Clé de Peau Beauté Spring 2015 collection | La Beauté Enchanteresse : Review, Photos & Swatches

Cle de peau spring 2015 review

Inspired by ethereal beauty comes a perfectly spring appropriate collection, La Beauté Enchanteresse by Clé de Peau Beauté.

Cle de peau spring 2015 review

This collection is made up of two eyeshadow palettes and three lipsticks.

Of the two palettes released, I received Moon Beam (310) and two of the three lipsticks. Cherish 211 (Silk finish) and De La Maitre de L’ecole 112 in the Satin finish which I am excited to share my thoughts on.

First of all, making a pale blue toned palette wearable on a solid medium skin tone as mine wasn’t a walk in the park. Simply cos I always wear neutrals and colours like this aren’t my go-to. But, i’m happy that I’ve found a look that works well with even darker skin tones and even better, an elegant eye look that can be worn also to work which i’ll share with you later.

So without further delay, here’s Moon Beam 310

Cle de peau spring 2015 Moon beam 310

The palette comes with a bright sky blue, a medium muted beige brown, a neutral deep purple and a pinkish oyster colour with golden shimmer.

Overall the palette is neutral making it wearable across many skin tones.

Cle de peau spring 2015 eyeshadow swatches

The texture of these were very fine and soft to the touch. They swatch silky and blend with zero effort keeping to the new eyeshadow formula (to read more, you can drop by this post).

None of the shadows felt dry, although the purple shade (the only one which was in a satin finish among others that were shimmery) did swatch with difficulty and was the drier one in comparison to the others. Fortunately this performs better on the lids and works really well over a primer which gave this a good base to hold on to.

Something I find unique about the Clé de Peau eyeshadows is that the shimmer finishes are very fine and are wearable even in daytime looks as they are refined and never vulgar. It’s the kind of finish I always look for when it comes to eye makeup.

Overall I like how all of them perform although, it did take quite a bit of packing on to get the required intensity of the blue so it would show up on my NC 35 skin. During this process I noticed quite a bit of fall out. I recommend putting on your base after the eye makeup to avoid cleaning up all the shimmer that falls out.

Moving onto the lipsticks,

Cle de peau lipstick 211 112 spring 2015

De La Maitre de L’ecole 112 – Is a warm medium magenta.

Between the two lipsticks this had better pigmentation and was semi opaque in 2 passes. The lipstick kept the lips hydrated and supple throughout wear and lasted around 3 hours before I saw signs of fading. It’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks that I own and a pleasure to wear given that my lips are prone to drying out.

Cherish 211 – Is a muted peachy nude with a neutral tone.

The formula was very similar to 112, although more so on the sheerer side. On my pigmented lips it took a bit of work to make this show up and I had to start with lining my lips and lightly filling them to nude them out, but this should work very well and look amazing on those with paler lips.

Here’re some swatches taken with 3-4 passes.

Cle de peau lipstick swatches

Now onto the look I created with the eye palette which I paired with 211 Cherish.


This product would work effortlessly on fair complexions, but here’s how to make this work on medium skin.

I’d recommend always using a primer before application to make the colours show up more vivid. Initially I attempted using this wet, which resulted in the eyeshadow going on very patchy and impossible to blend out then on. I’d strictly recommend packing it on bit by bit, working it well into the lid. So take necessary steps to ensure your makeup has less cleanup work.

Tight lining will help make the eyes stand out more and bring definition to the look you create. And a well smudged khol liner  topped with the purple shadow is the finishing touch with a good dose of mascara.

The bottom line

Overall I am a huge fan of the CDP eyeshadows. They are so easy to work with and are some of the most beautiful colour combinations around. I am surprised at how much I really like this blue combination on myself even though it’s not something i’d normally think of picking up!

The lipsticks are also excellent as far as formulation goes. Beautiful colours paired with silky smooth application and the glossy youthful finish is perfect to complete any spring makeup look. My personal favourite between the two was Cherish. You know me, i’m a sucker for peachy nudes!

Pricing & product info

The eyeshadow palettes are sold as refills and casing separate. The refills retail at SGD 80 and the case at SGD 30.

Lipsticks retail at SGD 105. (again sold as holder and bullet seperate though I can’t recall the breakdown of these individually)

Currently available at all CDP counters in Singapore (Tangs and Takashimaya)

Lastly thank you for reading and happy Easter to you all! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Clé de Peau Beauté Spring 2015 collection | La Beauté Enchanteresse : Review, Photos & Swatches

    1. Ha ha yes! It’s the best performing shade in this palette, super silky and so finely milled. And yeah, you need more CDP in your life! Soooooon! 😀 What have you tried so far?

    1. Thank you! I liked how it turned out too, given i’m so shy to use blues on my eyes 🙂 And yup! 112 is lovely! But the best part is how comfortable they feel on the lips ❤

  1. Oh wow, the whole look and all the products are just stunning. Unfortunately in Australia we don’t have access to Cle de Peau. Its a brand I’ve hear so many good things about.

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