Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules Review

Advanced Night repair ampoules

ANR Intensive recovery ampoules

This August Estée Lauder introduces a brand new product to their Advanced Night Repair range. The Advanced Night Repair, Intensive Recovery Ampoules.

Having experienced impressive results with their previous launch, the PowerFoil mask (reviewed here), I was more than happy to give these new ampoules a go!

Advanced Night repair ampoules

These ANR ampoules are for over-stressed skin. Skin that’s been stressed from causes such as lack of sleep, increased pollution, travel or weather changes. Basically as increasingly stressful work life combined with city dwelling takes a toll on our skin, this is what you turn to, to rebalance, recharge & bring your skin back to it’s happy place.

advanced night repair ampoules

Within each of these ampoules is a 100% active formula in a precision micro-dose that offers rapid relief to address any irritation that can cause premature signs of ageing. It’s like an SOS treatment for the skin.

Formula & Technology

These ampoules feature a brand new ChronoluxAl Technology, a dual action anti-irritation & synchronization technology that helps skin address all phases of irritation and supports skins natural synchronisation. Visible irritation is quickly reduced as skin becomes stronger & more resilient to future aggressors.  


I began using these ampoules as treatment for my irritated, unbalanced skin. A result of insufficient sleep paired with constant travel & daily stress. It was a time my skin was breaking out badly and was looking rather textured and red.

One ampoule at night after cleansing and toning is all I needed, followed by my trusty Estée Lauder Radiant Moisture Cream as I do on most days. This helps seal in the oil as well as keep skin hydration levels in check.

The texture of this is a lightweight oil. Not so much a heavy, nourishing oil. More like a serum-y oil that absorbs well. Therefore a moisturiser on top would be a must to seal in hydration so you don’t wake up with parched skin.


I noticed instant overnight results (as you’d expect from an SOS treatment!). My skin looked more even, all the redness around my cheeks and blotchiness had faded away. It’s like waking up with brand new skin each morning. Overall my complexion looked more luminous and rested. I loved it!

Needless to say, I then proceeded to pack these ampoules (in a travel container) with me whenever I fly, so I would never be without it! I am quite convinced I need them in my life.

Bottom Line

If you suffer from continuously irritated skin, or have a particularly stressful lifestyle with skin that seems to never quite feel ‘settled’ and constantly act up, I’d recommend this to you. It’s something I truly believe has worked for me and worth investing in.

*For intensive treatment, pair with Advanced Night Repair Serum as a 2 week detox.

Although I see plenty results using this on it’s own too! 

Pricing and Availability

These ampoules come in a jar of 60 which retails at SGD 196.



3 thoughts on “Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules Review

  1. This sounds like it was made for me lol I’m ordering this asap! Great post Michelle I always rely on your reviews:)

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