexions without looking too yellow.


Here’s a comparison of Almond among other Luminizing Face Enhancers in my collection. YES! I ‘needed’ them all.

Cle de peau highlighters

Top row L-R : 11 Pastel, 16 Almond, 15 Golden Apricot

Bottom row L-R : 13 Sand Beige, 14 Delicate Pink

As you can see, the variances between the lighter shades are subtle and quite hard to capture. It’s one of those products you need to see in person to appreciate it’s beauty.

Here’s a macro I took in it’s pristine condition. The shimmer overspray still intact.

Cle de peau beaute almond highlighter

For a more detailed review on the formula, you can check out THIS POST.

Cle de peau highlighter swatches Almond

Saving the best for last, the Radiant Liquid Rouge! THE most luxurious liquid lipstick i’ve ever come across. The packaging is glass, with a beautiful black ombre which allows the colours to show through.

There’re 8 shades released. I’ve got 4 with me to swatch, but I also have swatched the entire collection at the preview, scroll down!

Cle de peau liquid rouge swatch

These glide on like butter and look amazing on the lips. I love how nourishing & comfortable they feel and truly represent the Clé de Peau aesthetic. Luxury in every sense!

Quick look at the complete shade range.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.32.57 PM

Heading onto some more pics taken at the Clé de Peau A/W preview! I got to swatch everything over a cosy lunch with the lovely girls of Clé de Peau Beauté Singapore. It was makeup HEAVEN!

Cle de peau fall collage for blog

Pricing & Availability

Radiant Liquid Rouge – SGD80

Eye Colour Quads Refill – SGD 80

Eye Colour Quads Case – SGD 30

Cream Eye Colour Solos – SGD 60

Luminizing Face Enhancer – SGD 140

Collections available now at all Clé de Peau Beauté counters (Tangs, Takashimaya)

Everything seen here will be joining their permanent line up. Which means they won’t be selling out! Yay!

Post includes press samples and a few pieces I purchased myself. 

NARS Fall 2016 Collection Preview & Swatches

NARS Fall 2016 Collection Preview & Swatches

NARS fall 2016 collection is looking quite exciting! Apart from their seasonal Colour Collection, there are few other new additional product launches, as well as shade extensions to existing lines.

Today I’ll be giving you a quick preview and swatches of each of the collections which I photographed at the blogger preview last week. I hope you find them useful!

NARS Fall 2016

The NARS Colour Collection is made up of seasonal hues of shimmering gold, deep indigos & signature NARS colours that work seamlessly together to transition to fall.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store.

Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows – SGD 45

Antares – Iridescent white gold

Rigel – Shimering rose gold

Arcturus – Shimmering deep indigo

Velvet Matte Lip pencil – SGD 38

Infatuated Red – Garnet

Consuming Red – Bordeaux

Contour Blush – SGD 62

Melina left side – Café Au Lait/ right side – Espresso

Talia left side – Light Caramel/ right side – Nutmeg

Velvet Eyeliner – SGD 36

Black Moon – Black

Mambo – Rich hazelnut

Curaçao – Turquoise blue

Kalisté – Teal

London – Stormy grey

Blue Lotus – Periwinkle

Last Frontier – Espresso

Las Pozas – White Pearl

Darklight – Navy

NARS fall 2016

On to the swatches!

NARS fall 2016 swatches

T-B – Rigel, Antares, Arcturus

My favourite Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow was Rigel (rose gold), well pigmented & smooth.  The kinda shade I gravitate to whenever I want a single lid colour.

NARS fall 2016 velvet eyeliner swatches

L-R – Kalisté, London, Mambo, Black Moon, Darklight, Blue Lotus, Last Frontier, Curaçao, Las Pozas

These new Velvet Eyeliners were the star release of this collection. A soft creamy formula that can be smudged to create a variety of eye looks.

It had good lasting power too, I tested it out a whole day and it did not budge.

