Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer Review

This October Tom Ford launched another brand new foundation. The Waterproof Foundation/Concealer.

Tom Fords first full coverage foundation that conceals flaws while maintaining a skin like finish.

Tom ford waterproof foundation review

A month ago I was sent a sample of this gem by Tom Ford PR for a test run and of course I was very keen to try it out! So here I am today to share with you my thoughts on this baby.


The foundation wasn’t exactly what I anticipated packaging wise. It’s a tube!

Although as far as tube packaging goes, this one looks darn nice! A delicious chocolate shade with luxe gold lettering.

I also like that the foundation is visible through a clear strip close to the nozzle. This allows you to monitor usage so you know just about when you’ll be running out!

On the whole, i’m a huge fan of tube packaging. You can easily control the amount of product dispensed and is also hygienic. Tubes are also by far the safest to travel with (unless you have a faulty cap). It’s easy, functional & ideal for packaging things like creams and foundations.

With regular use I noticed, this packaging gets very messy around the nozzle. Even though it never leaks, the product collects in the cap however meticulously I clean up before I recapping. It’s not a deal breaker, but I know some may find it quite irksome, so this is just a mention of my experience.

Formula, Coverage & Finish

Tom Ford waterproof foundation review

The Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer is a creamy almost gel like consistency & incredibly well pigmented that a small amount is sufficient to cover a large area.

I like that it almost fuses with the skin when applied (almost tacky). It’s what helps the foundation last so long and also look like it’s one with the skin and not just sitting on the surface.

For application, i’ve used this with brushes, fingers and also a Beauty Blender. Method of application doesn’t seem to affect the finish. I feel it spreads well and blends in quite nice either way. Overall I can achieve almost full coverage with a light layer and I love that this can be sheered out easily to almost nothing!

For the most part blemishes are concealed. Redness and any unevenness in skin tone is effortlessly perfected leaving the complexion radiant, looking like a better version of itself.

Overall the effect is a natural, semi matte finish. Not too dewy, not too matte. 

On to how this looks on the skin!

Starting off with my bare face. Just brows and lip balm. As you can see I don’t have a whole lot to cover, just some annoying hormonal blemishes on my chin that never seem to leave and plague my life!


Here’s the after. I used Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer in the shade Sable. A really good match for my NC35 skin. Maybe a tad light, but a pretty close match.


I’ve only used a single layer here. If needed, this can be build it up a bit more with another layer. Though for day to day I feel this is more than enough coverage.

What I love about this foundation is that it evens out my skin tone so well, all redness is instantly corrected. Like MAGIC.


Although this foundation is said to withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat, humidity and water I find it doesn’t survive well in sunny Asia. Extended wear outdoors causes it to melt and separate fast and subsequently settle into pores. In an air conditioned environment this fares better and wear beautifully all day and yes, the waterproof claim is also true. It does repel water!

I also like that the foundation doesn’t settle into fine lines. A problem I usually face as the day goes on. The fact that the formula is so pigmented and spreads so thinly, ensures there’s no excess product to seep into said lines.

Bottom line

It’s a beautiful foundation. The coverage is customisable as it can be built up or sheered out. Also love how wearing this gives me a gorgeous flawless finish. It instantly ups my confidence.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who’s looking for a long wearing foundation.
  • A flawless, full coverage, skin like finish.
  • Anyone with normal to dry skin.

Avoid if,

  • You have excessively oily skin and/or live in extremely warm climates or spend most of the time outdoors.
  • Prefer a dewy finish.

Swatches of the entire range (applicable to Singapore) is as follows.

*swatches taken indoors in natural light.

Tom Ford waterproof foundation swatches

Here’re the corresponding shade descriptions with rough MAC references.

Cream – pink undertone for light complexions.

Buff – peachy pink undertone for light complexions.

Linen – neutral undertone for light complexions (around NC 15)

Fawn – yellow undertone for light medium complexions (around NC 20)

Ivory – pink undertone for light medium complexions.

Bisque – warm yellow undertones for medium complexions.

Natural – yellow undertones for medium complexions (around NC35)

Sable – peach undertones for medium deep complexions.

Tawny – yellow undertones for deep complexions (around NC 40)

Other Info

Available at Tom Ford counters in Singapore from October.

*Ingredient list to be updated. 




8 thoughts on “Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer Review

  1. Corrects redness? This I need! It looks quite pretty on you and I do believe I’ll be trying this based on your review. I’d love to see shade swatches before I order. Thank You!

  2. Oh no I realy want to try this but I feel like I’m between shades for this one:/ I feel like they can do a bit better on the shade range tho

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