NARS x Sarah Moon Collection | Preview, Photos & Swatches

Few weeks ago I had the privilege of sitting with the NARS team for an intimate preview of the stunning Sarah Moon collection over coffee and cakes.

At the time I’d already seen previews on social media, but it’s never quite the same as seeing things in person! Obviously I was bowled over by the amazing colour palette and the awesome packaging.

Today i’ll be sharing all the swatches and images I brought back with me. Brace yourselves for a very long, thorough post! xx

The Sarah Moon collection consists of a colour collection and also the highly collectible gifting collection.

I’ll run through the gifting collection first since it’s just pure eye candy!

NARS Sarah Moon Gifting collection

The gifting collection consists of sets & palettes for every budget. Ranging from $52 – $180 there’s 10 unique collectibles to choose from and all good value. My favourites were the lip sets. Two incredibly cute coffrets of minis of the Audacious lipsticks and Velvet Lip Glides.

Mini sets are a great way to try out a load of shades at a fraction of the price and needless to say, they are so lovely to own (or to gift, as intended!).

NARS Metropolis lipstick swatches

The Glass Metropolis is a gorgeous acrylic vault of 8 NARS Audacious Mini Lipsticks of which two are new and limited edition. All swatch with the exceptional NARS Audacious intensity and amazing quality. Creamy, smooth and well saturated.

NARS Sarah Moon swatches

If you are looking to try the newly released Velvet Lip Glides, there’s a mini set of 6 available as well. Some of the most popular shades (such as Bound) are included in here along with three new colours that are exclusive to this set.

NARS Mind game Velvet Lip Glide

The bottom three swatches are the new shades (L-R).

NARS Sarah Moon Mind game

Also available for gifting are the ever so popular NARS blushes & Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in a handy kit.

True Story, containing the 4 blushes Devotee (highlight shade), Myth, Unwritten & Outlaw (existing shade) + Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red.

NARS True Story blush palette swatches

All blushes within the palette are silky smooth & well pigmented. Particularly love the highlight shade in this which is a soft shimmering oyster.

Recurring Dare is a slightly deeper mix of all matte blushes suitable for more medium toned complexions. We have the popular Albatross highlight, Sex Appeal blush (existing), Illusive & Make Believe along with the Golshan Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

NARS Recurring Dare swatches

I find the quality across both palettes quite consistent and highly recommend checking them out!

Speaking of palettes, there’s also an eye palette released with the limited edition artwork. This contains 4 all new shades of neutrals.

NARS Sarah Moon Look Closer palette

As expected the quality is great! The mattes are richly pigmented and apply smooth. Which is why I love NARS as a brand. Their formulas are some of the best out there.

NARS Look closer eyeshadow

Last but not least we also have two sets containing mini Audacious Lipsticks. One, a lip and eye option and the other a lip and nail colour option.

NARS sarah moon gifting

Interesting to note the Lip & Nail Set contains two all new Audacious Lipsticks colours. Something to consider if you love the formula and looking to try more shades!

Get Real. Comes with two mini lipsticks, Leslie & Bette + Black Moon Audacious Mascara.

NARS Get Real eye & lip set

Thousand Worlds. Contains two mini lipsticks, Codie & Eva + nail polishes La Dame en Blanc, La Dame En Noir.

NARS Sarah Moon gifting

Moving forward from the gifting collection, let’s get right into the colour collection.

Absolutely love this red centric collection!  It appeals to anyone who takes the traditional route for their festive look with a bright pop of red.

NARS Sarah Moon

The collection includes,

4 Moon Matte Lipsticks (Indecent Proposal, Rouge Improbable, Rouge Indiscret, Fearless Red)

2 Blushes (Impudique, Isadora)

3 Nail polishes (La Dame En Noir, Never Tamed, Flonflons)

2 Duo Eyeshadow (Quai des Brumes, Indes Galantes)

2 Kohliner (Witching Hour, Sichuan)

2 Eyelash sets (Numero 9, Numero 10)

Among the more exciting (new to Singapore) are these new lash sets. The packaging is quite interesting with magnetised boxes that open up.

