MAC Brooke Shields Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

Finally the MAC Brooke Shields collection hit the stores yesterday and here’s my review just in time.

From the assortment I received, I managed to test out the eyeshadow palette and lip cheek Cream Colour Base for a good while now, so I am comfortable putting my thoughts down. As you can see most of the collection is pretty much daily essentials for real woman like you and me and all the colours are workable in real life.

MAC Brooke Shields collection

I specially loved how the collection is well thought out in aspects such as ease of use and multi functionality. And the sleek design is also nice without any unnecessarily bulky packaging like some companies do when it’s a LE collection.

MAC Brooke Shields

Without further ado, let’s get down to the eye palette, Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow – Mortal

Here’s a closer look at the beautiful warm colour spectrum.

MAC Brooke Shields Mortal eyeshadow palette

This palette contains 5 eyeshadows in a strip design. I personally prefer the round pan palettes as I feel it’s easier to get into the pan with my makeup brush without having to carefully dip it in and worry that the adjoining shade is going to somehow end up on my brush as well!. But of course using a smaller brush (specially when picking up the two uppermost and lowest shades) this can be used just fine.

The colours here are all warm and very wearable and these are actually my go to shades when it comes to everyday eye makeup.

I particularly love the peachy shade the most as it looks great as a wash of colour for lazy days when I can’t be bothered blending two to three shades for a day time look. (Good thing it was the widest strip in the palette!)

MAC Brooke shields mortal swatches

A quick shade guide

1st strip -A mauvey taupe. The colour payoff was impressive and was for the most part opaque in one swipe when swatched.

2nd strip -A warm copper. The colour payoff of this was top notch, it almost looked metallic. I believe this might be too warm for some skin tones but for those who love colours like this, the formula won’t disappoint! I found it buttery smooth and blended beautifully as well.

3rd strip – A shimmery peachy pink. This looked more shimmery when applied when compared to the first and the second colours. The colour payoff was better as well.

4th strip -shimmery beige (a perfect transition colour in this case). The colour was soft to the touch and applied well with a medium colour pay off.

5th strip – A pearly pinky white. This was finely milled and swatched sheer. It looked better applied on the eye and gave a diffused shimmer that didn’t look ott

Overall thoughts

The overall quality of the eyeshadows were good and there were no duds in this palette. I also didn’t notice much fall out during application and that they blended together easily without having to work at it.

Lastly, I believe this is a winning colour mix for those with warm complexions. And for those of you with heavy pink undertones this might be a bit too warm. Specially when the copper and the peach come to play.

Now onto the Cream Colour Base palette, Cherished.

A perfect product for those of us who like to keep just a few staples in our stash without having to buy a 101 products for daily use.

MAC Brooke Shields cherished

This duo comes with a bright coral pink and a soft burgundy.

Both feel extra emollient when swatched and isn’t what i’d call dangerously highly pigmented. it’s a good medium where you can apply in a hurry and not have to worry about having clown cheeks. And even if you do go a bit heavy handed, the texture is very easy to blend out.

Also these work just as well on the lips and feel somewhat like a tinted balm. And best of all they didn’t dry out the lips. Throughout wear it felt mildly hydrating too.

A closer look right at each perfect pan. I felt sooo bad disturbing this perfectly set cream… Arrrg! But it had to be done!

MAC Brooke Shields Cherished

And swatches!

MAC Brooke shields swatches

And onto lipstick!

MAC Excite Brooke Shields The shade I received for review was Excite, a cremesheen lipstick.

This was a bright orange red with a soft shimmery satin finish. Although the colour may look daunting to some, rest assured that this is a sheer to medium coverage lipstick that departs just a juicy wash of orange red for a kissable pout. If you prefer a more intense look, a few additional passes gives a nice semi opaque wash of colour.

The lipstick was very comfortable to wear and lips felt hydrated. And although I didn’t test out longevity, judging by the texture i’d say you’d get a good 2-3 hours before having to re apply.

Here’s a swatch. This was taken with a few passes to build up intensity.

MAC Excite swatch

Now onto a quick look I created with these three products!


Please excuse the unruly brow hairs! In retrospect, should have used the brow fix gel ..


And a closer look at this gorgeous orange red lipstick when worn.


The bottom line

I really loved the Mortal eyeshadow palette and the Cream Duo set best and thought they were a very good buy. Mostly as I see myself using these types of shades on a regular basis.

As much as I loved the lipstick for it’s interesting colour I believe that the price was a bit on the steeper side (This retails at S$42)  compared to regular MAC lipsticks which retail at S$ 33 and may not be accessible to most.

*FYI, the price hike is duo to the fact that this lipstick has more product compared to regular MAC lipsticks. (Regular lipsticks contain 3g and this one contains 4.04g of product. A whole gram more!)

Collection info

The MAC Brooke Shields collection is now available at MAC stores island wide.


The eyeshadow palette is priced at S$75  and the cream colour base at S$49

Lipstick will be retailing at S$ 42

Lastly thank you for reading and hope you found this post useful.

Wishing you a beautiful day ahead!


6 thoughts on “MAC Brooke Shields Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

  1. Such a great review! The more I see of this palette the more I love it:) I agree with you about round shadows as compared to strips. It’s just so much easier to work with.

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m glad you find it useful!

      The palette is indeed very pretty and the quality is good too. I feel if you like this combination and wear it regularly then go for it! Unless you own a couple other palettes with similar mixes of course! 😀

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