Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2015 – Photos & Swatches

Tom Ford Lips and boys

After last years successful release, Tom Ford is back again with his irresistible clutch-sized Boys, and best of all they are here to stay!

TF Lips and Boys closeup

I had the pleasure of meeting them in person at a press preview, so I took plenty of photos and swatches to enable you and help you decide which one’s you’d like to take home!

Here’s a look at the glorious 50, sitting pretty in their new home!

Tom Ford Lips and Boys New 2015

This years collection consists of 25 old Boys with an additional 25 new fellas.

In case you missed out the last time, the popular colours are back, so you can grab them without any danger of it selling out 🙂

*Please check out this post for a detailed review on the ones I picked from the first release!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.27.41 PM

For those of you who did manage to grab your favourites, the 25 new Boys are definitely something to consider. These come in a new pearlescent, metallized finish. Designed to be worn on their own or layered with one another.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.27.16 PM

Without further delay, hear’s a look at the new collection!

25 new Boys, ranging from golds to nudes, to reds and berries! The selection as always is mind blowing with something for everyone!

Tom Ford Lips and boys

Onto swatches!

Row 1

Lips And Boys 2015 swatches

Please note that everything swatched here is around 2-3 passes for maximum intensity, just so you see the colours clearly.

Row 2

Lips and boys 2015

Row 3

TF lips and boys 2015

Row 4

Lips and boys 2015

Row 5

Tom Ford lips and boys 2015

First Impressions

I found almost all the new shades contained a certain percentage of shimmer or micro glitter as expected. However since many of you have been inquiring, i’m happy to report that NOT ALL 25 come in that high metallic finish.

Some shades such as Tony, Roberto and Kingston had very little or fine shimmer. Good news for those of you who prefer a more satin finish.

Pigmentation wise, most of these swatched with semi opaque coverage in a single swipe. With an exception of the lighter shades needing more layers. Overall I like the formula of these and feel they are worth the luxury price tag!


My favourites from the new range were mostly pinks and rosy nudes. I liked that they had a beautiful sheen to them and applied smooth and even without any streaks.

My picks


Left to right there’s Louis, Austin, Jake & Daniel.

Other than these I also loved, Kingston (Row 1), Drake (Row 2), Egon (Row 4) and Roberto, Theo and Jay from Row 5.

Collection information (relevant to Singapore).

The Lips & Boys collection is set to launch on the 4th December at the Tangs Orchard Tom Ford counter AS WELL AS the Tom Ford Boutique at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes.

Each lipstick will retail at $50 and will include a novelty lipstick box (seen below) when purchasing a set of three of your favourites 🙂

lips and boys tom ford

This year there’s also another larger box set of 10 containing pre selected shades, Ian, Beau, Julian, Addison, Leonardo, Demsey, David, Egon, Daniel & Theo which will retail at $500.

P.S- If you are feeling spendy, or looking for a generous gift for someone special, there’s ALSO a magnificent lacquered box set containing all 50 at $2500!

Now wouldn’t that be the perfect Christmas gift?! ❤ Me thinks YES!

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