NARS Sarah Moon

As always the lipsticks are by far the most tempting to me and this time around they are the matte formula. According to NARS these Moon Matte Lipsticks are a more comfortable matte (improved formula) to the matte lipsticks in their regular line. As a fan of this formula i’m excited to see more options!

NARS Sarah Moon matte lipstick

My favourites from the four are Rouge Improbable (the brightest red) & Indecent Proposal (nude). They swatched so silky and wore beautifully on the lips (so velvety smooth!). I also like that the NARS matte lipstick formula in general is relatively less drying in comparison to most other brands too. I’ll be picking up Rouge Improbable as soon as the collection hits as I already received Indecent Proposal as part of the press samples!

Here’s swatches of the 4 (Please note the lighting here is slightly off & Indecent Proposal is much less mauve and more of a rosy brown in real life).

NARS Sarah Moon

Although the differences between the reds aren’t as easy to detect at first glance, you’ll notice the slight variances between undertones as you look closer. Also note, Rouge Indescret & Fearless Red didn’t swatch as smooth as the other two which seem to be a better formulation.

Moving on to the blushes within the collection. Absolutely stunning and rather unique shades I find aren’t as easily dupable.

NARS Sarah Moon blush

Impudique is a satin red with pink tones. Isadora is a rosy muave with a hint of lavender sheen. Truly special.

NARS Sarah Moon blushes

Moving on to the duo eyeshadows. As always NARS offerings are unusual & exciting! Particularly love the look of the grey + plummy brown mix. Certainly not for the faint hearted but easily workable as the purply red tones are more muted and wearable.

NARS Sarah Moon

I love the interesting mix of Quai des Brumes. Although plain at first glance, the lavender duo chrome sheen adds interest to the grey and pairs well with the charcoal. A unique twist to a neutral combo.

NARS eyeshadow swatches Sarah Moon

Last but not least, the new Kohliner. Creamy, smooth and infinitely pigmented, these NARS liners are a favourite!

Witching hour is a shimmering charcoal grey with Sichuan a rich chocolate brown.

NARS Sarah Moon Kohliner swatches

Final thoughts & recommendations

Among the overwhelming gifting options and individual colour products, there were a few that stood out as must haves. Even though quality across the board was pretty awesome I managed to pick out exceptional products I feel you need to try.

From the colour collection i’d urge you to check out the eyeshadow duo Indes Galantes. A truly lovely duo with rich tones that should work great with the vibe of the season. If you feel the plummy brown too outside your comfort zone, try layering it under the shimmering gunmetal shade. This should break down the red and give the gunmetal shade a warm plummy haze. Super Sultry.

For the blush lovers, Isadora is a beautiful neutral that’s more than just any ol’ rosy nude. The hint of lavender though not blatantly visible adds a glowy sheen that’s sure to satisfy.

As mentioned early on in the post, the lipsticks are a must try. I’d recommend Indecent Proposal & Rouge Improbable. Both of which i’d be wearing this season starting NOW!

Price List

The Colour Collection

Moon Matte Lipsticks – S$ 40

Blush – S$ 50

Duo Eyeshadow – S$ 52

Kohliner – S$ 40

Eyelashes – S$ 38

Nail Polish – S$ 30

The Gifting Colection

Glass Metropolis Mini Audacious Lipstick Coffret – S$180

Mind Game Mini Velvet Lip Glide Coffret – S$ 80 (Sephora Exclusive)

True Story, Recurring Dare Cheek & Lip Palette – S$ 90

Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette – S$ 65

Get Real Audacious Lip & Eye Set – S$ 65

Thousand Worlds Audacious Lip & Nail Set – S$ 65

Shadow Side Velvet Shadow Stick Set (not seen in preview) – S$ 52

Collection hits counters 1st November!

 Also a big thank you to NARS for the preview and samples. x


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