Clé de Peau Beauté S/S 2017 Cream Blush Review

Among the many spring collections possibly the most exciting blush release has to be the new potted cream blushes by Clé de Peau. I managed to get my hands on these as soon as they hit counters and was pretty much all I wore when I travelled to Singapore and Venice. I love the ease of brush free application, plus these fit into the tiniest of makeup bags which is always a good thing! They just had to come with me.

Cle de peau spring 2017 cream blush


The packaging of these blushes are identical to their cream shadows. Small pots, but contain a fair amount of product (6g).

I like that the screw top is also quite secure, and judging from the cream shadows i’ve had for a few years now, it prevents the product from drying out.


Among the 4 shades available, the one that instantly caught my eye was the brightest!  Persimmon Orange! and since I’m a lover of pink, I decided to pick up Fig Pink as well. I literally could never walk away from a counter with just ONE blush.. Specially when it’s a new product release. Right?

I discovered the texture to be similar to the cream eyeshadows. They are balm like with amazing pigmentation. I believe it’ll take months of continuous use to make a sizeable dent in these and therefore, a product that will ‘last forever’!

The tiniest bit is required for a soft luminous blushing glow. I try to use as little as possible and build up from there. Luckily these blend very easily and any ‘clown cheeks’ can be fixed with some more blending and setting powder.

What I love about the formula is that the blush contains the finest shimmer, almost a sheen when applied. The result is a very healthy, natural look. The product does set, but doesn’t dry to a powder either so the sheen last throughout the day unless you decide to set it further with a powder or a powder blush to extend wear (although these last on their own quite well, and i’m talking aaaalllll day!).


Cle de peau cream blush swatches

Apart from the blushes I purchased, I also received a little sample of the 4th blush shade Peach Beige. Therefore included here!

Fig pink is a medium muted pink. Not too warm or rosy.

Persimmon Orange is a bright, almost neutral orange.

Peach Beige is a neutral rosy beige.

Here’s what a combination of Persimmon Orange and Fig Pink looks worn. I used the orange towards the outer corner of my cheek and the pink as a ‘pop’ towards the centre. (Please excuse my otherwise naked face, I always feel so weird without mascara.. )

I believe my mug shot captures the finish of these gorgeous blushes perfectly. They melt into the skin and look so natural!

Bottom Line

The Clé de Peau Cream blushes are absolutely wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone! And for the price you pay (SGD65) they will last quite a while.

My top recommendation would be Fig Pink, an elegant pink that looks great on it’s own to elevate the complexion. I also use this as a base under nude blushes too for an extra tint of pink. The result is very natural and long lasting.

P.S- a quick note for anyone sensitive to fragrance (me included) these cream blushes are quite heavily scented (to my dismay..) Although what’s great is this scent isn’t noticeable on application, it just lingers in the pot.


I purchased mine at the Tangs Clé de Peau counter. At the time all but shade 1 was sold out, but I hear they restock regularly.

Lastly, hope you found todays review useful, and happy mid week! ❤


5 thoughts on “Clé de Peau Beauté S/S 2017 Cream Blush Review

  1. They sound amazing and look equally amazing and gorgeous on you. I will be putting peach beige on my want list.
    Thanks for the great review! I never would have considered these if you hadn’t.

  2. Great review! I too am sensitive to scent, do I am happy to know that the scent stats in the pot and does not transfer to the application.

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