NARS Audacious Lipstick Additions for Fall 2016 | Shirley & Stefania Swatches & Comparisons

It seems so long ago that NARS released their initial Audacious lipstick collection. One of the first brands to ever come out with lipsticks in such a huge colour range.

I remember seeing them at the preview and thinking wow, I pretty much need them all! It was pure makeup porn! I swear.

The pigmentation and formula was soooo on point! And to be very honest, I haven’t seen any other cream lipstick outperform the pigmentation of these Audacious lipsticks since then. I still believe it’s THE best pigmented lipstick that… ever lived.. so to speak.


NARS Audacous Shirley, Stefania review

This fall NARS launched 5 more Audacious lipsticks (replacing 5 others which will be discontinued. For more info, click HERE).

Apoline – Light pink rose

Shirley – A deep wine red

Stefania – A deep fuchsia

Kate – A purple orchid

Mona – A medium mahogany

I’ve received two as press samples & since i’ve already reviewed the formula before (HERE), I thought i’d focus on a comparison swatch post against a bunch from my existing NARS collection.

NARS Audacious Shirley, Stefania

Here’s Shirley & Stefania.

NARS Audacious 2016 Shirley Stefania

Shirley is your go-to Fall statement lip. The perfect deep, rich red with a warm undertone. If reds and wines are your vice. This is one to look into.

As I’m not so much into the deeper reds I figured I won’t get much use off this. Until a lip swatch proved otherwise. Consider me sold! I am LOVING this shade for fall.

NARS Shirley comparison swatches

Here’re some of my NARS reds I find work well for comparisons.

(I’ve marked the Audacious shades with a * . The others are either Velvet Matte Lip pencils or Cinamatic Lipsticks)

Jeanne is the closest match to Shirley. Almost Identical when worn, though Shirley heavier on the reds in comparison to Jeanne which is ‘brown-er’.  I also found Shirley to have more slip and a silkier formula to Jeanne. This new lipstick just glides on like BUTTER.

Consuming Red, the latest Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from fall 2016 is also quite similar, so I threw this into the swatch comparison as well. If you prefer a matte lip, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are such an amazing formula. Richly pigmented and less drying than most matte lipsticks out there.

P.S- Have I ever mentioned the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are one of my all time favourite products? Well now you know!

NARS Stefania comparison swatches

NARS Audacious Stefania. A stunning deep Fuchsia. This applies much brighter than expected, and obviously I love the result!

At first swatch I imagined Michiyo to be a very close dupe. However after comparison, I found Michiyo much lighter in tone and brighter. I’d say Stefania contains slightly more purple hues too, a colour which would look stunning on olive complexions.

NARS Audacious lipsticks fall 2016

Bottom Line

I’m sensing there’s a slight improvement in formula. Both shades are silkier, and glide on like butter. I can’t recall how the other three swatched though (it was over a month ago since previewing these).

The pigmentation as you’d expect is also out of this world and boasts very long wear even though they do transfer with eating and drinking. I also find they stain a bit and wear out evenly. Therefore touch ups aren’t needed as often as any other regular lipstick.

If you are hooked on reds or pinks like me, these are two beautiful additions to your collection. I highly recommend!

Pricing & Availability

Retailing at SGD 44 each, September onwards (Singapore release dates).

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