The shades that stood out to me were, Darklight (navy), Kalisté & London a rather interesting grey.

Lastly Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. Top – Consuming Red, Bottom – Infatuated Red

NARS fall 2016 velvet matte pencils swatch

NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencils are a favourite! I love the formula. They are very soft, smooth pencils with great colour payoff and a comfortable matte finish. Get them both!

On to the next fall release, the Audacious Collection.

NARS fall 2016

This collection consists of 5 new shade additions to the Audacious lipstick line  {in turn, 5 existing shades (Michiyo, Leslie, Jeanne, Deborah, Geraldine) will be discontinued} , all new Brow Defining Cream and limited edition Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylo in matte & satin versions.

Audacious Lipstick – SGD 44

Apoline – Pink rose

Shirley – Red crimson

Stefania – Deep fuchsia

Kate – Purple orchid

Mona – Mahogany

Brow Defining Cream – SGD 35

Sonoran – Blonde

Al Djouf – Light brown

Tanami – Auburn

Danakil – Dark brown

Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylo – SGD 42

Audacious Mascara – SGD 44 (Repromote)

Lipsticks always catch my eye first!

NARS Audacious swatches fall 2016

T-B – Apoline, Mona, Shirley, Kate, Stefania

NARS Brow Cream

T-B – Danakil, El Djouf, Sonoran

I found these to be ultra long wearing and waterproof and see them holding up well in sweaty weather. An exciting new product to try out!

Last but not least, releasing in October are an all new line of liquid lipsticks! The Velvet Lip glides! I’ve already churned out a swatch post for this previously. Click HERE.

So far part of the fall collection has already released online (in the U.S) with Singapore receiving the Colour collection right after in August, following with the Audacious Chic Out collection & Velvet Lip Glides.

Official Release Dates (applicable to Singapore)

August – Fall 2016 Color Collection, Velvet Eyeliner, Narsissist Dual Intensity Blush Palette (blog post to follow)

September – Audacious Collection. Lipsticks, Brow Defining Cream & Unrestricted Eyeliner Stylo

October – Velvet Lip Glide





NARS Velvet Lip Glide | Photos & Swatches

NARS Velvet Lip Glide | Photos & Swatches

It’s always a spectacular affair these NARS previews. There’s always something to get everyone buzzing with excitement. And this fall, the biggest deal were the new Velvet Lip Glides that will be launching this October (applicable to Singapore).

Velvet Lip Glide

As always I come armed with loads of preview pics as well as a set of swatches just for you. Do read on!

NARS Fall 2016

According to the NARS press release,

These new lipsticks strike a perfect balance between softness & strength, coverage and comfort in a full range of colours. Laced with NARS’ Oil Infusion Complex, this hybrid lip colour combines the fluidity & effortlessness of a gloss with the coverage and comfort of a lipstick. Oil Infusion Complex also allows for a smooth-glide effect, instantly delivering saturated colour with sensorial comfort.

Formula & Texture

I found these to be lightly scented, highly pigmented, with the texture of a nourishing lip gloss/cream hybrid. Even the paler shades provided pretty much opaque coverage without having to layer on. Something I did not anticipate.

Additionally these Velvet Lip Glides feel lightweight on the lips and never overly slippery or sticky as a traditional gloss, these feel more like lipsticks with a velvety cushion-y feel.

Here’s a line up of the shade range.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide

On to some swatches from the preview. All done in a single swipe.

NARS Velvet lip glide swatches


*Note, although the swatches look rather wet and glossy, the finish on the lips is more of a creamy, soft look.

Bottom Line

The formula is divine. Think Audacious lipstick in a liquid cream format. Intensely pigmented, lightweight and comfortable. If you are tired of the matte liquid lipstick trend, it’s time to hop onto the Velvet Lip Glide bandwagon. You won’t regret it.

Pricing and Availability

Available at all NARS counters (Tangs, Robinsons at Heeran). Retail price SGD45 for 5.7ml