My favorite face masks

Face masks, the emergency rescue team of the skincare world. Apparently there’s a mask for pretty much everything these days. Be it an instant ‘lift’ for sagging facial contours, miraculous skin plumping anti-agers. And the best of all wrinkle relaxers!

My weakness is hydrating masks and clarifying masks.. and can’t seem to get enough of them!

Face masks sisley avene glamglow clarins

I’ve used quite a number over the years and have arrived at these fab 5 that never disappoint.

a. Sisley Black Rose cream mask

b. Avène Soothing moisture mask

c. Clarins HydraQuench cream mask

d. SK2 Facial treatment mask

e. GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment mask


Face masks Clarins Avene Sisley Black rose


Usually masks are part of my morning routine.. I basically pop one on before I head to shower (which is after I have cleansed my face) and more often than not, it’s this Clarins HydraQuench.

Once I am done showering I just wipe off the excess and go right into makeup.. I have never had a problem applying makeup over this (provided you do a thorough wipe), and it eliminates any chance of flaky spots and creates a good canvas for my foundation!

This is also a great mask for a mid week treat too, the refreshing fresh fragrance of this is soo calming and helps with relaxation if you want to curl up in bed and catch up on some reading!


The Avène Soothing mask is my savior when my sensitive skin decides to act up. This is great for moisturizing and calming skin that’s irritated. In my case when I am suffering from allergies and my face get’s itchy.

I apply a thick layer of this and wait for about 15 mins and wipe it off. I always follow this up with my Avène Deep Moist Lotion which was discussed here. It helps with continuous hydration as well as takes off any residue of the mask, as I feel that foundation doesn’t spread as smoothly over this.

This mask has no heavy scent, just the usual calming Avène fragrance if you are familiar with it.

* Also note, it would also double up as a great treatment mask for sunburnt skin! Perfect for Summer.


Sisley Black Rose mask is my weekly treat. It’s soothing rose fragrance is just what the doctor ordered for weekend pamper sessions.

The second ingredient in this is Shea butter, which explains the intense plumping and hydration. It also contains Glycerin to hold moisture, and a tonne of other plant extracts to work on those anti ageing claims.

I love that the scent of this is from rose flower oil, a nice luxurious touch, which is expected for the price you pay.

The main benefit of using this is the instant radiance and plumping which helps iron out wrinkles temporarily, leaving my complexion looking glowy and most of all youthful! And the intense hydration is not short lived either, so that’s a plus as well.

I usually don’t wear makeup after applying this, and only use it on afternoons when I have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy this to it’s full potential.

Here’s a closer look at the masks discussed,

hydrating masks




GlamGlow Supermud mask


My absolute favourite clarifying mask is GlamGlow Supermud. It’s great for a good deep cleansing to get rid of any congestion and is also my go-to spot treatment! Just a dab of this on an emerging spot instantly calms it down and stops it becoming a big angry zit!

Although some may find the earthy, herby scent a bit overwhelming, I don’t mind it. You can read more here.

SK2 treatment mask


Now onto my favourite in-flight mask! The SK2 treatment mask.

Personally, not a big fan of sheet masks, but I always pack one of these for long haul flights as the dry cabin air can rob your skin of its moisture and radiance. Using one always allows me to disembark looking just as fresh as I boarded! They are generously soaked in Pitera enriched Treatment Essence which brightens and deeply hydrates. If you are new to these, the texture can be a little strange as it feels somewhat slimy.. but it’s something you eventually get used to.


Bottom line, all these masks are pretty good. I would most certainly repurchase each and every one of them. However if I had to recommend just one. It would be the Clarins HydraQuench. It’s great value for money and a must try by the brand.

The GlamGlow is also a great buy if you have acne prone skin. Although it’s on the pricier side, you get a lot of applications from a single jar so it lasts quite a while! Good value in my opinion.


Other info-

GlamGlow is available at Sephora and Tangs Orchard Singapore.

Sisley is available at DFS Galleria and Metro Paragon Singapore.

Clarins is available at all Clarins counters island wide.

Avène is available at all Watsons outlets island wide.


4 thoughts on “My favorite face masks

  1. I love masks too!!! My current faves are the Glamglow Mud mask and Hydrating mask. I also love a good Japanese sheet mask 😉 The SK II sounds perfect for flying! I’ll have to check one out for my next long haul flight!

    1. I keep seeing Lisa Eldridge recommend the Sisley hydrating mask for long flights.. I tried it too.. But not sure how I like it.
      Was wondering if you have tried that 🙂
      And yes, nothing beats GlamGlow!!!

      1. I have not tried Sisley either. I don’t fly long haul very often. Only Australia every couple of years, but that is a very long haul! I will def use a mask next time!!!

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