Urban Decay Summer 2015 | Photos, Swatches & Review

Recently I had the privilege of previewing Urban Decays Summer collection, and as expected it was a colourful affair. This time around we have quite a hefty release.

32 products in total!

Collection consists of,

9 new Afterglow 8-hour powder blush.

14 Revolution high-colour lip glosses

8 single Eyeshadows

Ultimate ozone multipurpose primer pencil.

My favourites as always are the eyeshadows. They are an UD speciality!

The 8 new colours released will be joining the permanent line. Good news for those who hate running to the nearest Sephora the second a limited edition collection releases!

Urban Decay summer 2015 eyeshadow

Clockwise we have,

Backfire – a burgundy with a purple shift

Tonic – lilac with blue shift

Dive Bar – a royal blue with pink-purple shift

Fireball – a peach with pink shift

Lounge – a brick red with green shift

Sideline – gold with green shift

Riff – brown nude matte with micro sparkle

Beware – warm matte brown

Urban decay summer eyeshadow swatches

All the shadows swatch beautifully and are well pigmented.

I particularly liked the new matte shades, Beware and Riff. I believe this is the first time UD has released a solid matte, as they always seem to release shimmer colours.It was interesting to note that the matte shadows performed equally well when swatched.

As part of my press kit I received Backfire & Sideline and I found these to be of exceptional quality when put to use. They blend seamlessly and can be sheered out for a whisper of colour or packed on for an intense look.

Fallout is common when working with UD eyeshadows. However with both of these (which were a glitter free formula) I noticed none at all. Of course as always I used it over an UD primer potion to make sure they adhere well to the lids but that’s a standard practice whenever I apply my eyeshadow. It definitely helps keeping it on all day.

From the colours released i’d recommend the two matte shades, as well as Fireball and Lounge. They were lovely!

Urban decay revolution gloss

The Revolution high-colour lipgloss are a new formulation.

They promise to be ‘high coverage’ and ‘ultra pigmented’, giving you the ‘colour you crave in one stroke’.

There are 14 shades in total and come in two finishes, cream and sparkle. My favourites were the nudes as always and also some of the brighter pinks. They are quite fun and flirty!

Left to Right we have,

Brickhouse – dark brick red

69 – bright red

Punch Drunk – bright orange

Scandal – bright pink

Savage – electric pink

Bittersweet – bright purple

Quiver – medium rose-pink

Failbait – light neutral pink

Liar – medium pink-nude

Big Bang – bright pink with glitter

Vice – dark purple with glitter

Assassin – candy apple red with glitter

Apocalypse – deep purple wine

*Missing here isKinky, another nude.

On to some swatches (Click image for a closer view)

Urban decay revolution lip gloss swatches

I found these to be quite good coverage. They aren’t opaque, but just under. If I had to compare, i’d say these are pretty close to the Hourglass lip glosses in coverage, with a slightly tacky formula.

Initially I tested out Scandal and Failbait. In comparison I noticed that the darker colours tend to bleed a bit. I suppose the lighter shades do too, just not as noticeable.

With these I believe a lip liner is a must. But as far as wear is concerned, these do stick around for hours!

Now onto the most exciting part!

The Afterglow blushes!

Urban decay blush swatches

These are new to Urban Decays portfolio. And they came out with 9 shades!

Urban Decay afterglow blush

Top row, left to right-

Crush – bright medium pink

Obsessed – a light candy pink

Score – medium peachy pink with shimmer

Fetish – medium pink nude with reddened undertones

Bottom row, left to right –

Bittersweet – bright purple

Quickie – bright blue based pink

Bang – bright red orange

Indecent – light peachy nude

Rapture – deep mauve with a hint of shimmer

Some (wonky) swatches,

Urban decay afterglow blush swatches

*again apologies for the blurry swatch pic, I was loosing light and also had to take these with my left hand after the glosses stained my whole left arm proving useless for any swatches to come. lol

So the formula of these are slightly onto the drier spectrum of things. They aren’t DRY per say, but almost! Hence why the swatches look a bit powdery. I wasn’t sure how much I was gonna like these blushes after my initial swatchfest, however once I tried them on, I noticed the powderiness doesn’t translate to the cheeks! I would even go as far as saying that these looked like skin and never ‘visible’.

The colour payoff of these were intense and quite a lot of product gets picked up as it’s a fine, loose formula. However the blush applies quite sheer and the colour intensity was very easy to control.

So far my favourite has been Fetish and find it a great day to day blush for medium complexions. I also would recommend checking out Bittersweet! The first purple blush I have seen in real life! It’s quite unique and interesting, something you probably don’t have in your stash.

Overall thoughts

To me the best buys were the blushes, since they are new for Urban Decay and are of very nice quality. I thought they were named appropriately too as the cheeks seemed to glow from within when applied. Like you are truly blushing. The packaging is also very attractive with the signature Urban Decay grunge style and is sleek with it’s magnetic closure. As far as plastic goes, this one looked luxe. Only downside, it attracts fingerprints like nobody’s business!

The eyeshadows aren’t something new, although some of the colours released did look lovely with their duochrome finish. I can never have enough of these and they definitely make a nice addition to ones makeup arsenal.

The glosses though were slightly too sticky for my liking but it’s all up to personal preference, you might actually not find them as much a deal breaker as I do.

Product Info

Afterglow blush comes with 6.8g of product, retailing at SGD39

Revolution lip gloss comes with 5.1ml of product, retailing at SGD33

Single eyeshadows come with 1.5g of product, retailing at SGD30

*All products will be available for purchase starting today at Sephora Singapore.

Lastly thank you for stopping by, and I wish you a wonderful day! xx

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