Dior Spring 2014 – Nail polish swatches, Porcelaine and Bouquet

Dior Spring 2014 Nail lacquer porcelain

Anyone else out there that thinks Spring collections hit the counters ridiculously early this year? Like seriously!??? I bet next year they’d try sneaking it up on us well before NYE, mark my words!

That being said, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited to spot the Dior Spring collection out last morning.. had my fill of pastels for the day 😛

Dior Trianon spring beauty


Anyway, the purpose of this post was to get the swatches out for my picks from the Dior Spring 2014 polishes.  There were 4 released in Singapore. (Apparently the US carries two colours that didn’t arrive at our shores, Pampille 192 and Blossom 132)


The local (Singapore) releases were-

Bloom 777- A deep fuchsia pink

Bouquet 457- A corally peach sorbet shade

Porcelaine 204- Pastel powder blue

Perlé 187– A topcoat with lilac shimmers, or so it seemed. (testers weren’t out at the time)


Dior polish 2014 spring

I returned home with Porcelaine and Bouquet


Dior Spring nail polish vernis


Like all Dior’s regular polishes, this came with the signature wide applicator brush which is great for quick and easy application.

Consistency was not too runny or too thick, it was just right 🙂 ; and Porcelain applied smooth with a little streaking on the first coat (something I have come to expect with lighter cream finish colours as these) and by the second coat it looked opaque with all streaking corrected.

*Pics were taken with just two coats and a top coat


Dior Spring 2014 Nail lacquer porcelain


Bouquet applied pretty much the same as Porcelain, opaque in two coats with no streakiness,  and this one was a warmer shade, so I see myself using this during Summer as well!

Something worth noting is that this applied much more brighter on the nails than seen in the bottle.


Dior Nail lacquer Bouquet Spring 2014


My favourite was Porcelaine,  and like last years Nymphea 307 I expect this to sell out just as fast. Call your nearest Dior counter and reserve it now!

Product info-

Dior polishes contain 10ml – 0.33 fl.oz

I purchased mine for SGD 38 at the Tangs beauty boutique

13 thoughts on “Dior Spring 2014 – Nail polish swatches, Porcelaine and Bouquet

  1. Trust Dior to bring the pastels to life for Spring! Having said that though, those nail polishes colors are lovely, but very reminiscent of last year’s….? I think i’m “off” nail polish for awhile…nothing seems to spark me at all….lol!

    1. Well last years was pastels too, that’s when they released that INSANE Tiffany blue which I regret not getting a backup of 😛

      But seriously, I know your wallet is probably cosy and happy right now, consider getting some before it’s all gone! 😀

      1. Omgaaaaahhhhd Nooooo!! Hides it all from you! hahaha
        But seriously, if you didn’t do gel mani’s, would totally have you over for a mani party! ❤

    1. I know right?!!! I thought they were pretty interesting as well! But I don’t wear cream shadows that often, so I didn’t see them getting much use..
      But the Fuchsia gloss looked pretty nice! Let me know which ones you pick up! Love to see reviews<3

  2. They looook soooo familiar…. Oh right! Last years polishes are exactly of the same family shade. I wish they’d introduced a completely different set of shades cos it looks redundant to me. Nymphea and Spring Ball look so close to Porcelaine and Bouquet huhu. Although I appreciate Bouquet for not being as sparkly as Spring Ball! Psh, will definitely pick these two up despite my whiny ways!! Haha. Lovely hands btw Bubs!!

    1. They do look similar to last year but whole new shades.. I hate the Chanel ones more lol, always reds and pinks, nothing new! Kills me! Hope you cave in and get some of the new Dior… The quints didn’t swatch that great but the two bow palettes were pretty smooth and decently pigmented!<3 Plus the lippies are great too! Love Courtisane.. Think it would look great on you 🙂

      1. I love Dior lippies, moisturizing on the lips! 🙂 I will check out Courtisane when it reaches our shores (in like 109848374 years!) 🙂 Thanks Bubz!

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